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TrollfesTArtist info With a line up that includes musicians from bands as varied as URGEHAL, PANTHEON I, UNTIME, MELCH, HALLUCINATIONS, POWERSWORD and SARKOM, TROLLFEST’s members bring with them not only a wealth of experience and the skill to make use of instruments like the accordion, the banjo and the saxophone, but also a sense of diversity that allows the band to create a sound that is distinctly its own. Whilst “True Norwegian Balkan Metal” goes some way towards describing the TROLLFEST sound - hinting as it does at the extreme end of metal, with a good pinch of local traditional folk - it doesn’t really go the whole way towards capturing the sense of fun and sheer exuberance with which the band tackles everything it does, whether it involves playing in the studio or performing live. Formed in 2004, in Oslo, Norway, when a bunch of musicians became bored with the selection of party music that was available to them, and, helped along by the consumption of large quantities of alcohol, the soon-to-be members of TrollfesT decided to take matters into their own hands. One website and six songs later, a German label, which at the time was called Solistium, recognised the potential in the madness and got in touch... Read more

TrollfesT - Inni den Grotte
Inni den Grotte ----- by TrollfesT ---Lyrics--- Hier trinken alle Troll just som før undt (skål!) wir sollst alles haben mehre Mjød snart (skål!) inni den grotte er det ...

Trollfest - Inni Den Grotte.

Trollfest - Inni Den Grotte (Piano cover)
I can't play guitar, so I did it on piano instead ;D Next I'm going to work on playing Der JegerMeister, somehow :D Skål!

Inni den Grotte - Trollfest (how to play)
Guitar lesson with Mac. Today, playing Inni den Grotte by Trollfest.

TrollfesT - Yameeka
Yameeka - by TrollfesT **Lyrics** I horisonten komt eines Insel Trollene jubler, land er et kjært syn Sie ankren opp skipet undt ror inn i mot land Sie treffen ein rar ...

TrollfesT - Per, Pål og Brakebeins Abenteuer - En Ny Erfaring
Per, Pål og Brakebeins Abenteuer and En Ny erfaring of the new album "Villanden". I think two songs really beautiful and very funny, Vi Som Har Det Iskalla ...

Trollfest - Legendarisk ØL
Sagnet om den Legendariske ØL synges langt inni i den skog unter eike treet Der hvor keine lys schleppes til sitzen Trollen undt schlegt ned øl! Legendarisk er ...

Trollfest - Making of Villanden part 1
A video of the making of the Trollfest album "villanden" out now on twilight vertrieb.

TrollfesT - Kabaret (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Subscribe for more Trollfun ▻ ** Song Download Links Below ** Naked big tits, moist dark caves and lots of violence. The new TrollfesT ...

Trollfest - Brumlebassen
Song of the band Trollfest, from the 2012 album "Brumlebassen" This is for promotional purposes only. DISCLAIMER: All music and images belong to the their ...

TrollfesT - Trinkenvisen
A Song from the TrollfesT album "Villanden" Facebook: Website: Merchandise: ...

TrollfesT - Illsint (Lyric video)
A lyric video to the song "Illsint" from the upcoming album "Brumlebassen" out August 24th via NoiseArt records. Drawings by Jonas Darnell, Design by Terje ...

from a video weird.

Trollfest - Essenfest

Trollfest - ... na ma du drikka mest!

trollfest 0

Trollfest - Der JegerMeister
Trollfest - Der JegerMeister. 2nd track from Trollfest's new album, Villanden.

Trollfest - Helvetes Hunden Garm
Trollfest - Helvetes Hunden Garm.

Brumlebassen - Trollfest Cover

Trollfest - Villanden
Artist: Trollfest Song Title: Villanden Album: Villanden Year: 2009 --------------- [Lyrics]

Trollfest - Bråk |2012|
Band: Trollfest Album: Brumlebassen (CD-2012) Genre: Black / Folk / Trve Norwegian Balkan Metal Country: Norway Year: 2012 Label : NoiseArt Records ...

TrollfesT - Gjetord
TrollfesT - Gjetord (En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral 2011) TrackList: 1. Die Verdammte Hungersnot 2. Karve 3. Die Berchtiges Bande 4. Gjetord 5. Der Sndenbock ...

Trollfest- Den Apne Sjo
Trollfest -Den Apne sjo from the album Brakebein. Norwegian Folk Metal.

Trollfest - Essenfest
This is a music video I created to Trollfest's drinking song "Essenfest". The scenes used in this music video where taken from the danish cartoon called "Valhal" ...

Trollfest - Konterbier (Bonus Track)
Band: Trollfest Album: Brumlebassen Genre: True Norwegian Balkan Metal Year: 2012.

TrollfesT - Boese Tivoli (Brumlebassen) 2012
Trollfest - Boese Tivoli HQ.

TrollfesT - Karve
TrollfesT - Karve (En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral 2011) TrackList: 1. Die Verdammte Hungersnot 2. Karve 3. Die Berchtiges Bande 4. Gjetord 5. Der Sndenbock ...

Trollfest - legendarisk ol
Trollfest - legendarisk ol.

TrollFest - PiratKriegen
Har Har Har!

TrollFest - TrollKamp
TrollFest - TrollKamp.

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