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Baba Nam Kevalam (Mantra)
Music: Soja -- I am Yours Baba means "my most beloved One", Nam means "name of" or "to identify with", and Kevalam means "only". The meaning of the mantra is "My most Beloved is the only One."...

Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan, The Upward Spiral, Soja
I do not own this. "We must support our artists" Sri Sri Anandamurti If you are touched, moved and uplifted by this kiirtan, please consider buying the album.

Baba Nam Kevalam......Kiirtan

Baba Nam Kevalam, Divyamshu, Kiirtan to heal and feel a broken heart
I do not own this. This utterly beautiful, accoustic kiirtan speaks for itself. If it moves you, perhaps consider buying the album? "We must support our artists" - Sri Sri Anandamurti: they...

Bàbànam Kevalam - Tutto è Infinito Amore. Chi non ha ancora ricevuto il proprio mantra personale può ripetere mentalmente il mantra universale in lingua sanscrita BABA NAM KEVALAM....

Babanam Kevalam. You are never alone. Soja. Spa.
"You Are Never Alone" Kirtan Podcast -- Episode 1 Baba Nam Kevalam-Love is all there is. This is a live recording of Liilamaya and jagatbandhu on March 24 2011

Kadangyan - Babanam
Ikatlong awit mula sa plakang Kadagyan [2002]

Baba Nam Kevalam - Purusha
A sample of 'Baba Nam Kevalam' from Purusha's debut album - Sounds of the Universe. For more information please visit us at Baba Nam Kevalam "Love is the essence of all things"...

Babanam Kevalam. Baba´s Children and Maleny School. Kirtan
BABANAM kEVALAM The whole Universe is an expression of Cosmic Consciousness. First Kirtan: Baba´s Children. Baba is a Sanskrit word meaning "Father". From the album "Grace", theme also called...

Baba Nam Kevalam !! New - Nuevo Kiirtan 2015 live in Brazil !!
Nueva Melodia de Kiirtan verano 2015 en Brasil !! New Kiirtan 2015 in Brazil !! ♡ ( para cursos y retiros escribir a : [email protected] ( Brasil ) y en Argentina : [email protected]

Baba Nam Kevalam Mantra Kirtan
More at or visit Meditation Center in Stuttgart. Mantra Singen jeden Sonntag in unserem Yoga-Zentrum Stuttgart. Mantra chanting (Kirtan) is a yogic practice...

Baba Nam Kevalam - Green by Soja
The meaning of Baba Nam Kevalam is Love is All there is. It is a Sanskrit Mantra which has subtle effects on our body, mind and spirit, connecting us to the Divine.


Kiirtan after Baba's video by dada Sadananda
01/01/2014. Barnaul jagrti.Lider vocal and acoustic guitar - dada Sadananda.

Madhumita- Indudevii & Akhanda Kiirtan (Baba Nam Kevalam)
A melodia deste kiirtan, foi criada por Indudevii e Akhanda (Curitiba, Brasil).

Beautiful spiritual mantra - The Bhaktas - Baba Nam Kevalam - Kundalini Kirtan
Please help us sharing this video in every way possible... Join us on FaceBook : Our official website : to Download this song: https://th...

Baba Nam Kevalam....Kiirtan

Baba Nam kevalam (432 Hz) ~ Mantra Universal
Mantra Universal "BABA NAM KEVALAM" (432 Hz) Baba Nam Kevalam significa (la traducción exacta del sanscrito): Baba: Padre Supremo Dios , Nam: "Nombre" o vibración ,Kevalam: Solamente...

Baba Nam Kevalam.....BLISSFUL KIIRTAN

Baba Nam Kevalam - Shivokti Kirtan
Baba Nam Kevalam - Kirtan given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. Shivokti's are teachings that were propagated by Lord Shiva, and later on re summarized by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Ji.

Baba Nam Kevalam - Celestial Kirtan (Mantra)
BABA NAM KEVALAM es sánscrito, una lengua que literalmente significa “la lengua perfecta” (“sans” perfecto, “krito”, lengua), “la lengua cumplida”, la lengua de los yoguis....

Baba Nam Kevalam .... Jyoshna - Kiirtan Complete Album (Sound of Silence)

Baba Nam Kevalam.....Kiirtana...

Baba Nam Kevalam Cosmic Melodies Full Album
Singers : Raja Banerjee, Shampa Banerjee, Nirmal Jadwani. Instrumentalist : Navneet Kaushal, Rajendra Sharma, Nirmal Jadwani. Ragas - Asawari, Kalawati, Bhairav, Kirwani, Shivranjani, Bilawal, Todi.

Baba Nam Kevalam....Kiirtan
This Siddha Mantra Kiirtan: BABA NAM KEVALAM is given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. Adopted from Album: Montana. Voice and Music by: Sojha.

A Divine Moment - Baba Nam Kevalam
A Divine Moment, this is a kiirtan given by the Marga Guru, Shrii shrii Ananda Murti, Baba Nam Kevalam - This means, only the name of the nearest and dearest person to your heart. Special thanks...

Baba Video - Baba Nam Kevalam
Video kiirtan of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. Highly devtional and touching video clips of Baba. Shot on June 2nd 1986.

Baba Nam Kevalam.....Kiirtan

Baba Nam Kevalam......Kiirtan

Baba Nam Kevalam....Kiirtan