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Cannibal AccidentArtist info In the beginning of the year 2007 Lenets and Kolkka were boozing at their hometown Turku and they ended up in a local rock club. There were several bands playing and the name of the game was grindcore. Yeah, the bands played well but something was missing. Where the hell were delicious mosh parts that Napalm Death and S... Read more

Cannibal Accident - Meat is Murder (And Murder Is Good)
Cancion: Meat Is Murder (And Murder Is Good) Banda: Cannibal Accident Genero: Death/Grindcore Album: Brutalent EP.

Cannibal Accident - Cannibal Accident FULL ALBUM (2009 - Grindcore / Death Metal)
Deathgrind band from Turku, Finland formed in 2007. This is their debut full-length album. Self-released in 2009 (CD-R format), distributed digitally by Torn Flesh ...

Cannibal Accident - Ritual Paprika | Full Album (Death Metal/Grindcore)
FACEBOOK Do Me a Favor and Kill Me : Band : Cannibal Accident Album : Ritual Paprika Genre : Death ...

CANNIBAL ACCIDENT ~ Live at Klubi 15.1.2016 (multicam)
Turku band festival 2016.

Cannibal Accident ~ B-rappu (sing'a'long with A.P. version)
Taken from Omnivorous album. Released by Nailjar Records 2012.

Cannibal Accident Live @ WOL record store
Cannibal Accident Live @ WOL Record Store, Turku 20.11.2013.

Cannibal Accident-Meat Is Murder (And Murder Is Good) feat. Sadistic Suzie -live
Cannibal Accident live at Klubi, Turku, Finland. 27.8.2011.

CANNIBAL ACCIDENT ~ Trapped in Hiace (Feat. Kerttu from Kovaa Rasvaa!)
New song taken from upcoming full-lenght album. Released through Nailjar records. Featuring Kerttu from Kovaa Rasvaa!

Cannibal Accident ~ Lunatic Zombie
Song taken from "Ritual Paprika" 2016 full-lenght (Nailjar Records). Still photos by: Arto Soini, Petri Vilen, Visual Vortex, Ville Ruusunen.

CANNIBAL ACCIDENT "Toilet It Be (Eat Less)"
Band: Cannibal Accident Album:Brutalent Year: 2010 Country: Finland Genre: Grindcore Label: Self-financed CD

Cannibal Accident - Accidental Cannibal
"Accidental Cannibal," taken from Cannibal Accident's album, Cannibal Accident (2009) Grindcore.

Cannibal Accident ~ Twinmaker
Song from the new "RITUAL PAPRIKA" album (2016). Released by NAILJAR RECORDS.

Cannibal Accident - Kuolema Huutaa feat Nikki 666 Jääsalmi
Live @ Klubi, Turku Metallihelvetti 100v 01.02.2014.

Cannibal Accident - B rappu feat. Antti Perttula
Live @ Klubi, Turku 20.11.2013 lyrics: tänään himottaa ruumistasi janoan tahdon suolistaa ennen kunnon panoe revin suolet pihalle piha haisee lihalle kuolleen ...

Cannibal Accident ~ Nuclear semenstorm
Taken from new 7" Lennu EP. Released by Nailjar Records 2013.

Cannibal Accident - Torsofucker

Cannibal Accident - Stay Hungry (Twisted Sister cover)
"Stay Hungry," by Twisted Sister covered by Cannibal Accident on their album, Cannibal Accident (2009) Grindcore Lyrics: Are you feeling the fire, are you ready ...

Cannibal Accident - Deadmeatfeast
Band: Cannibal Accident Song: Deadmeatfeast Album: Brutalent (2011) Genre: Grindcore.

Cannibal Accident ~ Human haggis
Song taken from split 7" with Inferia. Video material shooted in 3 locations in Iceland. Dimmuborgir, Bræðrabrekka, Berserkjarhraun 2014.

Cannibal Accident - Hurts and happens
Live @ Klubi, Turku Metallihelvetti 100v 01.02.2014.

OJISROCK 2016 - Cannibal Accident ~ Lunatic Zombie / B-Rappu
Sponsored by Hölmöilevä omenaviini Video by A.Soini.

Cannibal Accident ~ Kurwa Doktor Recommends
Sample songs from the upcoming Cannibal Accident debut album Omnivorous. Released soon by Nailjar Records. ...

Cannibal Accident ~ Kuolema Huutaa - feat. Nikki 666 Jääsalmi
Official video. Song taken from Omnivorous album released by Nailjar Records 2012.

Nikki 666 Jääsalmi feat. Cannibal Accident ~ Isi nostaa torson salkoon
ORDER FROM RECORDSHOP-X: Song taken from new Cannibal Accident and the friends of flesh mcd.

Cannibal Accident Live in S-Osis, Turku[Full Concert]
Thanx a lot Cannibal Accident for permitting me to upload the video. You guys kick ass!! Artist - Cannibal Accident Country - Turku, Finland Genre - Old School ...

Cannibal Accident - Slaves on a Leach
Live @ Turku Distortion 16.6.2012.

Cannibal Accident ~ Live at TUSKA 2014 festival
First 8 songs of the gig. Cam team: T.Hellman, A.Soini, V.Ruusunen. Stage appearances: Sadistic Suzie, Nikki 666 Jääsalmi, Pessi Haltsonen. Thanks!

Cannibal Accident - Hobo Lobotomy
Live @ Klubi, Turku Metallihelvetti 100v 01.02.2014.

Cannibal Accident ~ Wuornos (live at Bar Toimisto)
Live at Bar Toimisto:"Ville's & Esa's B-Day party". Turku,Finland. Sound quality is little bit moody.

Cannibal Accident - Accidental Cannibal

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