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Moseka (Youlou Mabiala) - Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz 1975-6
Very strong performance by Youlou Mabiala, with Josky Kiambukuta, Michèl Boyibanda and Lola Chécain, possibly Wuta Mayi.

Motema Na Ngai Television

Youlou Mabiala, Verckys Kiamungana & Le T.P. O.K Jazz (Congo Brazza): Molengo 2000
Youlou Mabiala and his Ok Jazz in this lovely night Rumba please don't forget to subscribe. Vocals: Youlou Mabiala, Tapis Malonga, JP Lola, Marius Guitar Soloist: Souza Vangou Guitar Mi-Solo:...

Youlou Mabiala, Verckys & Le T.P. O.K. Jazz (Congo Brazza): Le Verdict 2000
From the album "Le Verdict" (2000) CD. By that time Youlou Mabiala released his previous album "Infraction" (1998) with the departure of vocalist Bola Bolithe and bass guitarist Austry Lukengo...

Ndoyi Ya Ba Soucis

Youlou Mabiala avec L'Orchestre Kamikaze Loningisa - Djeliba (1986)
Youlou was BIG both inside and outside of Franco Luambo's TPOK Jazz ( OK Jazz). This is one of my favorites (there are many) by Prince Youlou Mabiala. From Ronald on

Bondowe ll
Mayaula Mayoni.


Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningisa- Tubela 1986
It is a classic song that we got some fun from Elba Kuluna (future Bana OK Star). Elba Kuluna and Youlou Mabiala had their great moments together.

Sentiment Ekoti Nzube

Prince Youlou Mabiala.

Youlou Mabiala- Mongali 1981
Another song that shows the voice of Youlou Mabiala. He sounds so perfect as a person. Perfect man. Greater we have the voices of Youlou Mabiala and late Djo Mpoy. These two men sound so perfect...

Youlou Mabiala & Loningisa Kamikaze Sotexco

Youlou Mabiala, Likinga Redo (RIP) & Le T.P. O.K. Jazz (Congo Brazza): Princesse Ada 2000
Vocals: Youlou Mabiala, Likinga Redo (RIP), Tapis Malonga, JP Lola Guitar Soloist: Souza Vangou (RIP) Guitar Mi-Solo: Rocky Hobiska Guitar Rhythm: Selemani Kazanga Guitar Bass: Yves Mbambi...

Youlou Mabiala & Le T.P. O.K. Jazz (Congo Brazza): Tonton Charles 1996
Vocals: Youlou Mabiala, Toupi Toukala, JP Lola, Bebi Babo Guitar Soloist: Daniel 6000 Guitar Mi-Solo: Rocky Hobiska Guitar Rhythm: Andy Selemani Guitar Bass: Austry Lukengo Drums: Jean...

Youlou Mabiala/Kamikaze Longingisa: Potpourri Medley (1992: Rumba Soukous!)🎉🎶🎤🎸🎧
This medley consists of tracks: Sagesse, Nsona, Papy, and Kumbe Kumbe. Vocals: Youlou Mabiala, Rossy, Paolo, Tapis, Agis Solo Guitar: Souza Vangou (RIP) Mi-solo Guitar: Dercy Mandiangu Rhythm...

Youlou Mabiala & Loningisa Kamikaze Na Yini Kolinga
Comp:Serge Nlemvo Année:1980.

Ilumbe (Youlou Mabiala) - T.P. O.K. Jazz 1980
Le Prince in his first recording with le T.P. O.K. Jazz since he left (in 1977) in 1980, possibly early 1981. Vocals: Youlou Mabiala, Josky Kiambukuta, Ndombe Opetum and Lola Chécain or Lukoki...

Zaire # 1 - Franco & Le TP OK Jazz

Youlou Mabiala & Le T.P. O.K. Jazz (Congo Brazza): Oleta 2000
A remix from the late 70s hit Helene. Vocals: Youlou Mabiala, Tapis Malonga, JP Lola, Bebi Babo, Marius Guitar Soloist: Souza Vangou Guitar Mi-Solo: Rocky Hobiska Guitar Rhythm: Selemani...

Youlou Mabiala Et Kamikaze Loningisa - Racha
African Music.

Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningisa- Sentiment Ekoti Nzube 1982

Youlou Mabiala & Loningisa Kamikaze Mimina
Comp:Youlou Mabiala Année:1987.

Armand haas...Youlou Mabiala- M'bata

Armand haas...Youlou Mabiala- Poupée fragile

Armand haas...Youlou Mabiala & OK JAZZ - Kacha

MARIO (música original de Franco- TP ok Jazz) Teclas e perc ligeira; Dj Manya Guitarras; Alex Samba Baixo; Benjamin Coroc; Milas Arranjos; Dj Manya.