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SquidwardArtist info Squidward Quentin Tentacles is SpongeBob and Patrick's cranky neighbor. His species is ambiguous, and has been called both a squid and octopus by the series creators. Squidward is bald with light green skin, a big nose, plays the clarinet, and lives in an Easter Island head located between SpongeBob's and Patrick's residences. He works as a cashier at The Krusty Krab, a job he despises... Read more

Squidward plays his new song Supermarket Squid [Music Video]

Squidward screaming (Multilanguage)
Credit to R26HMATZORILEY for inspiration and some of these languages. Join my Discord!!! Reviews: "9/10 not enough lazy voice-overs" - IGN "bulgarian squidward...

Squidward Dabs Again

Lori Loud and Squidward Tentacles awesome screaming moments

Squidward Fucking Loses His Shit

SQUIDWARD TRIBUTE RYTPMV Очередной фад из коллаба с Хеллаутом ( Думаю сильно он тут сильно мешать...

(Unfinished, read Desc!) Squidward has a Sparta Time Travelling Remix
Well i took unecessarely much Time into this and i couldn't even finish it because again, i lost all my Motivation to work on it... I worked one this Project for over a Year (August 2016 -...

Slender Man appears at Squidward's House
derp. :3 Special Thanks to RAVAGE656 for the template video.

The reason why squidward can't sleep
little 2hu joke shiptoast.

oh he didn't.

Squidward has a Screaming Sparta Remix (V2)
Based off that 6 million viewed video by RAVAGE656: BTW, yes, I finally broke a promise: This is my first Spoaaaaa- whatever remix on this channel....

Boys Who Cry- All About You OFFICIAL Music Video Ft: Squidward Tentacles (remix)

SpongeBob Squidward Deez Nuts

Hey Squidward Trap Remix

Squidward says Future over 1 million times
Send ideas and suggestions to [email protected] Futuuuuuuuuure! Future Future Future Future Future Future Future...

Mr Krabs vs Squidward - Spongebob anime opening (clip edit) by Narmak
Octopus vs Crab clip from CNN: Animation by Narmak Original Anime opening vid: Subscribe to Narmak...

You Like Krabby Patties, Don't You Squidward?
spongebob's most hilarious face.

Grrrr... SQUIDWARD!!!
Oh, Spook. Never mess with a Kaiju... The audio is from the SpongeBob episode Krab-Borg. Spook is own by Spookahauntus. Shoxan is owned by me. SpongeBob Squarepants is owned by Nick (Not...

spongebob playing the clarinet for squidward

Superstar Parade Universal Studios Florida.

squidward kiss my ass

(SBSP) Squidward Has a Sparta Antimatter Remix
Just a Remix made...cuz why not?^^ Source: Base by HUNdebLeonidasX/Teh36thSpart...

Squidward destroys a friendship
Squidward gets annoyed and Patrick says some things to Spongebob. I do not own Spongebob.

Empty like my life (squidward)
life in nutshell. *from epizode "Are you happy now?"*

Happy Birthday to Cancer - Squidward
And now, Astrology with Squidward *Clarinet play* Happy Birthday to cancer, sign of the Crab.

Chief Keef - Squidward Tentacles
Chief Keef - Squidward Tentacles Download: 2016 GLOGang Chief Keef - Squidward Tentacles Chief Keef - Squidward Tentacles Chief Keef - Squidward Tentacles.

[Reupload]Squidward ~ You Broke My Face! - Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition
Credits: Spongebob By VIACOM Internatinal Inc. © Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition By Zozey1231.

Squidward Pernah Ikut Audisi Indonesian Idol!! (PARODI)
Video ini hanya untuk lucu - lucuan aja, jadi jangan BAPER.

Squidward plays his new song Soothing Sounds

Roasting Squidward

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