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China Loading Theme
China Loading Theme ingame name: dashrotgunman.

Battlefield 4 Soundtrack - Legacy Operations (Dragon Valley 2015 Theme)
For the record, I have NOT made this piece nor hold any rights to it.

Battlefield 2 - OST China Loading Theme

Battlefiled 2 PLA/CHINESE ARMY Theme 10 Hours
Play this if your gonna use the PLA in Battlefield 4 *DICE!! Y U NO PUT THIS AS LOADING THEME FOR CHINA?!* Battlefield is owned by DICE Credit goes to Stormtrooprer for the original video.

MEC Loading Theme
MEC Loading Theme ingame name: dashrotgunman.

Battlefield 2 Music Chinese Army Theme
the music of battlefield 2 (china loading theme)

Battlefield 2 - Chinese Theme
La song del caricamento della mappa dei Cinesi (DragonValley) in Battlefield2 solo chitarra, manca un po di bonghetto, XD Quella originale è seria!

Battlefield 2 China Theme
Battlefield 2 China Loading Theme.

BF2 Armored Fury Theme
cool little song from the Armored Fury booster pack.

Battlefield 2 Soundtrack - China Loading Theme
Battlefield 2 Soundtrack - China Loading Theme.

Battlefield 2 Main Theme - High Definition
This is the Battlefield 2 Main Theme actually its not the Intro Theme as you may thought. Orig. 1942 Theme by Joel Eriksson Re-composed by Ian Livingstone (as far as I know) And before people...

Battlefield 2 Soundtrack - China Win
Battlefield 2 Soundtrack - China Win.

US Loading Theme
US Loading Theme (only in Amored Fury). ingame name: dashrotgunman.

Project Reality v 1.2 - Chinese Loading Theme
The chinese loading theme from PR 1.2. One of my favorites. Copyrights belong to respective owners, not me.

Battlefield 2 - 04. China Loose
Battlefield 2 - original soundtrack by David Tallroth Tracklist: 01. Menu Music 02. China Loading 03. China Win 04. China Loose 05. US Loose 06. US Win 07. MEC Win 08. MEC Loose 09. MEC Loading.

Battlefield 2: China ◄Theme Song►
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BF2 China (A Battlefield 2 "Dance Mix") by "DJ" Munenushi
Excited about the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2, I was playing some Battlefield 2 at the time, I've always loved the music from it. I found China's theme to be particularly leaning...

Battlefield 2 - OST MEC Loading Theme

BF2 China Theme Remix
The remix is not mine. I found it from Project Reality mod v.0909 music files. Download:

Battlefield 2 Chinese PLA theme
This is the theme/loading music of Battlefield 2 for the Chinese People's Liberation Army side.

Battlefield 1943 Theme (HD Full Version) SUBSRIBE The Full Version of the 1943 Song performed by Ian Livingstone.

Battlefield 2 Music Chinese Army Theme
battlefield 2 chinese theme.

Far East ( with Battlefield 2 China Loading Theme)

BF2 Menu Theme
Menutheme Die überarbeitete Version. The edited version. ingame name: dashrotgunman.

Battlefield 2 music - China
Battlefield 2.

Battlefield 2 - Soundtrack - HD_Sound

Battlefield 2- China Defeat
Copyright EA.

Battlefield 2™: 02. China Loading Theme [Music]
Battlefield 2™. Music: 02. China Loading Theme. © 2005 Digital illusions CE AB. All Rights Reserved. Developer: DICE Publisher: EA Games Released: June 24, 2005 Genre: First-Person...

Battlefield 2 -China Theme (e-Tech r'work)*@Bf3*
make to riding rhythm music! Detected!!! Yeah reit, Babiee! ^^... *epic moments Battlefield 3 Campagne gaming*(i think so) Battlefield 2 + China Loading Theme! my demo dl:

Videospielmusik der Woche Teil 65: Battlefield 2 - China loading theme
Das Ladethema gegen chinesische Truppen aus Battlefield 2.

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