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Destruction-Curse The Gods
Lyrics: Allah , Buddah , Jesus Christ Whatever your god may be forget those idols let me told you They're tales of morbid brains Everybody thinks has right That these gods are the only...

Destruction - Curse The Gods [Lyrics Y Subtitulado Al Español]
Banda: Destruction Cancion: Curse The Gods Video: Live Wacken 2007 DVD Album: Eternal Devastation Año: 1986 Pais De Origen: Alemania Genero: Thrash Metal Pa'l Que Tenga Twitter: http://tw...

Destruction - Curse The Gods
Bonus track from The Antichrist, a re-recorded Destruction's classic. Lyrics: Allah, Buddha, Jesus Christ whatever your god may be forget those idols let me tell you they're tales of morbid...

Destruction - Curse The Gods
Artista: Destruction Album: Thrash Anthems Año: 2007 Pais: Alemania Genero : Thrash Metal.

Destruction - Curse The Gods (Live 1988)
Heavy Sound Festival.

Destruction - Live At Wacken 2007 [Full Concert]
Setlist: 1. Intro 2. The Butcher Strikes Back 3. Curse the Gods 4. Nailed to the Cross 5. Mad Butcher 6. Alliance of Hellhoundz 7. Soul Collector 8. Deathtrap / Unconscious Ruins 9. Life Without...

[email protected] The Gods-Vaaver-live at Brutal Assault 2016 (Drum Cam)
Destruction-live at Brutal Assault 2016 open air Festival. Jaroměř-Czech Republic 12.08.2016 BAND: Destruction DRUMMER: Vaaver TRACK: Curse The Gods MORE INFO:

Destruction - Curse The God (Live 2003)
2003/05/28 Live at Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan.

Destruction - Curse The Gods (Tradução).
Um clássico dos gigantes do Thrash-Metal. Show gravado em 2003, mas a música é do terceiro álbum de 1986. O som e a letra deixam clara a importância dessa banda para o Black-Metal.

Destruction - Curse The Gods (2017 Remaster Vinyl Rip)
Track original from 1986 album ''Eternal Devastation''. Recorded and mixed in April 1986 at Studio Hilpoltstein, Germany Remastered in 2017 at Temple of Disharmony, Falkenstein, Germany....

Destruction-Curse The Gods
Destruction Live Concert (Curse The Gods)

Destruction - Curse The Gods
One classic piece of thrash metal.

Destruction Curse The Gods - guitar cover
DEAN 79Z (N ... EMG60, B ... EMG81, Tuning ... EADGBE) POD Farm 2.5 (Brit J-800) from Live Without Sense Camera ... Zoom Q2HD.

Destruction - Curse The Gods
Track 1 from the 1986 album "Eternal Devastation".

Destruction "Curse the gods" w/ Lyrics
Eternal Devastation Album 1986 Official Destruction Website Curse the Gods Allah, Buddha, Jesus Christ whatever your god may be forget those idols let...

Destruction-The Curse of the Antichrist-Devolution.wmv
Track 06 from disc 1 of the 2009 live album of thrashmasters Destruction!Thrash Til' Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destruction - Under Attack+Curse the Gods @ Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2016 Dec 16
Destruction @ the annual Eindhoven Metal Meeting in 'de Effenaar' Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Destruction Curse the Gods Subtitulado Español Mas videos subtitulados al español, sugerencias de traducciones y videos.

Destruction- Curse the Gods Lyrics
del album eternal devastation del año 1986.

Destruction - Curse the Gods [Subtitulado en Español]
Banda: Destruction Cancion: Curse the Gods Album: Eternal Devastation Genero: Thrash Metal Año: 1986 [Video, sonido editado y subtitulado por 1980the4everbackhd]

Destruction - 12 - Curse The Gods 2001
Band: Destruction Album: The Antichrist Genre: Thrash Metal Year: 2001 Country: Germany.

Destruction - Curse The Gods - Live Fall Of Summer Festival 2015
04 septembre 2015 - Fall Of Summer Festival - Torcy (France)

DESTRUCTION - Curse The Gods
9th Nov Kingston Peel *Excust the dodgy camera turning, drink plus a very mad crowd!*

Destruction - Curse of the Gods (Live/1986)
Curse of the Gods “Live in Speyer, Germany” (1986)

Destruction - Curse The God
Thrash Metal Destruction Disco: Thrash Anthems.

Destruction - Curse the gods (bass part)
Destruction : "Curse the gods" (bass part)

Destruction Curse the Gods [Live Without Sense, 1989]
Allah, Buddah, Jesus Christ Whatever your god may be forget those idols let me told you They're tales of morbid brains Everybody thinks has right That these gods are the only truth Fanatic...

Destruction - Curse The Gods / Tormentor - live 2017 @Neushoorn, Ljouwert, the Netherlands
Headliner of a sunday metal afternoon/evening. Always great to see this top thrashmetal band live again! 26-11-2017 Leeuwarden.

Destruction - Curse The Gods (Live In Germany, 1987)
Live In Germany, 1987 - Thrash Metal From Germany.

Destruction - Curse the Gods (Lyrics)
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