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Edelweiss - Yodel 3-Inch
The third Track from the 3-Inch Cd from the austrian Dancefloor Band : Edelweiss from 1988.For all other Songs from Edelweiss please suscribe^^ I have it all.

The Von Trapp Children - Edelweiss
The Von Trapp Children - Edelweiss.

The Von Trapp Children - Amazing Grace
The Von Trapp Children - Amazing Grace.

The von Trapps give Yodeling Lessons in China:Die Dorfmusik
Justin taught our Shanghai audience how to Yodel! They were great! Our host was hilarious and so much fun to work with! Shanghai was so cool!

Edelweiss Bluegrass stellt sich vor
Edelweiss Bluegrass stellt sich vor.

GRETCHEN B sings Edelweiss from The Sound of Music 2016-06-05 (00041)
2016-06-05---Green Ohio at Theatre 8:15...HOLLY ROBY'S Fall, Spring, er ah SUMMER SHOW!!!!

The Von Trapp Family: A Life of Music 2015 Singing Ave Maria Choir Scene
I do not own this video The Von Trapp Family: A Life of Music 2015 movie The Von Trapp family singing Ave Maria by Guilio Caccini movie scene.

Musical Golden Saw - Edelweiss
Singing Saw Concert A presentation of Saw Music interspersed with inspirational "Life Value Stories" Making a carpenter's handsaw 'sing' is a rare experience; having a carpenter's handsaw...

Edelweiss ‎– Bring Me Edelweiss - Kitz-Stein-Horn
info: this song / the artist / band / and Choice u music A - Zåäö

콜로라도의 장미
The 2nd Small Concert of Korea Edelweiss Jodel Klub "콜로라도의 장미" (Eine Rose Bluht in Colorado) 남성중창

Lisa Stoll & Kapelle Nicolas Senn - Tanz der Kühe - Potzmusig
Ihr Name ist ein Begriff: Lisa Stoll. Im Alter von zehn Jahren greift sie erstmals zum Alphorn – drei Jahre später gewinnt sie die Nachwuchsauszeichnung Stadlstern im Finale des «Silvesterstadl...

Elisabeth Von Trapp - Christmas Performance LIVE on QVC (December 2000) (Ver. 2)
Elisabeth Von Trapp performs songs Live on QVC in December of 2000 to promote her, at the time, new Christmas album "The Christmas Song." Playing the guitar with her is Stephen Morris. Songs...

RB YT Yodel n1 for Strings Orchestra
Yodel núm.1 de 3 per a Orchestra de corda.

Singende Säge - Tiroler Abend DVD
Tiroler Abend Familie Gundolf Singende Säge Lied auf der Singenden Säge Song on the singing saw Canto della sega cantante Chanson sur la scie chantante...

Von Trapp Family Singers
Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and Justin are the new Liesl, Marta, Brigitta and Kurt - the Von Trapp Family Singers are West!

Edelweiss, John Denver & Julie Andrews duet, cover by Mark Robinson with guest artist Darcy
A live recording of this duet, performed in the Peace Tent at The Manifold Folk Gathering, Alstonefield, Staffordshire, September 20th 2014.

"Edelweiss" on the Singing Saw - Tyrolean Evening DVD
Tiroler Abend Familie Gundolf Singende Säge Lied auf der Singenden Säge Song on the singing saw Canto della sega cantante Chanson sur la scie chantante...

Gitti & Erika - Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeoffizier
Eine schöne Aufnahme des Volksliedes von Gitti & Erika Musik: Robert Stolz / Text: Richard Tauber Und eines Tages mit Sang und Klang Da zog ein Fähnrich zur Garde Ein Fähnrich jung...

The Von Trapp Children- Edelweiss .wmv
The Von Trapp Children came by the Magic 96.5 Lounge to sing a few songs for us! Here they're singing "Edelwiess"

Es blüth ein Edelweiss - Oesch die Dritten - Yamaha Tyros 2

Junior String Ensemble | Edelweiss
Bring Me to the Movies | Edelweiss.

Edelweiss - Sound of Music - MOST ACCURATE ON THE INTERNET - tabs available
Hi everyone, I've made a fun new tab to explore. I watched that final scene in Sound of Music before the Von Trapp family escape to Switzerland, and carefully tabbed out the way the Captain...

Elisabeth von Trapp singing Schubert's Ave Maria
July 7, 2010 Elisabeth von Trapp enjoying the amazing acoustics of the Entry Hall at the Law School of the University of Salzburg, Austria.

THE TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS -- Es Wollt Ein Jagerlein Jagen
映画『 サウンド・オブ・ミュージック The Sound of Music 』のモデルとなったトラップ一家 の歌と演奏です。 Es Wollt ein Jägerlein Jagen.

Edelweiss - Bring Me Edelweiss

Edelweiss 「エーデルワイス」 アルプス音楽団
This famous song is sung in the musical "Sound of Music". Translated it has been sung here in Japan since many people think it symbolizes the Alps. On this video first the Accordion player...

The Von Trapp Children - Overture to Die Zauberflote
The Von Trapp Children - Overture to Die Zauberflote.

The Von Trapp Children, Blue Cheese
I do not own this song. love this adorable song 8D.

Nicolas Senn Hammered Dulcimer Duet With 8 Year Old Alessia 2010
Nicolas Senn hammered dulcimer duet with 8 year old Alessia in 2010 on Swiss TV 'Happy Day' show. -- German -- Die 8jährige Alessia spielt nicht Flöte wie all ihre Freundinnen, sondern...

Johnny Wagner Band Edelweiss on Cowbells Oktoberfest Marengo 2011

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