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The MatadorsArtist info There are two bands called The Matadors:1. 1960’s Czechoslovak (Czech) beat band, whose ‘Get Down From the Tree’ has appeared on the famous Nuggets album.2. In early 1995 Joel "Hooch" Parkins started a rockabilly band with his two friends "Creepin'" Jeff Sheppard and some other guy... Read more

The Matadors - Black Roses

The Matadors -- Black Roses - lyrics
The Matadors are a psychobilly band based mainly in London, Ontario, Canada.. Their music fuses traditional rockabilly with punk rock. I DO NOT OWN THE ...

The Matadors - Black Roses
Canada's best horrorbilly band playing at the skinning shack in Windfield, B.C..

The Matadors - Black Roses
Performed Oct. 29, 2010 at Atria in Oshawa, Ontario. Video by Auntie Canine.

The Matadors - Black Roses
The Matadors - Black Roses @ Call The Office 10-31-12.

THE MATADORS - Black Roses (Subtítulos español-inglés) Live

02 - The Matadors - Black Roses - Live @ Call The Office 03-18-11
The Matadors - Black Roses - Live @ Call The Office 03-18-11 London Ontario.

Black Rose(SAF) - Blakout.wmv
Track from their 1984 release!! \m/

The Matadors - Black Rosses 04-13-12
04 The Matadors - Black Rosses @ Call The Office 04-13-12.

Tears On Black Roses - Dessa Vez
Tears On Black Roses Dessa Vez.

From The Album - Sweet Revenge.

The Matadors - Black Widow
from Horrorbilly 9000. I do not have the rights to this music. I just thought it was HORRIBLE that such an EPIC, TIMELESS CLASSIC of 21st century rock music ...

Rezurex - Black Rose
Rezurex - Black Rose from the album Beyond the grave.

Black Roses
Open Mind.

The Matadors - Black Widow
Album: Horrorbilly 9000.

The Matadors - 9 Shots of bourbon
Album: Horrorbilly 9000.

The Matadors - Black Widow
The Matadors playing "Black Widow" at the Zone September 18th in Red Deer, Alberta.

The Matadors-drunk and drivin
artis-the matadors album-sweet revenge(2008) canada psychobilly-rockabilly.

Once There Was - Black Roses
Black Roses live 20100526, Ljusgården, Umeå. To download the mp3 of the original version, visit The people performing the track this ...

Apex Vibe - Black Roses
Apex Vibe covers Black Roses at Herman's Hideaway 7.9.11.

The Matadors - Black Widow
2007 Cadillac Lounge.

Calton Coffie- Black Roses

The Matadors-Rock and Roll Freackshow
All the rights reserved to The Matadors.

Black Rose- Black Rose

Black Roses (Swe) - Fighting In The Streets

Black Roses
Old School Soul Stalkaz Classic " Black Roses"

The Matadors - Walking Dead
Horrobilly band from Canada Album: Horrorbilly 9000.

The Black Rose Phantoms-With Hell Behind Our Cutthroats
black rose phantoms.

The Matadors
live Burning Desire...

I Hate Love - Black Roses (UG-okt07) ======================================= Zelf geschreven lied over hoe erg liefde op andere mensen over kan komen. Hier in de ...

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