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TornadoArtist info There are at least 6 artists with this name : 1. TORNADO is an Tampere, FINLAND based sleazy thrash band. Massive riffing, clear vocals, thunderous bass and bombastic beats are the formula to the TORNADO sound which is deeply rooted in 80's thrash and a style rooted in 80's sleeze! Releasing 2nd album "Black President" at June 1st, 2015 via WormHoleDeath.Buy from here:》iTunes http://tinyurl... Read more

Tornado - Rise Disciples, Rise witches and ...

Tornado - Rise Disciples, Rise (Live at Balkan Metal Meeting Tuzla)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Saturday March 11 2017.

Tornado - I, Individual
Tornado - I, Individual Music - Timo Ponni Lyrics - Superstar Joey Severance Hello world here I am Listen up, I've got plans To break away from your chains Be ...

Calvin Harris & Alesso - Under Control ft. Hurts
Calvin Harris' & Alesso's official music video for 'Under Control' ft. Hurts. Click to listen to Calvin Harris on Spotify:

Tornado - Blue

Tornado - Priesthood Pedophilia

Roger Shah & Taucher - Skyarium
Get it here: Subscribe to Black Hole Recordings TV: Spotify: ...

Rising to Heaven - Tornado (Original Mix) [email protected] ---Rising to Heaven---

Tornado - United Forces (S.O.D Cover 2018)
Forthcoming album: Commitment to Excellence

Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
Best of Slayer: Subscribe here: Official Music video by Slayer performing the title track off the 1990 album, ...

Brian Flinn - Machines Built by Machines
Get it here: Woaaahhh! Brian Flinn sure knows how to make a first impression! Machines Built By Machines starts off with a ...

Faith no More - Epic [HQ]
Epic song! Just like its name!

Tornado - 3 of 8

Testament - The Formation Of Damnation
Testament - 4. The Formation Of Damnation - The Formation Of Damnation False leaders crowned, a world of mass destruction Can't wash the lies away death ...

Tornado - World Pieces (Live at Balkan Metal Meeting)
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina Saturday March 11, 2017.

Tornado - Show Teaser from Henry´s Pub Kuopio, Finland July 27th 2013 (Supporting Lazy Bonez)

Slayer - Darkness Of Christ & Disciple
1. Darkness Of Christ Mankind in his insatiable search for divine Knowledge has discarded all biblical teachings Realizing that the strength of religion is the ...

Disciple; Clip 1 @ Creation 2011
This is a clip of Disciple at Creation 2011. Taken with my iPhone!

Pantera Walk Reaction!!!
Vin and Sori React and analyze Panteras walk!!

Damnations Hammer - Disciples Of The Hex
Damnations Hammer [Disciples Of The Hex] Produced By

Tornado - Priesthood Pedophilia (Live at Balkan Metal Meeting)
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina Saturday March 11 2017.

Lello DJ - Rise Up Vs Rise Up
Mix Fra Rise Up e....Rise Up!! ( Remennber : Lello DJ!!)

Slayer - Raining Blood
Raining Blood, by Slayer.

JUDAS PRIEST The Painkiller
This video is about JUDAS PRIEST The Painkiller.

Tornado - Diva ([email protected] Tampere)
Tornado live in Klubi Tampere, Finland. Nokia Lumia 1020.

Rising to Heaven - Behind Hazel Eyes (Original Mix) [email protected] ---Rising to Heaven---

Tornado - No Mercy (L.A. Guns Cover)

Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy name Reaction!!!
Vin and Sori React and analyze Iron Maiden Hollowed Be Thy Name

Slayer - Postmortem / Raining Blood w/ Lyrics
I don't own the rights to either of the songs in this video. Awesome songs from the album "Reign In Blood" LYRICS [Postmortem] Funeral held for the depression ...

Coheed and Cambria Welcome Home Reaction!!!
Vin and Sori React and Analyze Coheed and Cambria Welcome Home!!!

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