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SquidwardArtist info Squidward Quentin Tentacles is SpongeBob and Patrick's cranky neighbor. His species is ambiguous, and has been called both a squid and octopus by the series creators. Squidward is bald with light green skin, a big nose, plays the clarinet, and lives in an Easter Island head located between SpongeBob's and Patrick's residences. He works as a cashier at The Krusty Krab, a job he despises... Read more

Squidward plays his new song Supermarket Squid [Music Video]

Lori Loud and Squidward Tentacles awesome screaming moments

Squidward Tentacles Theme Song
I Have * My Own Show & It Called Squidward Tentacles. *Not A Real Show. Check Out Spongebob Theme Song:

squidward kiss my ass

[Russian] Squidward plays the clarinet. [Sparta Ninetin Remix]
base by: Jessica Cortes James Source: Spongebob SquarePants.

squidward choking on a fork

Wake Me Up (Wake Me Up Inside)[Squidward AMV]
This is my greatest accomplishment and that's honestly really sad Song: Bring Me to Life by Evanescence (duh)

Squidward screaming (Multilanguage)
Credit to R26HMATZORILEY for inspiration and some of these languages. Join my Discord!!! Reviews: "9/10 not enough lazy ...

oh he didn't.

The reason why squidward can't sleep
little 2hu joke shiptoast.

spongebob playing the clarinet for squidward

(SBSP) Squidward Has a Sparta Antimatter Remix
Just a Remix made...cuz why not?^^ Source: ...

Squidward Popped A Molly
Squidward Tentacles Swallowed MDMA and is now perspirating.

DAB Carlos | Squidward

SQUIDWARD TRIBUTE RYTPMV Очередной фад из коллаба с Хеллаутом ( Думаю сильно он тут сильно мешать...

Hey Squidward Trap Remix

Squidward's Suicide Original Video

Patrick Shits On Squidward
He couldn't hold it in. Warning there is a little earrape.

Squidward Dabs Again

Squidward Fucking Loses His Shit

Squidward has a Screaming Sparta Remix (V2)
Based off that 6 million viewed video by RAVAGE656: BTW, yes, I finally broke a promise: This is my first ...

Other Movie and Squidward Tentacles awesome screaming moments
Clip: Insanitarium (2008) The Lovely Bones (2009) Carrie (2013) Bee Movie (2007) Cherry Falls (2000) Idle Hands (1999) Source: ...

【crack】 Shingeki no Squidward 【Voiceless】
Hey guys! I don't even know... I got bored. Really bored. So I just decided, why not? :D I was randomly surfing the net while talking to my good friend, Emi, and I ...

Happy Birthday to Cancer - Squidward
And now, Astrology with Squidward *Clarinet play* Happy Birthday to cancer, sign of the Crab.

Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 2.
Download Link: ...

Roasting Squidward

(Unfinished, read Desc!) Squidward has a Sparta Time Travelling Remix
Well i took unecessarely much Time into this and i couldn't even finish it because again, i lost all my Motivation to work on it... I worked one this Project for over a ...

Eta Terangkanlah Squidward EDM remix
lagu remixnya dibuat oleh Dwiki CJ B2N jangan lupa di share ya gan.

Parodi Squidward 4 Lembar
ini Deskripsi video.

SpongeBob and Squidward Duet from "Hello Bikini Bottom!"
Sheet music made with MuseScore -

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