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The Bludgeons LIVE DC 1978................VERY RARE!
Ebenezer & The Bludgeons You might not have heard, or heard of the band, but here's a few people you HAVE heard of: HR Brain (Bad Brains) Henry Rollins Minor Threat and more I'm sure!...

John Vomit and The Leather Scabs - Punk Rock Star
Picked Off The Litter 7'' (US) 1978 - uploaded via

The Jerks - Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me
The Jerks exemplified English punk rock: raw, urgent, fast and provocative. They also had a strong visual image and no shortage of potential hit songs. Many of their gigs would end in violence...

PATHETIX don't touch my machine

Blitzkrieg Bop - Control Zone Live
With special guests Caitlín Craig, Aaron Craig, and Tyler Barry. Caitlín's 18th birthday bash, Whitehead, County Antrim, 16th August 2008. (Original 1977 Punk band reformed as surprise for...

THE VAINS - the loser.wmv
EP 1980.

Christ Child - Crazy, Dirty and Dangerous
Great obscure cult 1977 punk rock / metal one off.

The Korps - We Are The Only Real People - 1978
"Great googely-moogely ! Lightning strikes twice ! Once again THE KORPS comes up with an unbeatable combination of Rock plus Roll, wimp plus wank, and quantity plus quality that is guaranteed...

Billy Wizard And The K Mart Studio Orchestra ‎– Nazi Love
US Lo-fi/punk/experimental band from their 1977 single on Woolworth's Discount Music.

THE ZITS beat your face
EP 1981.

AMBIENT NOISE i was there at the texas chainsaw massacre

THE PAIN man in the front
EP 1979.

The Pain - H.H.

Combo formé en 1978 à Cleveland par Bill Elliott (guitar), Dave Deluca (guitar), Dan Didonato (drums) & Tim Dorman (bass).

The Bollocks - R.I.P. Vicious
All Rockstars Should Be Drafted (1982) Fetal Records.

Peer Pressure : Peace Punk Credibility : AUDIO Punk Vinyl Over 2500 tunes on this Youtube channel.

Papers : Hello Oblivion : AUDIO Punk Vinyl.

MIKE REP and the QUOTAS Its My Movie 1975 Prev Unreleased pRoTo PuNk
MIKE REP It's My Movie 7" Vinyl Limited 100 Numbered copy 1975-77 Unreleased Tracks Proto Punk / Lo Fi Punk Rarity It's My Movie 7" / G.L.O.R.I.A BUY FROM Regurgitated Records NOW! SEE DETAILS...

Äppelkarters - Beat Her Up
Juvenile low-brow primitive punk rock moronity from Sweden, 1989.

Ed Nasty and the Dopeds - I´m Gonna Be Everything
I'm Gonna Be Everything (7") 1978 US Sexo Records LYRICS CLICK LINK

Forced Entry - All Fucked Up Demo 1987
80's Seattle thrash band Forced Entry's All Fucked Up demo from 1987. Tracks are: Frigid Bitch The Fire Within Force Of One Get Fucked up For more info on the band check out: https://www.facebook.c...

The Resistance - Raw Deal E.P. - 01 Raw Deal (1987)
The first track from The Resistance's Raw Deal E.P. The Resistance were a Canadian punk band out of Victoria. Bass, Vocals – Marky Carcass Cover – Mickey Irresistible Drums, Vocals –...

CADS - Do The Crabwalk

Shitdogs - Calling Dr. Modo.wmv
From the "You Bet!" 7" E.P..

Pitch Invasion- 15 minutes of fame Pitch Invasion is a five man mix of the old school punk sounds of the 80's entwined with the California pop punk attitude of the 90's. The band delivers...

DDT - I'm walking down the psychopath

The Ralphs - Teddy Boy
Killer KBD Punk Rock out of Dallas, Texas.

The Features - Police Wheels
Perfect (7" Single) 1980 New Zealand Propeller.

pagans Dead End America vid
mike mariconda pieced this together from vhs & reel footage.

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