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Bloody PandaArtist info Bloody Panda was birthed in the cold sub-chambers of grim New York City, United States in 2003.A thirst for new musical perversions besieged guitarist/firebreather Rothenberger and 4-string undulationist Camphire and the Doom Gods answered by bestowing upon them the Archpriestess of Doom, Yoshiko Ohara. Vokillist Ohara's demo ("Spiral") became the basis for early musical collaboration. Songs were composed strictly on the last day of the Earth's existence, and high peaks of scorn were exhibited thusly... Read more

Bloody Panda - Coma
Pheromone, 2nd track.

Bloody Panda- Untitled
New York doom metal. From their album "Pheromone"

Vital Vinyl Vlog: Bloody Panda-Pheromone
Vital Vinyl Vlog: Bloody Panda-Pheromone - - - - - - Today it's raining...

Bloody Panda - Fever
Pheromone, 3rd track.

Bloody Panda - Ice
Pheromone, 4th track.

Bloody Panda - Circle & Tail
Bloody Panda Circle & Tail Kayo Dot/Bloody Panda Split (lyrics unavailable)