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This Town Needs Guns - Animals (Full Album 2008)
Animals full album. 1. Chinchilla 0:00 2. Baboon 04:20 3. Lemur 07:45 4. Badger 10:54 5. Quetzal 15:46 6. Panda 16:22 7. Elk 19:46 8. Pig 23:32 9. Gibbon 27:18 10. Dog 31:45 11. Crocodile 34:37...

TTNG - "Gibbon" A Fistful of Vinyl sessions (KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles)
Support: Follow: / @AFistfulOfVinyl TTNG performing "Gibbon" from the album "Animals" on A Fistful of Vinyl on...

This Town Needs Guns - First Demo (Full Demo EP)
Track list: 00:00 - 01. They Speak With Strange Accents 03:55 - 02. This Is Wrong 07:40 - 03. Forever and Always 11:06 - 04. Vaguer Transmission 14:24 - 05. Eleven 20:35 - 06. Curiosity Compels...

Chinchilla - This Town Needs Guns
Chinchilla - This Town Needs Guns.

This Town Needs Guns - Gibbon
This Town Needs Guns Animals 2008.

Baboon - This Town Needs Guns
Baboon - This Town Needs Guns, From the album Animals.

This Town Needs Guns - Chinchilla
This Town Needs Guns Animals 2008.

This Town Need Guns - "This Town Need Guns" [Full LP] (2008)
Banda: This Town Need Guns Álbum: "This Town Need Guns" Año: 2008 Género: Math Track List: 01. 26 Is Dancier Than 4 - 00:00 02. And I'll Tell You For Why... - 04:58 03. I'll Forget About...

TTNG on Audiotree Live (Full Session)
(ARCHIVE RELEASE) TTNG perform on Audiotree Live, October 26, 2013. Download the complete session and interview at: YouTube playlist: Subscribe...

TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) - Baboon - Live in Montreal - April 29th, 2013
Tera Melos and TTNG - Live in Montreal - April 29th,2013 Check out our full Spread Session with Henry of TTNG and Nathan of Tera Melos with double interview and more videos at: http://www.dontsprea...

This Town Needs Guns - This Town Needs Guns (FULL EP)
This Town Needs Guns.

Badger - This Town Needs Guns
I love this band, surprised nobody had put this song up so I decided to, :D From the album Animals I don't own anything :)

This Town Needs Guns - Rabbit
Move over its getting kind of late. Eyelids grow heavy and at this hour start to ache. The covers hide away All our mistakes. And so do I stop to question why do White feathers dance...

This Town Needs Guns - Adventure, Stamina & Anger
all rights reserved to This Town Needs Guns Just a fan in Texas trying to get this band noticed!

This Town Needs Guns - Pig
amazing band, buy their album: So here we are again at the start, Lets get stuck. These rooms are all reminders of you. Your feelings...

This Town Needs Guns - Hippy Jam Fest (Full EP)
Track list: 00:00 - 01. Hippy Jam Fest 04:47 - 02. Antimony 09:49 - 03. Denial Adams 15:56 - 04. Like Romeo and Juliet 21:22 - 05. Killer Eskimos Buy "Hippy Jam Fest" on Amazon (plain CD manufactu...

Gibbon (TTNG Cover)
Full cover of TTNG's track "Gibbon" off their album Animals. Guitar parts recorded with my Fender Standard Tele through a Line 6 Pod GX. Drum and bass parts tracked in Reason 5. All tracks...

This Town Needs Guns - Chinchilla (Drum Cover)
An extraordinary band from Oxford, the Collis' brothers are probably the most talented musicians in the same band that I've ever heard. Really shocked and surprised when first listening the...

This Town Needs Guns - Panda
This Town Needs Guns Animals 2008.

This Town Needs Guns -- Elk
Off their album 'Animals'. I do not own this, rights go to their owners.

This Town Needs Guns - Lemur
This Town Needs Guns Animals 2008.

This Town Needs Guns (in the studio)
In March 2008 we went into The Lodge studios in Northampton to start work on our first album. Here is some footage of us at work and play.

This Town Needs Guns - Panda
Promotional video for 'Panda', the first single taken from This Town Needs Guns debut album, 'Animals', released via Big Scary Monsters Records on October 13th 2008.

This Town Needs Guns - Rabbit
This Town Needs Guns Animals 2008.

If I Sit Still, Maybe I'll Get Out of Here (Bonus Track) - This Town Needs Guns
So when I bought the album Animals by This Town Needs More Guns (this is the 14th track) , I completley fell in love with it. This song came as a bonus track and I though I should share it...

This Town Needs Guns - Elk
This Town Needs Guns Animals 2008.

This Town Needs Guns - Cat Fantastic live at XOYO
Live @ London All dayer for Toe. Organisation : HOU Project. Filmed & edit. by François Galarneau.

'Rabbit' This Town Needs Guns - acoustic cover
Vocal and acoustic guitar cover of 'Rabbit' by This Town Needs Guns.

Dog - This Town Needs Guns
From the album Animals :) this is such an awesome band, check out their myspace: enjoyy :D.

TTNG - (Full Album)
Track list: 00:00 - 01. Cat Fantastic 04:53 - 02. Havoc in the Forum 08:29 - 03. Left Aligned 11:54 - 04. In The Branches of Yggdrasil 13:54 - 05. I'll Take the Minute Snake 19:48 - 06. 2 Birds,...

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