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B4-4Artist info b4-4 is a Canadian boy band from Toronto, Canada. The band has 3 members: twins Ryan and Dan Kowarsky, and Ohad Einbinder. Although friends for several years, the group did not officially form until 1999. After spontaneously walking into Sony Records Toronto office, the group performed impromptu for Sony's A&R head and chief recording engineer... Read more

b4-4 "get down" music video
just the music video for "Get down" by B4-4, because noone else had it.

# 7 - B4-4 - Get Down (with lyrics)
enjoy ! LYRICS : I will be the one to love and comfort you from now until the day I die. I will take you places that you only think about when you're asleep at night. Let me take the time...

b4-4 - Go Go
The video for b4-4's smash 2000 hit, "Go Go".

Get Down - B4-4 (Acoustic Cover)
STREAM MY NEW ALBUM HERE... Today, The Whurstevers cover "Get Down" by B4-4, a band that was quite likely the inventors of Jersey Shore. Have you seen...

B4-4 - Get Down (Video On Trial) (Video on Trial: Spring Break (March 18th 2009) -:- with -:- Trevor Boris, Debra DiGiovanni, Laurie Elliott, Boomer Phillips & Trixx)

B44 - Get Down (metal cover)
Communicate, and I'll go under covers Going to make you cum tonight. OVER TTO MY HOUSE~

B4-4 Get Down Music Video
We did this as a joke, something to do when we were bored. Don't comment if you're going to be rude, that's not what we were looking for when we did this. Thank you! :)

b4-4 "get down" music video
just the music video for "Get down" by B4-4, because noone else had it.

B4-4 Get Down

B4-4 ft. Papa John - Get Down In The Trap (Trap Remix)
Papa's in the house. He will always be in the house. If you get down on me I'll get down on you. h3h3 Productions is gay: I've done worse and you...

"NightCore" B4-4 - Get Down ft GACHI
Follow me: Twitter: Twitch: I was bored. forsenC forsenGun FUCKING WEEBS (puke) WEEBS forsenGASM BAD GACHI BUT STILL GACHI I'm not...

BCC Sessions: Get Down (B44 Cover)
Session 3: Tess, Emma, Kevin, Colin, and the top of Trevor's head. The premise: Get random talented people together. Some who have never even met. Give them less than 3 hours to learn, arrange,...

Get Down - B4-4 With Lyrics
I will be the one to love and comfort you From now until the day I die I will take you places that you only think About when you're asleep at night Let me take the time to understand And...

B4-4 Get Down (BASS BOOSTED)
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# 4 - B4-4 - Go Go (with lyrics)
enjoys !! LYRICS : Jay! James! Roll tape I'm ready to roll! Here I am (It's...) It's Friday night (Ah...) I'm feelin' good (Good...) The time is right There you come (Right...)...

B4-4 Get Down 420 Slowed Down

Get Down - OG PALTA
Online Marketing/Promo done by Royal Media Entertainment (INDIA). "Get Down" is the second single off of OG Palta's debut album "Dreams Turned into Nightmares." Recorded, Mixed, Mastered...

B4-4 - Get Down (Earrape edition)
This is a parody... Song is not mine.

B44 - Get Down
Tech Project. We did it the day before it was due and somehow I got perfect?

B44 - Get Down (Drum Cover)
This is one of those songs that is just goddamn happy. How the subject matter made it past so many parents and into their young daughters' CD players, I'll never know...

How the b4-4 "Get Down" Music Video Should Have Gone

me dancing to b4-4 get down
this me dancing like a fool.

B4-4 Get Down Cover
Recorded at 5:03 AM courtsey D3 Late Night Crew.

Get Down B44
music video props to Dpop Crew for introducing us to this song!

B4-4 - Get Down [Angry Piano Cover Version]

Ethan Joins a 90s Boy Band [SONG]
original video

Blue Dream - Get Down [Music Video]
Find Blue Dream - -----------------------------------------...

B4-4 - Get Down

b4-4 - get down (only actual cover)
b4-4 get down - cover ft. DVO.

Get Down - Tonal Ecstasy (B44 cover)
Tonal Ecstasy presents: In the Spotlight - April 7, 2013 @ Petit Campus The TX BOYS performing "Get Down" by B44 Arr. Ted Littlemore Tenor - Sean Hardin Baritone - Kevin Ah-Sen, Connor Lowman...