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The Red ShoreArtist info The Red Shore was a Death Metal outfit from Geelong, Victoria, Australia formed in 2004. The band claims their style is a combination of death metal and technical death metal, drawing their influences from bands such as Hate Eternal, Devourment, Decapitated and Behemoth. The Red Shore signed to Big Phat Adelaide Records and Modern Music in 2006 and released their first EP, Salvaging What's Left. On tour late December in 2007, the band suffered a fatal blow when a tour van accident resulted in the loss of both lead vocalist Damien Morris and their roadie/merchandiser Andy Milner... Read more

The Red Shore - Misery Hymn
iTunes: Merch: As we rise they fall They will fail to purify their praiseworthy land Underneath a...

The Red Shore - Misery Hymn @ Live (HD)
The Red Shore is an Australian Deathcore band from Melbourne, Victoria, formed in 2004. Band: #Chase Butler #Jason Leombruni #Roman Koester #Tim Shearman #Jon Green.

Misery Hymn - The Red Shore (Guitar Cover)
My name is Rowan Watson, I play for a band called Medusa's Mirror, check us out on facebook (: This was done by ear completely, sorry guys i don't have any tabs. There are a few mistakes but...

The Red Shore - Live 2008 - Unconsecrated [Full Concert]
00:00 - Intro/The Garden of Impurity 05:12 - Misery Hymn 09:02 - Flesh Couture 12:48 - The Valentines Day Massacre 17:20 - Deception: Prologue 20:20 - Slain by the Serpent 23:25 - Thy Devourer...

The Red Shore - Misery Hymn(Jarrod Hills Vocal Cover)
If you want a cover done, contact me at

The Red Shore - Misery Hymn (cover)
Hey everyone this is my guitar cover of misery hymn by the red shore sick song which i tabbed out myself not all of it is 100 percent right but close enough.

The Red Shore - 2 - Misery Hymn (HQ+LYRICS)
Taken off the ''Unconsecrated'' (2008) As we rise they fall They will fail to purify their praiseworthy land Underneath a heretical sky Our torn wings will cry revenge Out of the darkness...

Artem Ryzhenko [Guitar Cover] The Red Shore - Misery Hymn
Hi. I'm from Ukraine, Nikolaev city. My page : My band :

The Red Shore - Misery Hymn (Live)
Visit for more!

The Red Shore - Sink or Swim
red shore at bc 07.

The Red Shore - Misery Hymn Vocal Cover
i redid this one aswell, cause, i didnt like the old one Age:16 i play guitar in Whilst Angels Fall facebook: myspace: http://ww...

The Red Shore - 09 - Nephilim (HQ)
Taken off the ''Unconsecrated'' (2008) [Instrumental]

The Red Shore - What Doesn't Kill You...?
There is actually two versions of this song.. both are pretty cool.... not really sure which came first.... if someone knows, let me know.

Episode 14: THE RED SHORE supporting Despised Icon @ The Factory Theatre, Sydney 13/11//2010. Featuring interview with guitarist/producer Roman Koester live footage of 'Armies of Damnation',...

The Red Shore - Eternal State of Oblivion (Hidden Song)
a release of The Red Shore's latest album titled 'The Avarice of Man'

The Red Shore - Sink Or Swim
iTunes: Merch: For so long I have lived with this affliction For so long I cant forget In my heart...

The Red Shore - Misery Hymn (guitar cover) 2nd attempt
Hey all :) this is my 2nd attempt at this song it was in the wrong tuning the first time around and a lot of the notes were missing. I left the solo out this time because it was too hard to...

The Red Shore - Vehemence the Phoenix (Official Music Video)
iTunes: Merch: Vultures tear flesh from...

The Red Shore Knives Wolves Lyrics Original Version By Metal Skate ThaiLanD

Misery Hymn drum cover
Haven't played this song in a while and i thought i might just chuck it up for lol's... few mistakes but you get that.. I do not own this song, this is a drum cover and all song rights belong...

The Red Shore-Inflict De-Creation live
The Red Shore-Inflict De-Creation live Newcastle November 2010.

The Red Shore - Nephilim
iTunes: Merch:

The Red Shore - The Seed Of Annihilation
The Red Shore - The Seed Of Annihilation The second track off the new album The Avarice Of Man.

Thy Devourer - The Red Shore

The Red Shore - The Architects Of Repulsion
From the 2008 album "Unconsecrated". I do not own this. It is property of the respected owners.

The Red Shore - Knives And Wolves
iTunes: Merch: stepping through the darkness into the cold abyss I can almost hear your thoughts...

The Red Shore (Full Documentary)
Documentary about Australian Deathcore band "The Red Shore"

The Red Shore - The Garden Of Impurity
iTunes: Merch: Darkness descending on Eden The hour of judgement at hand Purgatory has awakened Bare...

The Red Shore - Rise And Fall
iTunes: This day is stained with blood Content to writhe in failure I'd rather burn than to serve...

The Red Shore - Pulling Teeth
iTunes: Merch: From beyond I can sense your torment, Your heart is an unmarked grave. In the days...

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