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AC/DCArtist info AC/DC is an Australian rock band formed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in December 1973 by Angus and Malcolm Young. Their albums have sold in colossal numbers; the total is now estimated at well over 200 million copies worldwide, with the 1980 album Back In Black selling over 21 million in the US alone and 40+ million worldwide, making it, according to statistics, one of the best selling albums in the world, outsold only by Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', and tied with Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'. Their newest album released in 2008 entitled Black Ice is critically acclaimed even ahead of its release. The band has had two distinctive lead singers, and fans tend to divide its history into the "Bon Scott era (1974-80)" and the "Brian Johnson era (1980-present)"... Read more

AC/DC- Gimme a Bullet
AC/DC's "Gimme a Bullet" from the album Powerage, owned by AC/DC and their record label and their copyright. No infringement intended. All rights go solely to their respective owners. Lyrics:...

AC/DC Powerage - Gimme A Bullet
AC/DC Powerage - Gimme A Bullet Lyrics: She had the word Had the way The way of letting me know She knew the game Called the play Oh she hit me low She said now you go your way And I'll go...

AC/DC's "Gimme A Bullet" SoloDallas Cover (And SoloDallas' Solo)
Second video in the Tone Debunk Series, thanks to the Schaffer-Vega Diversity Unit. For details please:

AC/DC - Gimme a Bullet [Official Audio]
Powerage is an album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC. It was the band's fourth internationally released studio album and the fifth to be released in Australia. It was also the first AC/DC...

AC/DC Gimme a Bullet
Bon Scott – lead vocals Angus Young – lead guitar Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals Phil Rudd – drums.

'Gimme A Bullet' AC/DC Guitar Tutorial [Malcolm]
A lesson on how to play Malcolm Young's guitar part on AC/DC's 'Gimme A Bullet'

Gimme A Bullet To Bite On Live (Bon Scott Tribute Show)

AC DC - Gimme A Bullet HQ
HQ Sound :D -Video Upload powered by

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet
AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet from the Powerage album. She had the word Had the way The way of letting me know She knew the game Called the play Oh she hit me low She said, "Now you go your...

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet (Sub. en galego)
Letra orixinal: She had the word had the way the way of letting me know she knew the game called the play she hit me low said now you go your way I'll go mine and that's the start doctor,...

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet (with lyrics)
Lyrics: Thanks for checking out our videos and site!

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet Full Band Cover
The Band: Lead guitars and video edit: Călin, Romania Drumms: Luis, Mexico Bass guitar : Cesare, Italy...

AC/DC House Band: Gimme A Bullet Collaboration HD
Full band cover of "Gimme A Bullet" from AC/DC's "Powerage" album, featuring musicians from Argentina, Canada, USA and UK. This video should not be copied, downloaded, or modified by anyone....

Gimme A Bullet - AC/DC (Cover with solo)
Not my best by a long way; but I was asked when I was going to do more DC.... and was the first one which came to mind and the easiest to play! I hope you enjoyed the video as well as the improvisi...

AC/DC Gimme A Bullet UK Version HD
Ripped From Vinyl: The Original 10 Track European Edition Of Powerage. The UK Edits Have A Much More Raw and Heavy Sound Than The Album You Can Buy On CD Today.With Different Mixing and...

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet
AC/DC - Powerage 1978, produced by Vanda and Young for Albert Productions All titles M. Young, A. Young and B. Scott Tracks: 1. Rock n Roll Damnation 2. Down Payment Blues 3. Gimme A Bullet...

BON The AC/DC Show 'Gimme A Bullet'
BON The AC/DC Show 'Gimme A Bullet'

BON SCOTT TRIBUTE - DC/79 Gimme A Bullet @ Moses Gate
DC/79 "Gimme A Bullet" Live at Moses Gate Farnworth Bolton on 21st October 2011.

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet (Collaboration Cover)
Wassuupp duders and dudettes?? Another one with old footage, used for a collaboration ;) This time,Dave, aka LetThereBeVinyl unthusiaticly asked me about doing it, so wie did ;) He did all...

AC/DC "Gimme A Bullet": Retuned A-440 Version
Hi! For all of you Guitar+Bass Jammers...The whole "Powerage" songs in A-440. ALL of the songs are not in proper pitch...(Except for "Kicked In The Teeth") If you are tuned to 440, you can't...

AC DC - Gimme a Bullet (tradução)

AC DC Gimme A Bullet backing track

AC/DC Gimme A Bullet with Lyrics in Description
Track 3 from their fourth album “Powerage” released in 1978, copyright Atlantic Records. It's my favourite of theirs and achieved Platinum status in 1990. Recorded good and loud from...

AC/DC - Gimmie A Bullet
From Powerage original UK vinyl pressing 1978.

Thunderstruck - Gimme A Bullet
Performing at the Southland Ballroom in Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday August 8, 2015. Thunderstruck is rock 'n roll at its best. Lead guitarist Jeff Young provides the unmistakable...

AC/DC-Bass cover-Gimme a Bullet 1978
All'amico Massimo grande appassionato della band dedico questa chicca. Tratto dall'album degli AC/DC Powerage 1978.

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet
Song "Gimme A Bullet" from the "Powerage" album. AC/DC : * BON SCOTT † - Vocals * Angus Young - Lead Guitar * Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar * Cliff Williams - Bass Guitar * Phil Rudd - Drums.

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet Cover
off the powerage album.

AC/DC - Gimme A Bullet Guitar Cover (Rhythm)
Rhythm guitar cover of AC/DC's Gimme A Bullet, from the 1978 Powerage album. This is the same part that I recorded for the AC/DC House Band version of the song back in September last...

AC/DC Gimme A Bullet
Didn't really intend on doing this until someone came up with the idea of doing it and putting a small solo on it, Thanks Jase ;-) Anyways another classic tune from the Powerage Album (My Favourite... | | | | | | | | | | | | | | nas half man half amazing | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |