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Vision DivineArtist info VISION DIVINE was born in 1998, originally intended as Olaf Thorsen's solo project (Labyrinth's guitarist at the time). Very soon he starts collaborating again with Fabio Lione (lead singer of Labyrinth on their first album "No Limits" and current frontman of Rhapsody of Fire) and the solo project rapidly turns into a real band, its name being a combination of "Vision" -old Labyrinth's monicker when Olaf created the band- and "Divine" -the title intended for Olaf's solo album. The line-up got completed with Mat Stancioiu (drums), Andrew Mc Pauls (keyboards) and Andrea Tower Torricini (bass). In 1999 their first studio album, self-titled "VISION DIVINE", is released and immediately becomes a huge hit... Read more

Vision Divine Vision Divine FULL ALBUM + REVIEW
Que tal amigos hoy les traigo una más de mis recomendaciones y la del día de hoy es de una banda de power metal que es muy buena, asi es que espero que ...

Vision Divine - Stream Of Consciousness 2004 - Full album
BAND: Vision Divine ALBUM: Stream Of Consciousness Release: 2004 Tracklist: 00:00 1. Stream Of Unconsciousness 00:57 2. The Secret Of Life 06:19 3.

Vision Divine - "Live" - Stage Of Consciousness Vision Divine - Stage Of Consciousness - "Bonus Live Tracks" A estréia desse do Vision ...

Vision Divine: The Perfect Machine [Full Album]
1. The Perfect Machine 07:58 Show lyrics 2. First Day of a Never-Ending Day 06:13 Show lyrics 3. The Ancestor's Blood 05:53 Show lyrics 4. Land of Fear 04:25 ...

Official Music Video! Listen to the album and order here: "Destination Set To Nowhere" is a ...

Vision Divine-La Vita Fugge
Lyrics: La vita fugge et non s'arresta una hora, et la morte vien dietro a gran giornate, et le cose presenti, et le passate mi danno guerra, et le future anchora; e 'l ...

Vision Divine - The Miracle (subtitulado esp.)
Vision Divine es una banda italiana de power metal progresivo formada en 1998 Vision Divine album Vision Divine: 1.-New Eden 2.-On the Wings of the Storm ...

Taken from the dvd "Stage Of Consciousness" * Michele Luppi - Vocals * Olaf Thorsen - Lead Guitar * Federico Puleri "Pule" - Rhythm Guitar...

Vision Divine The Whisper

Vision Divine - The Streets of Laudomia [Very High Quality]
The 6th track from 9 Degrees West Of The Moon.

Vision Divine-Out of The Maze
Lyrics: Finally light! Finally I'm free to run away... away from the night It was too much time Spent like a dead man walking by I finally can spread my wings No ...

Vision Divine - Send Me An Angel (2002) - [Album Completo/Full Album]
Country of origin:Italy Location:Massa, Tuscany Status:Active Formed in:1998 Genre:Power/Progressive Metal Lyrical themes:Religion, Life Current ...

Vision Divine - Send Me an Angel
This is the first Line-up from Vision Divine at Sala Prove... a Song taked from the Send me an Angel Album! Enjoy it!!

Vison Divine - Vision Divine (2012 Remake)
The 2012 remake of Vision Divine from the Limited Edition of "Destination Set to Nowhere".

Vision Divine - Heaven Calling + Ascension
From the album "The 25th Hour" © 2007 Scarlet Records Lyrics: [Heaven Calling] In the air I can only hear the freedom The night has gone Now I know my sins ...

Vision Divine - Violet Loneliness
Vision Divine Violet Loneliness 9 Degrees West of the Moon (2009) + + +Progressive Power Metal Guitar Italia Italy Labirynth Shred.

VISION DIVINE - Versions Of The Same
Taken from the dvd "Stage Of Consciousness" * Michele Luppi - Vocals * Olaf Thorsen - Lead Guitar * Federico Puleri "Pule" - Rhythm Guitar...

Vision Divine - A Touch of Evil (Judas Priest Cover) [Very High Quality]
The 10th track from 9 Degrees West Of The Moon.

Take on me-Vision divine (Aha)
Power metal.

Vision Divine - Versions of the Same
Band: Vision Divine Album: Stream Of Consciousness Year: 2004 Genre: Power - Progressive Metal Country: Italien (Italy)

vision divine - the final countdown(europe cover)
band:vision divine album: vision divine song:the final countdown(cover from the band europe ) lyrics: We're leaving today But still it's farewell And maybe we'll ...

Vision Divine - The 25th Hour [Full Album] POWER METAL / PROGRESSIVE METAL
Hello!! YouTube Music Promotion is Promotion media for a Band. So if your band want me to promote, please send me a message. Don't forget for buy original ...

VISION DIVINE - The Secret Of Life
Taken from the dvd "Stage Of Consciousness" * Michele Luppi - Vocals * Olaf Thorsen - Lead Guitar * Federico Puleri "Pule" - Rhythm...

Vision Divine - Secret of life [live]
Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) 16/07/2016 First show with Mike Terrana on drums.

Vision Divine Out of the Maze
Vision Divine - Out of the Maze from Stage of Consciousness DVD, - Scarlet records. You can find it on Ebay and in every music shop. Enjoy.

Vision Divine - Identities [With Lyrics]
Letra e Tradução Vision Divine Identities Album: Stream of Consciousness For you Dhelre...

Vision Divine - Message To Home
If I could take a piece of time and save it under glass To make it stay, to make it last forever If I could change my state of mind And freeze my thoughts like ice And ...

Vision Divine Forever Young

Vision Divine - Eagle Fly Free (Helloween Cover)
From Keepers of Jericho part I.

Vision Divine - Stage Of Consciousness - "Bonus Live Tracks"
A estréia desse do Vision Divine, com Michele Luppi nos vocais, aconteceu em "Stream of Unconsciousness", disco lançado em 2004 -- e que continuou em ...

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