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UzebArtist info Uzeb was a Canadian jazz fusion band from Montreal, Quebec, who were active from 1976 to 1992. The members were Alain Caron (bass guitar), Michel Cusson (guitar), and Paul Brochu (drums). UZEB is said to have possessed and fully used one of the most technologically advanced MIDI systems of that era. Among other awards, Uzeb received the Oscar Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award which was presented at the 1991 Montreal International Jazz Festival... Read more

Uzeb Solo Alain Caron
Alain Caron Uzeb.

Uzeb - Spider.wmv
Uzeb live.

Uzeb - Casino de Paris 1990

Junk Funk- Uzeb
Dall'album degli Uzeb ''Fast Emotions'' (1983) - Junk Funk.

UZEB R3UNION - New Hit -
UZEB R3UNION "New Hit" Michel Cusson - guitare Alain Caron - basse Paul Brochu - batterie Série Événements Spéciaux Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2017 Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier...

UZEB, R3UNION | Festival 2017

Uzeb - Number One
Dall'album ''Fast Emotions'' (1983), Number One, Uzeb.

UZEB- Luna Mars
UZEB- Luna Mars.

Uzeb Club - 1989 -
Michel Cusson - g - Alain Caron - b - Paul Brochu - d -

UZEB - Penny Arcade (SNIPS Cover)
I'm really excited to take part in this crazy project with Riccardo Oliva (Bass) and Salvatore Lima (Drums) check out their channels! Riccardo Oliva:

Uzeb P.M. Gate 26
P.M. Gate 26 da Live in Europe 1988.

UZEB - Après les confidences
Recorded at salle Wilfrid Pelletier of Place des Arts July 6, 1991 During the 12th edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal Le phénomène UZEB, plus de 300 000 copies...

Noisy Nights, Uzeb, video clip
Noisy Nights, Uzeb, video clip, old VHS capture.

Uzeb - I Believe It (Alain Caron bass solo)
Uzeb - I Believe It (Alain Caron bass solo)

Uzeb - Slinky
Dall'album ''Fast Emotion'' (1983), Slinky, Uzeb.

UZEB - 60, Rue Des Lombards
Live '85 Guest:Don Alias(Perc.)

UZEB - Noisy Nights (1988)


UZEB VS Will Karling

Uzeb Club
The last concert (live) 1991 Montreal Jazz Festival.

UZEB - Spacy Country
Live '85 Guest:Don Alias(Perc)

08 - Nice - Uzeb
Between The Lines (1985)

Uzeb - Mister Moe (live in Montreal)
Candian fusion band Uzeb performing Mister Moe. Footage taken from "Last Concert" DVD. Feat. Tiger Okoshi on trumpet.

UZEB "Blue'N Green" - The last concert
Jazz de Montréal 1991 MICHEL CUSSON - guitar ALAIN CARON - bass PAUL BROCHU - percussions and drums.

UZEB Master Class Tel Aviv 2017
אירוע מיוחד וחד-פעמי! כרטיסים: לראשונה אי-פעם כל חברי יוזב בכיתת אמן משותפת ונפרדת...

Here is my jazz fusion guitar version of the great standard by Charles Mingus, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, as played by Uzeb. My choruses are inspired by Michel Cusson but are not the same than the...

Quebec Bass Solo - Alain Caron, UZEB - Penny Arcade (Live 1982)
UZEB live 1982 with michel brecker full length show - The youngest of 11 children, Caron started playing bass at age 11 and began pursuing jazz at age 15....


Uzeb - Spider (Volta Cover) (1080p)
La Volta school live in Menton (31/01/2016).

05 - 60,Rue Des Lombards - Uzeb
Between The Lines (1985)