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Different Types of Blast Beats (with notation)
Today I show you all the different kinds of blast beats! Hopefully I got them all ;) Blast responsibly, and be sure to keep in touch with me below! Become my Patron...

200 - 310 BPM Blast Beats!
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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Blast Beats
Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit with blast beats and double bass drumming. Keep in touch with me below... Download ALL my songs and covers for $1:

The Truth about Blast Beats
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... Subscribe and Thumbs Up! Other Videos You'll Enjoy: If ShamWow Guy Sold Drums: Things Jazz Musicians Tell Their Drummers:...

Taught The Dog How To Blast Beat
Ohhh Yurrrrrr! This week I edited the first music video for my upcoming EP, saw a gastrointestinal specialist, and it seems my blast beats are rubbing off on the dog...Thank you for watching!...

[FREE] Don Q x A Boogie Type Beat 2017 - "Blast" (Prod. By @Shyheem_)
[FREE] Don Q x A Boogie Type Beat 2017 - "Blast" (Prod. By Shyheem) Download Beat Here: Email: [email protected] for exclusive inquiries Subscribe...

50 Shades Of Blast Beat : from simple variations to complex ones.
This video was premiered by Sick Drummer Magazine. Link to the notations + further informations about this video :

How To Start Playing Blast Beats!
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Charles Phily - BLAST BEATS (French / ENGLISH Subtitles !)
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Strange Blast Beat Technique Explained!
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For jamming, practicing, composing or whatever. - If you want to use this loop for commercial purposes just credit my YouTube channel. - Created with Guitar Pro, Cubase and EZDrummer....

How To Play Blast Beats? (Part 1/2 - The Basics)
This is the first part of the blast beat tutorial. In this video I give you some tips on how to play and learn different blast beat types. The audio samples in this video is the copyrighted...

Journey - Don't Stop Believing in Blast Beats
The Journey classic, Don't Stop Believing ... with blast beats and double bass. Ohhh yurrrrrr! Keep in touch with me below... Download ALL my songs and covers for...

Deck The Halls with Blast Beats
The title says it all. Many of you have asked for a christmas classic with blast beats, so here you go! :) Keep in touch with me below... Download ALL my songs and...

Blast Beat 310 Bpm
Blast Beat 310 Bpm Arconda Practice.

Drum Solo Blast Beat - Derek Roddy
Dont send me a pm, this is not me ! ;)

Blast Beat Piano
Wrote a piano tune based off of blast beats. Song is titled "Sunken Ships" and is on iTunes: or get the song, commentary,...

George Kollias, Blast Beat, drum lesson

BLAST BEAT and TITANIC funny fast drum cover
Funny Drum cover of Celine Dion's song My heart will go on from movie Titanic with blast beat. I added blast beat and fast drumming :) ↓↓↓↓↓ GEAR I USE: Roland TD-11KV:

230bpm Blast Beat - 10 Minutes straight
learn more about SINGLE STROKE MASTERY at We all hate wasting time behind the drumkit- I dont want to waste time to practice my endurance- and I dont want to practice speed...

Paramore - Misery Blast Beats
Paramore's Misery Business with blast beats and metal drumming. And yes I sped it up a tad :) Keep in touch with me below... Download ALL my songs and covers for $1:...

Evanescence - Bring Me To Blast Beats
Bring Me To Life with BLAST BEATS! Keep in touch with me below... Download ALL my songs and covers for $1: Facebook:

300 BPM Blast Beats!
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Lord Marco - 420 BPM blast beat A quick tutorial on how to achieve a 420 BPM blast beat WITHOUT using the Switch Blast Technique (alternating hand/flam blasting)(i.e. Archspire, rings of Saturn,...etc......

Smoke On The Blast Beats
Smoke On The Water with blast beats and double bass. BRUTAL! What other songs should I blast along to? Keep in touch with me below... Download ALL my songs and covers...

Amorphis - Mission Blast Beat - drum cover
Does YOUR BAND want a DRUM's a good advertisement. Write to me on FB. ○ MAKE MONEY with YouTube: ↓↓↓↓↓ GEAR I USE: Triangle:

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blast Beats
Elton John with blast beats and double bass. Brutal. If you want me to do more videos like this, leave a suggestion in the comments :) Keep in touch below... Download...

Standards in Metal Drumming 2016 - Blast Beats at 300BPM
Learn my hand-technique here: In this video I use the switch-grip technique exclusively... for more info about my hand technique go to www.marthyn.n...

Rihanna "Diamonds" (Heavy Metal Blast Beat Drum cover)
Настоятельно советуем убрать от экранов детей, беременных женщин и людей со слабой психикой, а то вдруг...

Derek Roddy: Blast Beats Evolved - Blast Beat Lesson
Check out a lesson from Derek Roddy's DVD "Blast Beats Evolved". Here Derek gives some examples of basic blast Beats. For more information on this video - check out!

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