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Varsity Fanclub - Future Love
Music video by Varsity Fanclub performing Future Love.

Zero - Varsity Fanclub
So i spent a good 3 or so hours on this! hope you like it! =) and yes i kno Tom isn't in the band anymore but to me he will always be a true member of VFC.

Varsity Fanclub - Baby Steps - With Lyrics
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Sry bout the mistake, it says abandonded @ 1:11 This song is so sad =(

Bad Habit - Varsity Fanclub
Heyoo! Took me about 2 hours. Sorry that the words disappear a little soon but this one was hard to do cuz of how long the verses and chorus were. the easiest ...

Varsity - All Of Me/Half Of You [lyrics]
Great song. dont worrie this vid is btr than my Crushed one lols. at least this time its on beat[x uhh yea hope you lik green[x DOWNLOAD LINK; ...

Varsity Fanclub - Future Love lyrics
This took me awhile to put the lyrics together, but it was worth it. (: Disclaimer: I don't own this song, it's property of Varsity Club ...

Varsity Fanclub-Zero with lyrics
Enjoy! (: Song belongs to their rightful owners !

Swag So Mean- Justin Bieber ft Varsity Fanclub- Official Song/Lyrics (Download Link)
Read Here Please! Read Here Please! Downloading Link In Here! Thank you soooooo much for watching this video! This is my first and thank you and your ...

Varsity Fanclub - Maybe This Is Love (Lyrics)
hope you like singing along to maybe this is love :D.

Varsity Fanclub Zero live @ Legoland Deutschland 25.09.2010
VFC performing their Song "Zero" live @ Legoland Deutschland if you want leave some comments :) Check them out on Twitter: @AfterRomeoMusic we would ...

Varsity Fanclub Future Love Rehearsal Video
i got this from someone else...but i like it alot :) it shows you how to do the future love:)

Body Talk - Varsity Fanclub
this took me like 3 hours cuz i did the lyrics myself. Sorry if it's wrong =)

Varsity Fanclub - Spank That

Learn how to dance like Varsity Fanclub
Dance instructions for Future Love.

Love Like This - the first debut by Varsity Fanclub (VFC)
Varsity Fanclub's english version of "Love Like This", hope you like it! We recorded this song a while back and never got a real chance at releasing it so Drew ...

Varsity Fanclub - Shes Lookin' For Love (in the club)
update* sadly, thomas has left the group! its freaking sad as yeah? i really liked thomas, he was like the rock of the group, a freakin legend. thomas you will be ...

Varsity Fanclub-Ghost with lyrics && DL
Enjoyy!!! heres the DL for the songgg.. =DDD if u are goin to take the DL and share it with other ppl, please credit me for ...

Varsity Fanclub - Zero [Song + Lyrics]
Varsity Fanclub - Zero [Drew] You ain't going nowhere, long as he's the driver You can ride with him, but it'll never be the same (same, same) One look at ya tells ...

Love Song Lyrics Varsity FanClub
I do NOT own this. Copyright goes to Varsity FanClub.

Varsity Fanclub - Forgotten (Album Version)
Tracklist* 1. Set Me Off 2. Get You Off 3. For The First 4. Own The World 5. Opera 6. Forgotten.

Own the World- Varsity FanClub LYRICS
Varsity Fanclub's new song "Own the World" lyrics video. Hope you guys like it :) Follow me on twitter @SkyeHeartsCali Disclaimer: The song and the pictures ...

Varsity Fanclub "For the first time" & "Own the world" Erding Sinnflut 27.07.2011

Varsity Fanclub - Little Things *with lyrics*
Harhar Decided to make a video of Varsity Fanclub songs because a couple of them sounds relating to real life situations :]. No Copyright Intended.

Varsity Fanclub-Let Her Go [lyrics]
enjoyy hahas i luv this songg!

Varsity Fanclub - Zero Mash-Up
A performance mash-up of Varsity Fanclub's single'Zero' *Note*: I made this before Thomas Fiss left & youtube messed up the video/audio synch in a couple ...

Varsity FanClub- Parachute [WITH LYRICS]
VFC's song "Parachute", known by some as "Jump Jump" by NLT. Hope you enjoy ;)

Lost Then Found - Varsity Fanclub
Took me 1 hour! Enjoy!

Varsity Fanclub- We Right Here (Album Version)

Varsity Fanclub - Forgotten @ Rewe Family Hamburg
Varsity Fanclub performing their song "Forgotten" live in front of 20.00 people at the Rewe Family Festival in Hamburg. You wanna see them live? Check their ...

Varsity Fanclub - OPERA @ Movie Park Germany 18/06/2011
Varsity Fanclub performing their new single OPERA which will be released in july 2011 :) stay tuned for more videos of VFC, if you wanna be the first watching ...

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