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Cytus - Alive - Another Me

Cytus: Chapter VIII (Another Me) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
I will start doing this for the rest of the chapters. Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these songs. If you want to see the full version of Ø Slit, go here: ...

Cytus - Another Me - Subtítulos en español
Al fin, día libre y de paso me doy cuenta también de que la colección de Aioi ya tiene disponible su letra, o sea que pronto la tendremos en el canal. Dicho esto ...

(브금)Cytus OST (BGM)-Chapter Alive 08 Another Me by Sta
사이터즈 / 사이터스 수록곡 (브금)-챕터 Alive 08 Another Me by Sta Cytus OST (BGM)-Chapter Alive 08 Another Me by Sta.

Cytus: Epilogue (Alive) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
The absolute ending to the game (Somewhat), I gotta admit it was great overall. Soundtrack is also available on iTunes: ...

Cytus - Alive - Disaster

Cytus - To Further Dream

Cytus - Alive - Vanessa

Cytus: Chapter S (Symphony) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
I decided to put all the songs in one video in case you didn't want to go through the trouble of finding it on another video ;) Definitely let me know if you want me ...

Cytus: Chapter III (Cytus) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
Chapter 3 for you guys, enjoy. :) Tracks: 0:00 The Riddle Story 2:29 Libera Me 4:45 Cosmo 7:17 Prismatic Lollipops 8:48 Otome 10:59 Spectrum 13:09 Halcyon ...

Cytus: Chapter V (Vanessa) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
Welcome to the complete soundtrack of chapter 5! just a few more to go :) Tracks: 0:00 Holy Knight 2:14 Dino 4:59 Majestic Phoenix 6:50 Sleepless Jasmine ...

Cytus - Alive - Cytus

Cytus - Future world

Cytus II Theme - Used to be
SoundCloud link: - Cytus II Released on AppStore NOW! Experience the power of Æsir's live ...

Cytus - Alive - Loom

Cytus - Visions

Cytus - Alive - Buried

Cytus - Alive - The Lost

Cytus - Alive - The Silence

Cytus Baroque - Scherzo

Alive: Another Me (Hard) Million Master
Alive: Another Me by Sta.

Cytus: Chapter M (Million) 'COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK'
At this point I don't know if this will be the final chapter, but hey I'm loving it so far! Things to note, I did not put "The Beginning" song into this soundtrack because ...

Cytus - All hidden secret songs 2016 (OLD)
Hi guys, this is the old hidden songs video and I hope you enjoy Finally that I came late about chapter L that has now has 10 new chart as a hidden song. Even I ...

Cytus - Sanctity

Cytus - Slit I

Cytus: Chapter R (Retro) 'COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
I know I know, this is a couple months late, I apologize for that, I have been extremely busy regarding life and what not, but I have not forgotten this channel, and I ...

This video is for a "request". Maybe I might get back to my regular schedule, though it will be a bit slower. Incidentally, I changed some parts of the transcription ...

Cytus: Chapter II (Disaster) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
Sorry for the long delay guys, here's the next chapter! Tracks: 0:00 Iris 2:00 Sanctity 4:04 Sacred 6:09 Green Eyes 8:05 Nocturnal Type 10:02 Precipitation 11:48 ...

I'm heavily surprised that cytus is still going at it, I'm very impressed, anyway, enjoy the extension of the story that is L. (And no, we're not talking about L from ...

Cytus II - OST / Soundtrack
Cytus 2 - OST / Original Soundtrack / 原聲帶Music by Rayark Official Site: Edit:S.Cloud ...

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