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Tomo FujitaArtist info Tomo Fujita possesses all the elements of great musicianship: astounding technical ability, flawless rhythm skills, and a total command of his instrument. But if asked, Tomo would tell you that music is not just about playing. It’s about feeling. He has a remarkable ability to inject emotion into every phrase he plays, whether the style is blues, jazz, funk or rock... Read more

The Takanori Niida Quartet feat.Will Lee,Oz Noy and Tomo Fujita Part 2
You can see more video clips at the following page.

NAMM 09 - Tomo Fujita Part 1
John Mayers teacher from Berklee , Tomo Fujita at the Fuchs Booth.

Drive Me Nuts - Tomo Fujita by 고영광
My Student Korean Guitarist Mr. Ko's Guitar Solo Instagram : hoonimuzik.

Sad Sam Blues Jam "Bayou Boogie"
The Sad Sam Blues Jam, Jammin' on some boogie at the Glass Eye Group Studios.

Little by Little - Samantha Hooper
2007 PDX Teen Idol finalist Samantha Hooper sings "Little by Little" with Tough Lovepyle, July 9, 2008. Song was written by Chicago blues producer Mel ...

Late night Blues jam on "Sweet Home Sam"
Late night Blues jam on "Sweet Home Sam" jam track from Gear - Yamaha Pacifica 510V modified ...

Sam Rudy - Berklee Vocal
Vocal Performance.

Oz Noy clinic with Leo Nobre on bass and Sam Mazur on drums
playing The Chicken, at L.A. Music Academy during a clinic. Oz Noy on guitar, Leo Nobre on bass and Sam Mazur on drums.

Song:Only So Much Oil In The Ground Backing Track(Amazon)

Studio Jams #64 - "Cissy Strut"
Here is one of several tracks from Studio Jams Episode #64, taped at Forge Recording Studios in Oreland, PA (USA). It features pianist Tom Schuman, bassist ...

Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely (fingerstyle guitar) A little Tuck Andress/Tommy Emmanuel/Ben Lacy inspired solo arrangement of one of my favourite Stevie Wonder tunes.

Peter Ng plays Hendrix's song "Little Wing" in "Guitar Night" 19.12.2014
Peter Ng plays Hendrix's song "Little Wing" in "Guitar Night" 19.12.2014 video recorded by Keith Lee.

SMALL COURAGE - Kelsey Shaw | Original Song
An original song I wrote not long ago, I hope you like it☺️

I Rememver Stevie - Andy Timmons By 심성보
My Student Korean Guitarist Mr.Shim's Guitar Solo Instagram : hoonimuzik.

Slap Guitar (Sam's Song)
The bass isnt very good in this recording. If anybody wants the MP3 that i recorded just let me know.

Santana - 'Make Somebody Happy' guitar jam by Sam Seg
Hope you enjoy it! Feedback is appreciated :)

Live stream Blues jam

Sweet Home - Clinic in Yokohama, Japan 5/25/08
Original song by guitarist Tomo Fujita. This was at a clinic at a music school in Yokohama, Japan on 5/25/08. Larry Finn on drums & Anthony Vitti on Bass.

Funk jam - Leticia Filizzola
Korean girl guitar funk jam cover. I heard this solo many years ago and finally decided to learn it. Recorded using Logic Pro Yamaha THR10 (amp) 57 mic.

Intervallic Lick Lesson | Pritesh Walia
Here is a killer intervalic lick from Pritesh Walia for you to try out. Get stretching. You can see more from Pritesh at

From Blues to Funk - Cover version by Thomas Barcelli
Guitar & composition: Tomo Fujita Drums & Keys: Thomas Barcelli Bass: Bruno Barcelli Drums by DIXON DRUMS Drum recording made with 2 x overhead mics ...

Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely (guitar cover with TAB)
This is my cover of a beautiful song Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. I hope you enjoy! :) Please comment and subscribe to my channel.

''PURPLE HAZE'' - ERIC GALES, live at Callahan's, dec 12, 2014
Eric Gales - guitar, vocals; Nick Hayes - drums; Cesar Oviedo - bass guitar. Filmed in HD1080 at Callahan's Music Hall, Dec 12, 2014.

Little Wing - Dr Coldbeer's Blues Factory - Tower of Song 26/01/2012
Tom Walker performing Little Wing with Doctor Coldbeer's Blues Factory at the Tower of Song (Crossroads Blues Club) on 26/01/2012. Guitar and Vocals: Tom ...

Simon Astley - Sunlight (Official)
Purchase the song here Sunlight - Released 15th January 2016 ...

Donna Lee - Charlie Parker, 2013 Berklee 5-Week Audition
Up-tempo swing song for my 2013 Berklee 5-Week jazz scholarship audition. Personnel: Guitar - Nolan Jannotta Piano - Sam Jannotta Drums - Frank Jannotta ...

Sam Barnett, age 14, Oleo, Berklee jam highlights
Sam Barnett: alto saxophone Christian McGhee: percussion Jordan: keys (these guys hadn't played together before...just having a go) 23rd July 2015.

Jamming with John Mayer @ Brass Monkey
one unforgettable night @ Brass Monkey. Long Island Ice Tea, John Mayer, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Levine, DJ Samantha Ronson, Marc & Romell, Ria and other ...

The Black Circles - Little Wing
The Black Circles covering Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing' Sam Bratley - Guitar Martin Saunders - Bass Phil Wilson - Drums.

Blues Jam by Eilidh Mckellar (2010)
An old video I recorded back in 2010, seems like a life time ago. ...

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