Free Download bootsy collins if 6 was 9 mp3

Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 ft. Bootsy Collins

Axiom Funk with Bootsy Collins If 6 Was 9

Bootsy Collins/Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 - HQ - example of high dynamic range
Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 (Jimi Hendrix cover). From CDDA "Funkcronomicon" I was surpised by its dynamic range (in theory DR16, like classical music!

Axiom Funk - If 6 was 9
"If 6 was 9" by Axiom Funk from Funkcronomicon (1995)

Axiom Funk ‎– Funkcronomicon Double LP 1995
01. Order Within The Universe (Feat. Bernie Worrell, Bill Laswell And Dxt) 02. Under The Influence (Jes Grew) (Feat. George Clinton, Bootsy Collins And Sly 03.

Bootsy Collins - If 9 Was 6 (Prince Paul Instrumental Mix)
1996 Various - Altered Beats - Assassin Knowledges Of The Remanipulated.

BOOTSY COLLINS - IF 9 WAS 6 (Prince Paul Instrumental Mix)

14Broun Fellinis If 6 Was 9

jimi hendrix if 6 were 9 (rara avis version)

Bootsy Collins Part 1
This is my tribute to Bootsy. Anyone that knows the history of funk music would know that William "Bootsy" Collins and his brother Phelps "Catfish" Collins had a ...

Bootsy Collins & Praxis Animal Behavior music video
1993 music video Animal Behavior Praxis & Bootsy Collins

Krayx feat. Jimi Hendrix - If 6 Was 9 (Tribute)
Released 20 March 2012 R.I.P Jimi Hendrix Thrills & Chills Channel:

Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 (432Hz)
from : "Funkcronomicon" (1995) ---- Hendrix Cover Tuned in 432Hz, the natural earth/heart frequency.

Bootsy Collins - Funky And You Know It
dope track from bootsy all copyright to him.

If 6 Was 9
Cover of Jimi Hendrix by Rainbowtruth.

If 6 was 9 Funk Remix By Anton
Funk Remix Anton Sthlm.

Axiom Funk- If 6 Was 9
Axiom Funk doing their version of Hendrix's song if 6 was 9. my awesome lava lamp.

Childish Gambino - Redbone (Official Audio)
From the new album "Awaken, My Love!" available now: ...

Wolfmother - If 6 Was 9 (Jimi Hendrix cover)
iTunes bonus.

Bootsy Collins - Axiom Funk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Video Upload powered by

If 6 was 9 / Who Knows ...

Axiom Funk - Funkcronomicon - If 6 was 9
Enjoy folks, axiom funk : if 6 was 9.

IF 6 WAS 9 sung by Doc Mustard recorded live in August 2013
This was recorded by Todd Rundgren on his album 'Faithful'. Some bloke called Jimi Hendrix wrote it.

Kyle Dobbins - If 6 Was 9 (Acoustic Cover)
This song is originally by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Art by Kyle Dobbins. My brother first introduced me to Jimi Hendrix and I was in awe. The voice from his ...

Bootsy Collins - Touch Somebody (Live)
Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1998.

BeanOne "If 6 Was 9" Instrumental
Search iTunes :: BeanOne.

Insomania by The If 6 was 9 Project
Insomnia is a chilled out song.

Matatá - If 6 was 9 (Jimi Hendrix Cover)

The If 6 Was 9 Project - Hippie Daze
The If 6 Was 9 Project - Hippie Daze Director: Gerhard van Rooyen Company: Spheratical Productions Record Label: Holgoun Productions 2011 ...

"Minds Under Construction" by Bootsy Collins, 2011
This is a video made by Buckethead and Bootsy not originally intended for public release. The song featured is "Minds Under Construction" and is featured on ...

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