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VinxArtist info Vincent D'jon Perette, known as Vinx, is musician and former athlete.Vinx attended Kansas State University on a track scholarship. In 1977, hate nearly took away Vinx’s athletic career and his life when racists burned down his house, along with the home of another black family living in his Kansas City suburb. Vinx was severely burnt by the fire... Read more

VINX "Improvisation" live @ Between the Beats Festival 2010
VINX "Improvisation" live @ Between the Beats Festival 2010.

Vinx quartet - Nature Boy - live at Trumpets Jazz Club, 2015
Vinx - vocals, djembe Scott Kinninson - drums Scott Kiefner - bass Leo Quintero - guitar.

Vinx - Please Come Back
Who says a percussionist needs a drum... 'Please Come Back' from Vinx' 3rd album Storyteller, performed live in an intimate setting in Duisburg, Germany ...

Vinx De'Jon Parrette "Ain't No Sunshine"
Vinx De'Jon Parrette performs live at the Soul Kitchen 2010.

Porchlight by Vinx
Vinx Song Porchlight, Saw him on tv in Grand Rapids live looking for that ver. of this song.

Vinx - Touch My Heart with The George Garanian Big Band Orchestra - Krasnodar, Russia
Touch My Heart.

Amma Whatt - You (feat. Vinx & Monet)
A Random Dap Production Featuring (in order of appearance): Nnedi Agyapon Amma Whatt Monet Akil Dasan Catherine O'Malley Audrey Hailes Vinx Kyla ...

Vinx - Don't Talk To Me Like That
Beautiful song by this immensely talented singer / musician....... BUY his music from : I bought his Grits / Pate disc from ...

"Obama Groove" by VINX @ musig-im-ochsen, Muri
musig-im-ochsen" präsentierte am DIENSTAG, 25. September 2012 um 20:30 im Saal des Hotel Ochsen in Muri das Vinx (USA) Die „One-Man-A-Cappella" ...

Vinx - Please Come Back - Live from Dreamsicle Arts Studio/Stage 2014
by Jean-Pierre Leduc Lunched Management & Booking.

Vinx | "Summertime" | CosmoJazz 2013 | HD
Vinx singing "Summertime" at CosmoJazz Festival 2013 The background noise is the nearby Trient glacier torrent...

VINX:voice&percussion Solo Live!.wmv
Vinx performing to a packed house in Hannover, Germany - German National Theater.

DrumSTRONG Vinx 2010

Breathe - M.Ure (VinX version)
Una nuova emozionante versione del video di Breathe di Midge Ure ambientato nelle incantevoli terre irlandesi e interpretato dai nostri migliori attori, per quello ...

VINX "Rump Pump Bo Day"
VINX voice & percussion A one-man a cappella show that sounds and feels like an entire band. In his current show, Pure Singers Soul Food, VINX serves up a ...

Vinx "Can't Stop"
Recorded live at The Riverwalk Cafe in Nashua NH 2015.

Vinx - Jungle Bells
From the Little Drummer Boy Album.

SILHOUETTE Feat. VINX Concert Teaser

Vinx, John Scofield, & the Brother's Groove
This clips host and iterview with John Scofield at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Vinx doing "Funny Valentine" at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and ...

Vinx - Christmas in Paradise
From the Little Drummer Boy Album.

VINX - "i should have told her" - Live in Chicago - 3/31/2012.
VINX - performing "i should have told her" llive in Chicago - 3/31/2012.

DJ Pacthu entrevista Vinx - 7º Aniversario RadioChango
DJ Patchu entrevista a Vinx en ocasión del 7º Aniversario RadioChango, el pasado 8 de marzo 2008. Vídeo realizado por Marta Pujol y retrasmitido en ...

Gio & Vinx - I Love You Always Forever [Donna Lewis]
Gaycoustic version of Donna Lewis' "I Love You Always Forever". This is my first attempt to edit video/audio so please bear with the editing part ...

TELEFUNKEN LIVE FROM THE LAB - Vinx - "My Funny Valentine" Executive Producer Toni Fishman Produced by Alan Veniscofsky Engineered & Mixed by Brendan Morawski Video filmed & edited by James ...

Cro Magnon. Vinx part 2 (Urban Chamber Music from Belgium)
Cro Magnon: Vinx part 2. An animated videoclip on a part of the composition "Vinx", hearable on the cd "Floww..." (release october 2017). Iwona Pom:video, Kaja ...

"Oh Child" - Acoustic Cover (performed by Vinx)
This is one of my fave songs ever: when I met my wife years ago I was still touring and constantly listening to this track cause I felt like it represented my emotions ...

VINX "Ugly Face"
VINX voice & percussion A one-man a cappella show that sounds and feels like an entire band. In his current show, Pure Singers Soul Food, VINX serves up a ...

Vinx Never Gonna Let You Go Shaker Village 6/3/12
Vinx at Canterbury Shaker Village on June 3, 2012.

Summertime - Vinx, Joander Santos and Old Fashioned Trio
Jam Session at "Irei Jazz Club" after the "Crimea International Jazz Festival" held on 13 and 14 November 2016. - Vinx Vocal - Joander Santos Guitar - Anton ...

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