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蕭亞軒Artist info Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒), born August 24, 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan, is a Taiwanese pop singer, dancer, and model.She speaks and writes fluent English, due to having lived for a year or two during her highschool years in Vancouver, BC, Canada. While in Vancouver, she entered the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition 1998 with her birth name of 蕭雅之. She became one of the 12 finalists but did not place in the top 5... Read more

蕭亞軒 Elva Hsiao - 愛的主打歌 ( 官方完整版MV)
收錄於2002年8月《愛的主打歌.吻》專輯蟬聯G-MUSIC風雲榜五週銷量冠軍[ ♬ 數位音樂平台& 實體購買] ---------------------...

Elva perform "ai de zhu da ge"
Cool performance,check it out!

Elva Hsiao 綜藝大哥大_2

Elva - 愛的主打歌 (Ai de Zhu Da Ge) Cover by Me
Song by Elva Hsiao, cover by me. I'm not Chinese but I did take Mandarin all four years of high school.

爱的主打歌 Ai De Zhu Da Ge by Amanda
Amanda, one of our Artistes at Music Garage, performs the song at *scape. If you are interested in the Artiste training programme we have at Music Garage, visit now or...

00'Ting singing Ai de zhu da ge
This is 00'Ting singing Ai de zhu da ge but in between as usually 00'ER just make 00'Ting laugh and.

爱的主打歌 Ai De Zhu Da Ge (DJ Smurf Remix) - Elva Hsiao (PREVIEW)

Ai De Zhu Dage (Happy Hiccup)- Show Luo- English Subbed
This is the song about the Hiccup that we all love. Due to some complaints and requests, I re-edit and re-uploaded this video. Hope this is better. Thanks for watching.

Ai De Zhu Xuan Lu - The Melody of Love English Subbed
愛的主旋律, or the Melody of Love is sung by Genie Zhuo (Chuo) Wen Xuan and Xiao Gui. This is English subbed by me. Please enjoy ^_^

Wanting 曲婉婷 - 我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song) [Trad. Chinese] [Official Music Video]
Download the music video at iTunes: "我的歌聲裡You Exist In My Song" (Traditional Chinese Subtitles) [Official Music Video] - Lyrics, music, performed by Wanting....

Elva Hsiao 綜藝大哥大

蕭亞軒 ~ 愛的主打歌 (Popu Lady大元 生日版)
送給Popu Lady大元祝福大元生日快樂.

小苹果 Xiao Ping Guo [My Little Apple] - Shaun Gibson
Hi guys! This is my English version of Little Apple. Hope you like it! You can search my name 'Shaun Gibson' on Twitter, Weibo, Douban, and Facebook to hear more music, or click the links below....

祝你一路顺风 钟明秋
祝你一路顺风( I Wish You Bon Voyage ) - 钟明秋( Zhongming Qiu ) 那一天知道你要走我们一句话也没有说na yi tian zhi dao ni yao zou wo men yi ju hua ye mei you...

Ai De Zhu Chang Xiu Show Luo
Ai De Zhu Chang Xiu Show Luo.

Ai De Zhu Xuan Lu w/ Lyrics
Ai De Zhu Xuan Lu.

Ktv part 1
just a simple video we made at ktv singing get high and ai de zhu da ge a lot of laughing and weird weird moves....(singing maynot be very good...sorry)

Cao Feng - Qin Ai de Xiao Hai (亲爱的小孩)
Documentation : Song : Qin Ai De Xiao Hai Original Singer : Su Rui Covered by : Cao Feng PRODUCTION : KEVIN Music Studio (Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Video Clip) Type Video Clip : Professional...

PHONIX LEGEND - Zui xuan min zu feng (最炫民族风) [SUB ESPAÑOL]

Lao Shu Ai Da Mi 老鼠爱大米 Pinyin Translated Lyrics
Download MP3 Link:

Ai De Zhu Xuan Lv-With Singapore Fan
At K Union. Genie Zuo singing Ai De Zhu Xuan Lv with a Singaporean fan.

Angela Zhang 張韶涵 - Yin Xing De Chi Bang 隐形的翅膀
Angela Zhang - Zhāng Shàohán 張韶涵- Yin Xing De Chi Bang 隐形的翅膀- Invisible Wings 每一次都在徘徊孤單中堅強mei yi ci dou zai pai huai gu dan zhong jian qiang...

JJ Lin- Qi Dai Ai (With Pin Yin Lyrics)
LYRICS: My life yi zhi zai deng dai kong dang de kou dai xiang zai li mian fang yi fen ai why zong shi bei da bai zhen de hao wu nai qi shi wo shi shi zai zai bu guan shuai bu shuai xiang...

Kevin Chensing 父親 [Fu Qin]
父親[Fu Qin] 歌手: Kevin Chensing 編曲: Kevin Music Studio 錄音& MV : Kevin Music Studio 总是向你索取Zong Shi Xiang Ni Suo Qu 却不曾说谢谢你Que Bu Ceng...

Ni Yao De Ai Lyrics - Meteor Garden F4 - Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si
Meteor Garden Tagalog is back in the Philippines Ni Yao De Ai Lyrics - Meteor Garden F4 - Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si Meteor Garden OST Meteor Garden...

蕭亞軒 Elva Hsiao Vancouver
Vancouver GM Place 2008.

Liang Zhi Hu Die (两只蝴蝶) --- Me Painting
This video is made by some of my drawings and first time using Ulead VideoStudio. This software made me crazy when I was installing it. Luckily I have many warmhearted friends and finally solved...

Elva Summer 2007
Elva's Concert In Taiwan 2007.

Elva . You Make Me Wanna

Yi Ge Ren De Jing Cai