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Midnight Groovers Best of the Greatest Hits Cadencelypso Classic mixx by djeasy
Support djeasyPromos (Donation Link) I put together the best of my father music over the yrs hope u listen and enjoy it to the cadence...

Cadence lypso Classics best of the best Dominica (CADENCELYPSO GOLD CLASSIC) mix by djeasy
Support djeasyPromos (Donation Link) MUZIK A NOU (ITS OUR DOMINICAN MUSIC ..OUR CULTURE) I bring you a compilation mix of some of the best hits of cadence...

Midnight Groovers (Dominica): Cadence Lypso Mix (1976/Music of Dominica/Caribbean Music/World Music)
The Midnite Groovers of South City (Grand Bay) burst on the musical scene in the early 70s led by Chubby and his brother Coe. Tracklist: Bon Disque Bon Temps Ay Sukwe Sak Arranged By,...

Cadence Lypso Classics Best of the Best Dominica {Cadencelypso Gold Classic Vol 2} mix by Djeasy
Segment two of the Cadencelypso Best of All times ..Featuring Artist and Bands such as MIDNIGHT GROOVERS ,EXILE ONE ,GRAMMACKS ,GORDON HENDERSON ,OPHELIA MARIE ,MAMMOUTH ,BLACK AFFAIRS ,LIQUID...

MidnightGroovers - LIVE IN MARIE GALANTE (PART 1)
Music video for LIVE IN MARIE GALANTE (PART 1) performed by MidnightGroovers. Twitter: Facebook: Copyright...

DE L'ALBUM"CADENCE REVOLUTION" - LABEL 3A PRODUCTION - 3A 112 Y - video upload powered by

Midnight Groovers - Hush Money (2017 Cadencelypso)
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Midnight Groover Four a chabon la

MidnightGroovers - Talon Haut (Official Video)
Music video for Talon Haut (Official Video) performed by MidnightGroovers. Twitter: Facebook: Copyright (C)...

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Midnight Groovers(Dominica): Misik Dou 1970's - Cadence
Bass Guitar,Lead Vocals – Philip Mark "Chubby" Drums – Henry Bellot Engineer, Photography By – Henri Debs Guitar [Solo], Rhythm Guitar – Marcel Mark "Co"* Organ, Synthesizer – Brian...

MidnightGroovers - Coco Ceck (Official Video)
Music video for Coco Ceck (Official Video) performed by MidnightGroovers. Twitter: Facebook: Copyright (C)...

Midnight Groovers: Cadence Revolution Vinyl (1970's)
Featuring the full "Cadence Revolution" (1970's) LP! Plesir! :D #MidnightGroovers #Dominica #Caribbean #WestIndies #WorldMusic #Cadence #Reggae Tracklist 1 Probleme Chive 2 Jeunes Gens 3...

MidnightGroovers - Party Night (Official Audio)
Music video for Party Night (Official Audio) performed by MidnightGroovers. Copyright (C) 1988 Midnight Groovers. --- Powered by http://ww...

tracktwo midnight groovers

Midnight Groovers Rehearsal
Choby on drums!

Mightnight Groovers - Passe
A tribute to my dawg Leslie.. R.I.P Soldier.. c u on d other side.. Jah Knows!!

MidnightGroovers - Mandela (Official Video)
Music video for Mandela (Official Video) performed by MidnightGroovers. Twitter: Facebook: Copyright (C)...

Midnight Groovers - Anita (CLIP OFFICIEL)
Réalisation : Futurcrew - Konix/Roko.

Midnight Groovers Mix
I love Midnight Groovers! Chubby Mark is an inspiration to me as a musician and hence forth why the creole heritage will always be strong around the world. Thank you Chubby Mark & the whole...

Midnight Groover Kouté la radio

Midnight Groovers - Probleme Chivé
Midnight Groovers - Probleme Chivé.

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Midnight Groovers


Futurcrew interview Midnight Groovers
Rencontre avec la légende du cadence lypso.

ANGELA - Midnight Groovers - Zouk
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Midnight Groovers - Probleme Chivé (Cadencelypso)
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Midnight Groovers Jaloux les musiciens

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