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Cytus - Alive - Another Me

Cytus: Chapter VIII (Another Me) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
I will start doing this for the rest of the chapters. Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these songs. If you want to see the full version of Ø Slit, go here:

Cytus - Another Me - Subtítulos en español
Al fin, día libre y de paso me doy cuenta también de que la colección de Aioi ya tiene disponible su letra, o sea que pronto la tendremos en el canal. Dicho esto, espero y disfruten este...

Cytus: Epilogue (Alive) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
The absolute ending to the game (Somewhat), I gotta admit it was great overall. Soundtrack is also available on iTunes: Listen to...

Cytus - Alive - The Silence

Cytus - Alive - Vanessa

(브금)Cytus OST (BGM)-Chapter Alive 08 Another Me by Sta
사이터즈 / 사이터스 수록곡 (브금)-챕터 Alive 08 Another Me by Sta Cytus OST (BGM)-Chapter Alive 08 Another Me by Sta.

Cytus II Theme - Used to be
SoundCloud link: - Cytus II Released on AppStore NOW! Experience the power of Æsir's live performance now http://short.rayark.c...

Cytus - Alive - Disaster

Cytus - Morpho

Cytus - Alive - The New World

Cytus: Chapter S (Symphony) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
I decided to put all the songs in one video in case you didn't want to go through the trouble of finding it on another video ;) Definitely let me know if you want me to do this to the rest...

Cytus - Alive - The Lost

(Cytus) - Ververg Full Song
Game: Cytus Song: Ververg Full Song Enjoy! If you want me to mix some Songs from Cytus together into a full song, then write it here in the commentaries. Which songs should i use . Subscribe...

Cytus - All hidden secret songs 2016 (OLD)
Hi guys, this is the old hidden songs video and I hope you enjoy Finally that I came late about chapter L that has now has 10 new chart as a hidden song. Even I showed you the chapters that...

Alive: Another Me (Hard) Million Master
Alive: Another Me by Sta.

Cytus: Chapter III (Cytus) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
Chapter 3 for you guys, enjoy. :) Tracks: 0:00 The Riddle Story 2:29 Libera Me 4:45 Cosmo 7:17 Prismatic Lollipops 8:48 Otome 10:59 Spectrum 13:09 Halcyon 15:45 The Black Case 17:25 Saika...

Cytus - Alive - Cytus

Cytus: Chapter VI (The Lost) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
Here is the soundtrack for the 6th chapter, also I apologize for the lack of uploads, I've been quite under the gutter now a days, but I promise I'll upload frequently from now on, thank you...

Cytus - Alive - Loom

Cytus - Alive - Buried

Cytus: Precipitation by Ice "FULL VERSION"
I love songs with hidden songs, they're fun to make full versions with haha, but anyway this song in particular is not actually a song cut into two parts. The two songs in here are quite different...

Cytus: Prologue (Live) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
And you thought I disappeared, didn't you? (This is a chapter only available in the PS Vita version, Lambda.) UPDATE: This is also available in the original iOS and Android. Tracks: 0:00...

Cytus - Twenty One

Monkey X - Another Me Soundtrack
Monkey X - Another Me Soundtrack.

Cytus: Chapter M (Million) 'COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK'
At this point I don't know if this will be the final chapter, but hey I'm loving it so far! Things to note, I did not put "The Beginning" song into this soundtrack because it belongs to the...

Cytus: Chapter IV (The Silence) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
Here is the soundtrack for the 4th chapter, have fun guys. Tracks: 0:00 Evil Force 2:18 New World 4:48 Land Scape 7:49 Future World 10:13 Parousia 12:25 Skuld 14:34 Darkness 16:23 Beyond...

Masquerade - Cytus
Artist : M2U Chapter : VIII - Another Me.

Cytus: Chapter R (Retro) 'COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
I know I know, this is a couple months late, I apologize for that, I have been extremely busy regarding life and what not, but I have not forgotten this channel, and I never will. Thank you...

I'm heavily surprised that cytus is still going at it, I'm very impressed, anyway, enjoy the extension of the story that is L. (And no, we're not talking about L from Deathnote) Tracks: L1:... | | | | | | | house victimz 2017 | | Ahmet cillc & stoto feat. | | | | Ahmet killc & stoto feat. adebc | | | | | | Ahmet killc & stoto feat. adeba | house victimz 2017 | | | | | | Are you Julia | | | Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Blow Your Head