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AtomicArtist info There are multiple artists with this name:1) Atomic is a high-energy jazz band from Scandinavia, renowned for their explosive live performances. Paal Nilssen-Love (drums), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (double bass), Håvard Wiik (piano), Magnus Broo (trumpet) and Fredrik Ljungkvist (reeds) are all accomplished players on the Norwegian/Swedish scene.2) Atomic was a Polish rock band from Gdańsk active in the early 80's. They appeared in the film "Jarocin 1982" about the Jarocin Festival of that year directed by Paweł Karpiński... Read more

GTA Pager Ringtone Remake | LTTG
Visit to download these ringtones for free. This is a remake of the infamous "Pager" ringtone found in several GTA games. Made using Logic Pro X on OS X Yosemite.

GTA PAGER RING TONE vice city pager sound ringtone for android
Get your favorite GTA ringtone here! Scan this QR code to get to the website where this can be down loaded straight to your phone.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Pager Ringtone
A ringtone from gta 4.

MrEdison with GTA III Pager
Adding buzzer to the MrEdison IRC monitoring setup Project writeup: Help us caption & translate this video!

Grand Theft Auto III Pager and Tune from Rockstar North Remixed in Ringtones :D [DL Lin
Hey guys whats up :D well i made some improvisations in Fl Studio and well i decided to make some ringtones ^_^ Hope you enjoy ///DOnwload Links/// :D GTA II PAGER RMX: http://sheezyart.c...

GTA IV Ringtone - Pager

GTA Pager 1 Min
Full Credit Rockstar for Making such a memorable Tune if you don't already know this is available on GTA IV as a ringtone on the Cellphone called "Pager".

NOKIA 3330 - GTA3 Pager ringtone
Grand Theft Auto 3 Pager sound or GTA 4 Mobile phone ringtone for Nokia 3330 :) Enjoy :) The code: 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 32- 8b1 8b1 32b1 16- 32- 16a1 16b1...

GTA Pager on keyboard and tutorial
Just the pager ringtone from gta iv on the keyboard with tutorial.

Download! Ringtone Michael De Santa "GTA V"
Link for Download: Ringtone Michael De Santa del "GTA V", For your cell phone ...

GTA 3 Pain Sounds

GTA 5 - SECRET GTA 3 Ringtone! - Franklin's Cell Phone EASTER EGG! (GTA 5 Easter Egg)
GTA 5 - SECRET GTA III Ringtone! - Franklin's Cell Phone EASTER EGG! (GTA 5 Easter Egg) ▻ Click here to take surveys and make money: and big thanks to Opinion Outpost...

GTA IV / GTA III (3) Ringtone Easter Egg
I found an Easter Egg between the two games, just like Fido's clothing, but this is to do with Niko's phone ringtone.

Lars Pager & Derek Hake - Onyx (twoloud Edit) [Playbox]
Lars Pager & Derek Hake - Onyx (twoloud Edit) [Playbox] OUT NOW on Beatport: https://www.fa...

Grand Theft Auto 3 Pager and RGSC tune
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


Grand Theft Auto III Pager and Tune from Rockstar North Remixed in Ringtones :D
Hope you enjoy :D Visit My sites ^_^

GTA San Andreas ringtone mission passed

gta 4 theme
short version of the main theme of Grand Theft Auto IV Copyright Rockstar Games.

GTA 4 Fox ringtone
couldnt find it on youtube so here it is.

GTA 3 Real Life, We've been filming this epic GTA 3 real life video over the past month. We've taken the best GTA elements to make the Grand Theft Auto world come to life, from GTA San Andreas...

GTA 3 - Easter Eggs and Secrets
GTA3 Easter Eggs and Secrets All the Easter Eggs and Secrets found in Grand Theft Auto III Music: Easy Jam - Kevin MacLeod =================================== Game available on: Sony PlayStatio...

First YTP since January, feels good m8. I know I promised Bully vol. 2 but I'm working on it and it's gonna get released, don't worry. MUSIC: El Mudo - Chacarron Macarron Whitney Houston...

Grand Theft Auto IV - MP3/SFX Ringtones Download
Hello everyone, recently I've noticed that nobody had never uploaded the Grand Theft Auto IV Ringtones, so here I am helping the GTA community, I hope you enjoy. Grand Theft Auto IV MP3 Ringtones...

GTA 3 [i love this sound :)]
yeeee x)

pager tone
Pager tone - convert to mp3 if needed online

Rockstar north Logo and GTA Vice City Intro 1
Taken from the intro to gta vice city.

Payday 2 Pager Ringtone
Could you send up a pepperoni pizza? Since there aren't many cool gaming-related ringtones, I thought I'd make one for every heister's favorite motherfucker who makes stealth so much harder.

The Ringtone Version Of The Hooker Ringtone In GTA IV, Obtainable From VIP Luxury Ringtones. On My Phone In GTA 4, I Got This Ringtone, And The Burger Shot Theme.

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
Music video by Ice Cube performing It Was A Good Day. | Norvegiene | Norvegiene | Cuco lava lamp | virtual riot | | | | tocky vibes- uri sewe dj fidele diss | | eurythmics-love is a stranger-dub | Cuco | | | | | | BELLY DANCE | Sobota gośc. chór Montu - Do góry łeb (prod. Matheo) | | | | | | eurythmics-love is a stranger-mix | Brave - I Just Called To Say I Love You | eurythmics-love is a stranger-mix | juras | eurythmics-love is a stranger-bootleg |