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WickedaArtist info The style of Wickeda is not that easy to describe.Their musical spectrum goes from ska to punk and from reggae to funk.It's the kind of mixtures that is incredibly energetic and that can only makes you dance.In Bulgaria Wickeda belong to the most well-known bands, rocking the stage for 12 years... Read more

Wickeda - A nie s Bobi piem kafe

Уикеда - Обичам

Wickeda - Спомени

Wickeda - Marianna / Уикеда-Марианна

Wickeda-Diana / Уикеда-Диана

Wickeda - Nyama da se dam
wickeda, уикеда, ska.

Wickeda - Viva la Revolucion

Wickeda - Byala tishina

Уикеда - Мариана
Облеклото е в стил ранни Red Hot Chili Peppers :)

wickeda ernesto che guevara ska

Wickeda - A Nie Dvamata S Bobi Piem Kafe (Ramadanman Refix)
sick remix by pearson sound aka ramadanman.

WICKEDA - Kapitana Kaza
A great song by a great band.

uikeda - pinokio

Wickeda - da ne bi da sum se pak oburkal
crossover power from Bulgaria.

Wickeda - Polu - Live in Sofia 2008
Wickeda @ Credit To The Nation LIVE 6, Sofia, Party Center 4KM, 18 May 2008.

Wickeda - О, любима
Любима, ела, завържи ме! Има камера, може дори и да снимаме. Нямаме време да се разтакаваме. Както вчера Росен...

uikeda mari-anna

WICKEDA - Spomeni - Live @ Tsvete za Gosho, Sofia June 2010

Wickeda - All You Need Is Love
От албума " 1618 "

Wickeda - Питам се, питам

uikeda - ernesto

Wickeda Live @Spirit of Bourgas Marianna
Най-доброто от най-добрите!

Wickeda - Diana
Уикеда - Диана от албума "Революция"

Samy Deluxe - Wickeda MC
Samy Deluxe - Wickeda MC Aus dem Album "Samy Delxue" Alle Rechte gehören EMI Electrola GMBH.

Wickeda - Сканархия & Break on through to the other side
Wickeda, Mixtape 5, 19.01.2013.

Wickeda - A nie dvamata s Bobi piem kafe - live in Rock Cafe, Prague
"A nie dvamata s Bobi piema kafe" by Wickeda performed live at a concert in Rock Cafe Prague, Czech Republic.

Uikeda - svatbi


[ Wickeda ] Уикеда - Уиски С Фъстъци

WICKEDA live @ club MAZE - 18.02.17
Повече информация за club MAZE /Перник/, фото галерия и клипове посетете нашата Интернет страница и facebook

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