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BlutvialArtist info Blutvial is an unholy alliance through which pitch black metal is created, forged by guitarist/bassist/drummer Aort, whose musical pedigree consists of avant-garde black metallers Code and Decrepit Spectre. His partner in crime, multi-instrumentalist Ewchymlaen is formerly known as the guitarist-vocalist of black metallers Reign of Erebus and Acolyte's Ruin. Together they represent British black metal at it’s most damned and violent.Blutvial’s debut release was the hellish seven-inch single ‘Full Moon Possession' which was released by Ledo Takas Records in June 2007... Read more

Blutvial - Conspiracy of Optimism
Track from the album 'Curses Thorns Blood' available now from Available now for between 10 and 13 Euros depending on location....all prices ...

Blutvial - Trapped in the Dark of the Woods
Track from the new Blutvial EP entitled Brythonic. Available on cassette only from

Blutvial - Blackthorn Winter
From the album 'Curses Thorns Blood'. Available now from Available From only 10 Euros depending on paid!

Blutvial - Serpent Procreation
This video will be removed immediately if the band/label wishes it. Band: Blutvial Album: I Speak of the Devil Release Date: 2009 Country: United Kingdom ...

Blutvial - Curses Thorns Blood
Trailer for the new Blutvial album, Curses Thorns Blood.....available now from

Blutvial - Tirade Against Oversocialisation
Country : United Kingdom, Genre : Black Metal, Album : Curses Thorns Blood, Label : Haintic, Year : 2011,

Blutvial - At The Stones We Gather
Blutvial's 2nd album "Curses Thorns Blood" is available now from

Code - Glimlight Tourist
Debut video from UK progressive black metal act CODE New album available NOW from

Lots of cool bits this week from Excuse, Mystiabllus, Prophecy, Blutvial, Polluted Inheritance, Agony Of The Bleeding Flesh, Hellbastard, Sadus, Blood Feast, ...

Blood Of Serpents - Horn Shaped Crown
Country : Sweden, Genre : Death/Thrash Metal, Album : Black Dawn, Label : Eternal Sound Records, Year : 2014.

Binah - Hemipteran Maraud
From the 'A Triad of Plagues' EP out now on Dark Descent and Me Saco Un Ojo.

Bluteck - Gefrorene Erde
Ein Titel vom ersten Album "Pest, Tod und Teufel", erschienen im November 2015. Mehr:

Bluteck - Ekstase-Das Spiel mit der Klinge
Track vom Split-Album Bluteck/Morbid Contempt - Blvt.Geist.Tod Erhältlich bei Wolfmond Production: ...

OSLO - Hiraeth
Please watch: "【Chillstep】The Antlers - Bear (TannK Remix)" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- - Cirax Hi everyone, I am ...

Scars Of Chaos-Your Own Antichrist
band:Scars Of Chaos album:Daemonic Alchemy genre:Symphonic Extreme Metal year:2005.

Decrepit Spectre-Graverider
Band:Decrepit Spectre Album:Coal Black Hearses Genre:Avantgarde Black Metal This is one of my favourite records ever. As I am a fan of Kvohst and Code, ...

Decrepit Spectre-Coal Black Hearses
Album:Coal Black Hearses Genre:Avantgarde Black Metal This is one of my favourite records ever. As I am a fan of Kvohst and Code, I really enjoyed this EP, ...

Untergang Morbid Tigers of Evil Triumph
Country : France, Genre : Black Metal, Album : Viva La Muerte, Year : 2013.

Akrotheism - Hanged In The Shaft Of The Abyss
Country : Greece, Genre : Black Metal, Album : Behold The Son Of Plagues, Year : 2014 Label : Odium Records, Facebook ...

Dark of the Woods

Mae hiraeth yn y mor
Dilys Elwyn-Edwards.

blackthorn winter

Svarthyr - Creatures of Loke [Manifestation of the Antichrist] 2011
Band: Svarthyr Album: Manifestation of the Antichrist Song: Creatures of Loke Year: 2011 Country: Germany Genre: Black Metal Svarthyr on LastFM: ...

'Blackthorn Winter' By Sproatly Smith
Sproatly Smith perform at 'The Wyrd Cupid' event, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 16th Feb2013.

Void - Rust: The Wisdom of Machinery
track 5 from Void's debut 2011 EP "Decoding the Messages of the Drones of Halogen Lights" This EP has finally been released and is available here: ...

Binah - Absoprtion Into The Unearthly - Demo Version
Demo version of a track from the debut album 'Hallucinating in Resurrecture'

CODE - Pollen of Black Plume
Demo track re-recorded for the Wine of Satan II compilation.

Maldoror - Missa Aemeth Arcanorum (Arisen Presence from Binah)
Maldoror : Italy Albun : Ars Magika (1998) Genre: Black Metal Lyrical themes: Occultism, Esoterism Band: Lord Daimonus Necroroht - Vocals (1991-) Arimon ...

Cause of Death - The Scorpion
2nd song from the album "Exsanguination" released 2010.

Horn - Brandstäbe
Country : Germany, Genre : Black Metal, Album : Konflikt, Label : Northern Silence Productions, Year : 2013,

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