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Killed By Death - #12 (full album)
Killed By Death - #12 Rare U.S.and Canadian punk 1977-1982 Redrum Records - 1996 Silly Killers on the cover. 00:00 Cardiac Kidz - Get Out 01:16 Strike ...

The Bludgeons LIVE DC 1978................VERY RARE!
Ebenezer & The Bludgeons You might not have heard, or heard of the band, but here's a few people you HAVE heard of: HR Brain (Bad Brains) Henry Rollins ...

Pistol Whip - Heart Throb
US punk/power pop from 1977.

Montségur - Worshippers of Forbidden Knowledge (2013)
Black Metal from Russia From the "Under The Banner Of Witchcraft" demo released in 2013 Band: Montségur Album: Under The Banner Of Witchcraft Genre: ...

PATHETIX don't touch my machine

John Vomit and The Leather Scabs - Punk Rock Star
Picked Off The Litter 7'' (US) 1978 - uploaded via

THE ZITS beat your face
EP 1981.

Forced Entry - All Fucked Up Demo 1987
80's Seattle thrash band Forced Entry's All Fucked Up demo from 1987. Tracks are: Frigid Bitch The Fire Within Force Of One Get Fucked up For more info on the ...

THE VAINS - the loser.wmv
EP 1980.

THE PAIN man in the front
EP 1979.

Various Artists - Killed By Death #12
A01 (0:00:11) – Cardiac Kidz - Get Out A02 (0:01:31) – Aryan Disgrace - Faggot In The Family A03 (0:03:29) – Strike Under - Context A04 (0:05:34) – Genral ...

The Resistance - Raw Deal E.P. - 01 Raw Deal (1987)
The first track from The Resistance's Raw Deal E.P. The Resistance were a Canadian punk band out of Victoria. Bass, Vocals – Marky Carcass Cover – Mickey ...

Blitzkrieg Bop - Control Zone Live
With special guests Caitlín Craig, Aaron Craig, and Tyler Barry. Caitlín's 18th birthday bash, Whitehead, County Antrim, 16th August 2008. (Original 1977 Punk ...

The Jerks - Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me
The Jerks exemplified English punk rock: raw, urgent, fast and provocative. They also had a strong visual image and no shortage of potential hit songs. Many of ...

MIKE REP and the QUOTAS Its My Movie 1975 Prev Unreleased pRoTo PuNk
MIKE REP It's My Movie 7" Vinyl Limited 100 Numbered copy 1975-77 Unreleased Tracks Proto Punk / Lo Fi Punk Rarity It's My Movie 7" / G.L.O.R.I.A BUY ...

Ice 9 - Out Out Out. 1979 US
Portland (USA) seems to be a good place to be in back in 1978- 1980: Stiphnoyds, Cleavers, Rats, Sado-Nation and Wipers. Of some reason I always think Bags ...

ROXY LONDON WC2 : Johnny Moped : Hard Loving Man : AUDIO Punk Vinyl ***Over 5000 Punk/Punk related tunes on this Youtube ...

The Korps - We Are The Only Real People - 1978
"Great googely-moogely ! Lightning strikes twice ! Once again THE KORPS comes up with an unbeatable combination of Rock plus Roll, wimp plus wank, and ...

The Ralphs - Vegetable Romp
Killer KBD Punk Rock out of Dallas, Texas.

Mad Virgins - Fuck & Suck
Mad Virgins is the name of a punk rock band from Anderlecht in Brussels, Belgium in 1977 and released one single, "I am a Computer"/"Fuck & Suck" [1].

pagans Dead End America vid
mike mariconda pieced this together from vhs & reel footage.

The Ralphs - Teddy Boy
Killer KBD Punk Rock out of Dallas, Texas.

If I Watch the TV
Provided to YouTube by Cargo If I Watch the TV · Neo-Punkz Fascist Fuckerz EP ℗ La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Released on: 2015-02-19 Artist: Neo-Punkz ...

Shitdogs - Calling Dr. Modo.wmv
From the "You Bet!" 7" E.P..

VAST MAJORITY - i wanna be a number.wmv
EP 1980.

Bobby Roode "Glorious Domination" (Adam Massacre Cover)
Robert "Bobby" Roode, Jr. (born May 11, 1977) is a Canadian professional wrestler currently signed to WWE and performing in its developmental territory, NXT.

Fresh Color - The Source 1978 Swiss
Swiss group formed circa 1978 in Aarau by guitarist Gutze Gautschi. They started as a punk band featuring Dieter Meier, however, Meier left after two 7" singles ...

Modorra - "Acid Brawl" + "Strangle Games" (2013)
MODORRA - "Acid Brawl" + "Strangle Games" from the 12" "Solar Anus" Pre-Order at Plague Island: Limited color vinyl in 100 ...

The Squad - Born In The Concrete
Born In The Concrete (7") 1980 Sonet.

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