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Yuzuki Yukari - Meltdown
Lyrics:kuma Songwriting:iroha(sasaki) vsq: Sango312 edit by me mp3:

[Yuzuki Yukari] Meltdown VOCALOID 3
Cover song by: Yuzuki Yukari Vocaloid 3 Original Song: Rin Kagamine MP3: Copyright AHSoft.

【Yuzuki Yukari】 Meltdown (Music Box ver.) 【VOCALOIDカバー】
I'm really proud of this cover~ Original song: sm8089993 Hatsune Miku cover: ...

VOCALOID3: Yuzuki Yukari - "E.D.E.N" [HD]
Details/Information: Music Artist: Ryo Album: ALL VOCALOID ATTACK #1 Track: 01 - "E.D.E.N" Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari Illustration: ...

[Yuzuki Yukari] Hello How are You [Vocaloid 3]
Original song by: Hatsune Miku Cover song by: Yuzuki Yukari Artwork: MP3: ...

Yuzuki Yukari - Paranoia
Song & Lyrics: つなまる/めざめP (Tsunamaru/Mezame-P) vsq: neuphia edit and by me mp3:

Goodbye Chainsaw (English Sub)~ Yuzuki Yukari
Translation and link to original video/MP3~ Requested by NightsWhiteWolf of YouTube. Upload Date: ...

[Vocaloid 3] Meltdown - Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, IA Rocks, And Yuzuki Yukari (Short Ver.)
Miku Dark - darkninjavn2011 - Yuzuki Yukari - darkninjavn2011 ...

【Yuzuki Yukari V4】Meltdown【VOCALOID Cover】
I did this weeks ago. This is a fail. Hear this at your risk. Here I used all her Appends. She's really good, but her Lin Append is too Sweet.

Yuzuki Yukari - From Y to Y
music by OneRoom (jimmy-thumb P) ust by SkyIsland21 edit by me mp3:

Yutsuki Yukari & IA - Rentica
Download MP3 from NicoNico: Mediafire: Download video from ...

Lost My Music - Yuzuki Yukari DL Mp3
i love her voice more and more everytime i use it :'3 DL Mp3 here - Enjoy!! :3 VSQ ...

Meltdown Vocaloid Mix
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the mix all Pictures videos songs and utau belong to their repective owners Download mp3: ...

[Vocaloid]Yuzuki Yukari - Last Night Good Night
Vocaloid: Yuzuki Yukari Soft: Vocaloid 3 VSQ by me Mp3:

【Yuzuki Yukari V4】Rolling Girl【VOCALOID4】
ローリンガール by wowaka VSQx: Circus-P Cover by breezevideos 結月ゆかり by AH-Software Co. Ltd. and Vocalomakets I used Yukari_Lin MP3/WAV download: ...

【Yuzuki Yukari x VY2】 Happy Synthesizer【Vocaloid】
Yukari + VY2 = Happy Synthesizer! I'm not really sure what the hell am I doing =3= I just tried to cover a song with Yukari and Yuuma. I think it's worth it.

『Yuzuki yukari』- Tell Your World orchestal ver+ Mp3
Wolas aqui yo jijij gomen por no subir covers o remix es que no avia tenido temo (ºwº) pero prometo ya subir mas ya tengo una larga lista de covers y un remix ...

Yuzuki Yukari - Tsukema Tsukeru DL Mp3
YAY I have Vocaloid3 !!!!! and Yuzuki Yukari :3 VSQ - Download the Mp3 here ...

[Yuzuki Yukari] PONPONPON [Vocaloid 3]
Original Song by: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Cover Song by: Yuzuki Yukari Copyright AH Software.

【Vocaloid 3】Yuzuki Yukari - Nee【Perfume Cover】
Music: Yasutaka Nakata Originally Sung: Perfume VSQx: Cheezitsareyummy Art: Found it on google :T MP3: I was ...

[yuzuki yukari & len kagamine] - Adolescence +MP3
wolas pues aqui ya mi 6to cover vocaloid (ºuº) y este cover es muy especial por que batalle para acomodar el audio y demas en fin espero y les guste aqui les ...

Yuzuki Yukari - Circus Monster
Vocaloid3: Yuzuki Yukari Song: Circus Monster.

[Yuzuki Yukari ] The Black Wings (黒いつばさ)
VSQX by me :D Original singer: Hatsune Miku Vocals by Yuzuki Yukari (結月ゆかり) mp3: VSQX (No edit): ...

【Yuzuki Yukari】 Yukari 【Original Song】
Happy birthday Yukari. □ Music,Arranged,Lyric,Mixing,by Yokomin □ Vocal Yuzuki Yukari & Yokomin □ Illust Gonmaru □ Video Chibigita □ Mastering ...

【IA · Yuzuki Yukari】 愛Dee 【VOCALOIDカバー】
Hey, this is a collab I did with one of my friends. IA's part was edited by me, and Yukari's part was edited by Hyurno. Hyurno channel: ...

【CUL ft. Yuzuki Yukari】 iNSaNiTY ReMiX 【vocaloid】
Original Song and picture by Circus-P Remix by GuitarHeroPianoZero Vsqx by NekoShey.

[Yuzuki Yukari] Black Rock Shooter [Vocaloid 3]
Black Rock Shooter Cover Song by: Yuzuki Yukari VSQ by: Sango312 Copyright AHSoft MP3:

【VOCALOIDカバー】Meltdown ~Music Box~【結月ゆかり】
VSQ by xXMachiiXx Yukari belongs to AHS Picture source: ...

[New Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari] - Voice sample/Demo (Vocaloid 3)
New Vocaloid!!! Name: Yuzuki Yukari Developer/Distributor: AH Software Release Date: December 22, 2011 Mp3 : ...

[VOCALOID](WIP) Yuzuki Yukari - Heart Moving (OST Sailor Moon) [VSQx+MP3 download]
[edit] When i finished this VSQx i'll upload VSQx file. EDIT2: if you want MP3 file this song you can download it here - . Just paste ...

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