Free Download Vienna Orchestral Strings, Spitfire Chamber Strings and 8Dio Adagio Violins (Strings Layering) mp3

Vienna Orchestral Strings, Spitfire Chamber Strings and 8Dio Adagio Violins (Strings Layering)
There are plenty of strings libraries in the world. This video shows how to make your own sound with them. The important thing is that just blending as many as possible does not always end...

In Action: Chamber Evolutions and Chamber Strings
Oliver shows both Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions and Spitfire Chamber Strings in this latest In Action, showing how the two libraries work together. Listen to the full track here - https://sou...

Spitfire Chamber Strings and Cinematic Studio Strings Ensemble patches - Layered
Followup to a previous video ( in which I tested each patch separately, but didn't think to layer them. This is the same chord progression with...

ORCHESTRAL STRINGS REVIEW SERIES: Spitfire Chamber Strings - First Look
Spitfire Chamber Strings Review and First Look by Designing Music NOW. The library is available at for £549. For more reviews, please visit

Dimension-Strings -- Chamber-Strings -- Comparison
Have Fun with this comparison of two VSL-Strings Libraries. I only used 4 different articulations: - Spiccato - Staccato - Detache short - Detache long I mixed the examples of course with...

James Horner | Teaching Mathematics Again (A Beautiful Mind) | Remake
A complete remake of a cue from "A Beautiful Mind" using virtual instruments. Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings & Albion Woodwind: Spitfire Audio Symphonic Woodwinds & Albion...

Epic Tip 1: Get HUGE Brass and Strings Layers
Brass and Strings Layers using: CUBASE 9.0.30 Used instruments in Kontakt 5.7.1: NI Orchestral Essential Project Sam OE 1 Orchestral Tools Metropolis ARK 1 Jasper Blunk 8Hrns https://www.face...

Create Rich, Full Strings with EWQLSO and Cinematic Strings
In this tutorial, I go over how to utilize your sampled MIDI string libraries at their best to create richer, fuller sounds that will enhance your compositions. I cover layering several libraries...

Cuarteto I 1mov SPITFIRE CHAMBER STRINGS #spitfireaudio

libraries layering

Vienna Chamber Strings I Test: Luca Francini - Dramatic Orchestra
Wanna use this track in your video trailer, tv commercial or game? You can buy a license (Standard or Broadcast) here on audiojungle:

[VSL] Solo Violin 2 Legato Play with Strings Complete
Finally, VSL has released a brand new product Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2. I've purchased VS2 without any demo, so this video might be a little help for those who may concern. For quick...

Chamber Strings Spitfire Audio
Chamber Strings Spitfire Audio Performance Legato and decorative techniques SPITFIRE CHAMBER STRINGS SMALL & DETAILED STRINGS "Small can be more beautiful. 16 of the finest string players,...

Spitfire Presents: Spitfire Chamber Strings
Small can be more beautiful. 16 of the finest strings players, playing the finest instruments via the finest signal path in The Hall at Air Studios, London. A super deep-sampled encyclopaedia...

Mixing with Vienna Orchestral Strings and MIR Pro
Film produced by Gunnard Doboze Music produced/composed and mixed by Gunnard Doboze.

Chamber Strings Spitfire audio
Spitfire chamber strings.

Chamber Strings V1.5 Demo - 'Envision'
Composed by Paul Stapley using Light and Sound Chamber Strings. © 2016 Light and Sound Ltd. All rights reserved.

Emotional Instrumental Music - Arrival - Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Evolution
Here is my latest celtic music video: "Celtic music for sleep - Frozen Winter | One hour of celtic music " --~-- I love the film Arrival and especially...

Quick Look 2: Orchestral Swarm
Homay takes us through her simple creations for our latest Orchestral Swarm Teasers. Learn more - Quick Look 2: Orchestral Swarm -...

Spitfire Solo Strings TestDrive - Amazing!
Trying Spitfire Solo Strings for a second day. Amazing! Inspiring! You can download full composition and many other tracks from

Vienna Symphonic Library - Synchron Strings Part 2 | proSESSIONS at Westlake Pro
Unlock the authenticity and feel of real human string players with all new technology and techniques from Vienna Symphonic Library - Synchron Strings I. Whether you're an aspiring music...

Appalachian Spring Intro Mockup (featuring Sable and Bohemian Violin)
Just an excerpt of the first bits of Copland's Appalachian Spring. The instruments are Spitfire with the exception of a sprinkling of Berlin Strings First Chairs and the Bohemian Violin.

My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 3
The third piece in the "My Computer is a 1950s orchestra" series. A complete re-make of Edward White's famous composition "Puffin' Billy" (1952), realised with virtual instruments. Sounds...

VSL Synchron Strings 1 - 2nd violins articulations
In this video, I created a simple 2-octave pattern to demonstrate what all 22 2nd violins articulations from VSL Synchron Strings 1 sound like. I added the default VSL algo reverb and a slight...

Spitfire VS 8dio VS EWQL Hollywood VS Symphonic Legato Viola Section
Let me know if you are interested in more compare / contrast videos and what you'd like to see me do differently next time. Played series of semi-random intervals and rhythms to hear how different...

Chamber Strings V1.5 Demo - 'Without a Name'
Composed by Paul Stapley using Light and Sound Chamber Strings. © 2016 Light and Sound Ltd. All rights reserved.

Alan Silvestri | Billy (Predator) | Remake
Just been doing Mike Verta's Alan Silvestri master class, so decided to do a complete re-make of one of his cues from "Predator" (1987). It's realised with (mostly) virtual instruments. Sounds...

The Chamber Strings - Beautiful You
The Chamber Strings song "Beautiful You" from the critically acclaimed album 'Month Of Sundays', released in 2001 on Bobsled Records. Written by Kevin Junior. Recorded in Chicago, summer 2000....

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme "Performance Legato" Spitfire Chamber Strings
Spirfire Chamber Strings Performance Legato Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme [on suggestion by Bernard Herman]

Vienna Ensemble Pro Part 1 - English - sounTH inside #006
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