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Within the RuinsArtist info Recognizing the talent and passion of Massachusetts natives, WITHIN THE RUINS, it’s no wonder Victory Records added them to its growing roster. This quintet is armed with a unique take on blending technology and metal together to write music that sets their band apart from the numerous metal bands today. WITHIN THE RUINS have mastered their technique of bringing breakdowns, riffs, tempo and a dash of personality together in order to form one cohesive entity. The development of WITHIN THE RUINS first began in 2002... Read more

Within The Ruins - Ivory Tower
All rights belong to Within The Ruins. Track 8/11 of the new album "Halfway Human" (2017) Lyrics: False gods! There are more criminals among us. Than behind cold prison walls. They stand on...

Within The Ruins - 'Halfway Human' (Album Stream)
All rights belong to Within The Ruins & eOne Music US. (2017) Get 'Halfway Human':

Within The Ruins - Objective Reality
Objective Reality” was directed by Justin Reich Get "Objective Reality" when you preorder 'Halfway Human' on iTunes - Follow Within The Ruins: Instagram...

Within The Ruins - "Feeding Frenzy" Play-through
Pick up the album! 'Elite' in-store and on iTunes: Joe Cocchi of Within the Ruins doing a play-through of their new single "Feeding Frenzy"

Within The Ruins - Making of Halfway Human part 3
Pre-order "Halfway Human" here: Good Fight Music / MerchNOW: All In Merchandise:

Within The Ruins | Ataxia III Guitar Cover [HD]
This is my guitar cover of "Ataxia III" by Within The Ruins. This song is an absolute MONSTER and is by far one of the most challenging songs I've ever attempted to learn! Gear used: -Schecter...

[Double Video] The Other & Ivory Tower - Within the Ruins {Request}
"Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools...

Within the Outbreak - Never Enough(Ft. Tyler Brown of LadyKiller)
Produced and mastered by Matt Allan and Featuring Tyler Brown both of Ladykiller.

Hatriot - Heroes Of Origin 2013
The 1st album of master Zetro's band! Downloadable at

Within The Ruins - Absolution (Lyrics in description)
DISCLAIMER*** I do not own this song. All rights reserved to the band and lable. I just want to share this song and lyrics in this description. FOLLOW THIS BAND ON SOCIALS! Song taken...

Meshuggah - MonstroCity (Dual Guitar Cover + TAB w/ Solo)
Meshuggah / MonstroCity / Nuclear Blast PANGAEA Music: Facebook: Merch: Spotify: https://open.spotify...

Before The Murder - Ruins (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Before The Murder - Ruins (2010)

Within The Ruins - Objective Reality | 'Halfway Human' 3.3.17
Limited Edition Bundle Packs Good Fight Music / MerchNOW: All In Merchandise: Digital Preorder Get "Objective Reality" instantly...

Within The Ruins - Ataxia IV (Halfway Human 2017)
I don't own anything.All rights reserved to Within The Ruins. Band: Within The Ruins Album:Halfway Human Year: 2017 Genere: Progressive/Melodic Deathcore 01. Shape Shifter 02. Death of the...

Desolator - Illusions of Grandeur (death metal, Sweden, 2016)
Download Desolator music: Follow Desolator: Desolator is an old school death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden...

Within The Ruins - tractor pull ( ChocoSlayc cover )
Like my bands !

With One Last Breath - Down the Darkest Road
A brand new post hardcore band with an awesome song !! Rate and Comment.

Within The Ruins - Objective Reality
Get "Halfway Human" here: Official "Objective Reality" stream: Within The Ruin's official...

Within the Ruins - Halfway Human Album review.
Oh hell, do we have an amazing album coming out today. Within the Ruins' new album, Halfway Human just released today. Check out what my thoughts are and let me know what you guys thought of...

Through Arteries - This Is Just The Beginning... (EP) (2012) - Breakdowns
Sick breakdowns from This Is Just The Beginning... EP by Through Arteries band! Post-Hardcore / Electronic Breakdown List: 0:00 Welcome To The Show...

Within The Ruins - Fading Light
from their very first EP that came out in 2006.

[Nightcore] Omen - Epica {Request}
Here's a cool anime pic to go along with some kickass music! ✌ ♥ *****************************************************************************************************...

Ivory Tower - A Distant Light
Progressive power metal from Germany Album: Ivory Tower Year: 1998 Lineup: Andre Fischer: vocals Sven Böge: guitar Stephan Laschetzki: bass Thorsten Thrunke: drums Stephan Machon: keyboards...

Desolator - Spawn of Misanthropy (old school Death Metal, EP, 2016, Sweden)
Download the EP for free: Follow Desolator: "Spawn of Misanthropy" is the new EP from swedish death metal band...

Within The Ruins - Calling Card
This was recorded on the Tomorrow We Die Alive Tour on November 1, 2014 at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA.

Adept - The Ivory Tower(Cover)
This is a guitar cover of The Ivory Tower song. There are some mistakes. Please, let me know how to improve my technique and videos.

Fates Warning - Shades of Heavenly Death
Album: No Exit (1988)

Ivory Tower - Talk Trash To Me
uploaded in HD at

Splintered | Buried In Verona | Guitar Cover
Great new song from the shire boys in BIV, keen to see what they have install for the new album that drops next year! Equipment: Cort EVL Z-6 Line6 Podfarm Line6 UX1 D'daario 64 - 13 strings...

Unanimated - Oceans Of Time
From the album "Ancient God Of Evil" (1995). Amazing, underrated album, featuring Richard Cabezza (Dismember) on bass, Peter Stjärnvind (Entombed, Merciless) on drums. Lyrics: Like...

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