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CormegaArtist info Cory McKay (March 2, 1973), better known by his stage name Cormega often abbreviated to Mega, is an American rapper from Queens, New York. Cormega’s streetwise poetics and perseverance has made him one of the most respected East Coast lyricists.Cormega was raised in Long Island City, Queens, forming childhood friendships with future rappers such as Nas, AZ, Nature, and Capone-N-Noreaga.1980sHe was featured on Hot Day's "Going Straight Up" from his album "It's My Turn"... Read more

Hi-Tek - All I Need Is You / Cormega & Jonell / Lyrics On Screen
Album: Hi-Teknology Produced by: Hi-Tek Label: Rawkus Records Year: 2001. Track: #5 All i need is you - featuring Cormega & Jonell NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC.

Cormega ft Jonell - All I need is you
Intro] *phone rings* [Mega] yo [Girl] Hey [Mega] Whussup [Girl] Chillin [Mega] Word [Girl] Working [Mega] Yeah, nahmsaying [Girl] Well when you coming home? [Mega] I'm a be there later on...

Hi Tek 'Áll I Need is You'
Hi Teknology.

Hi-Tek - All I Need Is You ft. Cormega & Jonell
Hi-Tek - All I Need Is You ft. Cormega & Jonell No copyright is claimed in this content and to the extent that material may appear to be infringed, I assert that such alleged infringement is...

Cormega ft Dona - The Bond
One of my favorite songs by Cormega.

Cormega - Coco Butter
[Cormega] Your ebony eyes is heavenly You like a pearl handle, smooth yet deadly Smile yo, your style so awesome, like Stoudemire Crossin' over, lost 'em, you a cobra, I gotta use caution...

Nas - Affirmative Action [feat. AZ, Cormega, The Firm & Foxy Brown]
Nas - Affirmative Action [feat. AZ, Cormega, The Firm & Foxy Brown] (prod. by Dave Atkinson & Trackmasters); track #8 off of the critically acclaimed album, It Was Written (1996). I do not...

All I Need Is You
All I Need is You, single from Tre's upcoming album.

Cormega - The Saga Remix (Lyrics)
[Lyrics] [Verse One:...

Cormega - The True Meaning [Special Edition] (Full Album) HQ
The True Meaning is the second studio album by Queensbridge rapper Cormega. It was critically acclaimed and won the prestigious "Independent Album of the Year" at the Source Awards 2003. He...

Cormega-Take These Jewels
Cormega-Take These Jewels.

Cormega - Get Out My Way (Lyrics)
Cormega - Get Out My Way Please Rate and Comment!!! Lyrics: [Verse 1] Even though mad niggas hate it I remain the most anticipated those glad a nigga made it bast your Nickel-plateds...

Cormega - Beautiful Mind (With Lyrics)
Cormega - Beautiful Mind Album: Legal Hustle - Track 2 Lyrics: I'm sick of gossiping bitches and niggaz who gossip like bitches claiming they live but if you pop em they snitching some...

N.O.R.E. - Sometimes

Cormega - Valuable Lessons
Album: Cormega - Mega Philosophy Year: 2014 Lyrics: I speak valuable lessons so check this y'all … [Verse 1] Love you questioning Hate is evident People who never voted betray you for...

All I Need Is You
anothalowproduction, anotha, low, production, youngmoney.

Cormega - Girl

Cormega - Are You My Nigga
From 2001 Album: "The Realness"..... Cory McKay, better known as Cormega was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, he grew up in the Queensbridge Housing Projects in Long Island City, Queens, forming...


Cormega - I shine
Another exclusive mega track. just one verse.


Nas - One Love
Nas' official music video for 'One Love'. Click to listen to Nas on Spotify: As featured on Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:...

Cormega - Love in love out
Cormega on Nas. Pic unrelated.

Cormega - Stay Up (ft. Kira)

Desperados I and II (ft. Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ & Nature)
Desperados I and II (ft. Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ & Nature) found this video in of my old canibus's stash so i just had to re-upload it Artist: Nas Foxy Brown AZ Nature Feat Canibus Song:...


Cormega- "R U My N*gga" (Skizz Remix)
Happy 15 year Anniversary to Cormega's The Realness Album ! -Video Upload powered by

Cormega - What Did I Do? (produced by Nottz)
Just a snippet.... the album Born & Raised coming October 20th 2009. Shout out to and Trevor!

Cormega-Bring it back
Bring it Back by Cormega. this pictuer is not mine i do not own it i did not create it.i got this picture of this website;

Nas presents The Firm - Affirmative Action
Classic NY Shit. The Firm's debut track, shame that they broke up.