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Never Shout NeverArtist info Never Shout Never is an American powerpop band from Joplin, Missouri, originally formed in 2007 as a solo project by musician Christofer Drew Ingle (born February 11, 1991).Drew showed the world that with the help of MySpace and great word of mouth, anyone with worthwhile work ethic and talent can start a monumental snowball effect towards success. After recording an EP by himself in his basement, NeverShoutNever! became an instant online success story, averaging over 40,000 online plays a day, and headlining shows throughout the Midwest. In early July, he was positioned in the top spot on the MySpace unsigned artist listing, and his first official release, the YIPPEE EP (July 29th), was followed up by a performance on TRL’s “on your radar” segment the very next day... Read more

sunny okosun - which way Nigeria
Sonny Okosun (January 1, 1947 in Benin City, Nigeria -- May 24, 2008 in Washington DC) was a musician from Nigeria. His surname is sometimes spelled Okosuns and first name Sunny. He was one...

sonny - now or never

Evangelist Sonny Okosun - Praise The Lord
Inspirational Gospel Song - Part (1) - English - Part (2) - Different Nigeria Dialect.

Sonny Okosuns Ozzidi - Mother & Child
Dedicated to all mothers on this planet - and of course to Sonny Okosuns who passed away too early. Now boogie to praise him!

Sonny Okosun's ''Ozziddi'' - Liberation
Nigeria Music.

Sunny Okosun - Revolution
Music From Nigerian Music Legend, Sunny Okosun.

Sonny Okosun- A Great Change pt3
The Late Great Sonny Okosun's Gospel Praise Medley- "Holy Ghost Do it Again"

Sonny Okosun - African Soldiers
Music From Nigerian Music Legend, Sonny Okosun.

Light My Fire Again | Sonny Okosuns | Official Video
Song: Light My Fire Again | Artist: Sonny Okosuns Subscribe us for latest updates:

Sonny Okosun - Papa's Land
Nigerian artist the late Sonny Okosun with the B side to his 1981 No.1 hit on the Zimbabwe Lyons Maid Hit Parade; "Fire in Soweto". Produced by Eddy Grant.

War of Nations - Sonny Okosuns' Ozziddi
War of Nations-Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi 1978 Nigeria Recorded at Abbey Road by John Leckie,

Sonny Okosun, "Adesua"

AfroBeat, Sonny Okosuns - My Ancestors
Original lp 33t NCC (LP) 3701 ♫♪♫♪♫♫♪♫♪♫ Sonny Okosuns - Ozidism Side A/Track 3 - My Ancestors Capitol Records - NIGERIA 1976*♫♪♫♪♫ Arranged, Composed, Piano Solo...

Sonny Okosuns - African Soldiers

Sonny Okosun, "O'Jesu"

AfroDisco, Sonny Okosun and The Ozziddi - Papa's Land
Original LP Sonny Okosun in 1980 "Give Peace A Chance" ( radic 001 ) Printed Nigeria 1979 EMI All songs written and composed by Sonny Okosun Produced and arranged by Eddy Grant.

Let us never give up on freedom...

Sonny Okosun - All Glory

Sonny Okosun -- Papa's Land
"Give Peace A Chance"Album. 1979.

Which way Nigeria
Originally sang by the great Legend Sonny Okosuns, remix done by Faith O.

Sonny Okosun Ozziddi - Steady And Slow (Nigeria, 1978)
Fave from 'Fire In Soweto' ~

Sonny Okosun - Power To The People
Nigerian pop star Sonny Okosun captured at the height of his popularity as he works on his 1979 album, Power To The People.

Sonny Okosuns - Which Way Nigeria?
Titre : Which Way Nigeria? Album : Which Way Nigeria ? Style : Afrofunk/Afrobeat Label : Jive Afrika, Arista Pays : Nigeria Année : 1984 Retrouvez l'instant vinyle dédié au disque "Which...

Sonny Okosuns - Chinelo
Nigerian gospel soul genius Sonny Okosuns. Fucking amazing.

Sonny Okosun - Mt. Zion
Celebrate & Worship In Caribbean Rhythms.

Sonny Okosun - Africa Likes Music (Audio)

Wait - Sonny Okosun

Sonny Okosuns - Oba Erediauwa
Nigeria funk.

Sonny Okosun, "Ozidizm 'Moina'"

Sonny Okusun- Tell Them
I know it's been awhile since I've uploaded anything but thats because Microsoft Movie Maker hadn't been working on my computer and it just started working again but anyway I know I promised... | | | | | i'm coming out | ektai tumi | Xscape - Do You Want To | Nickelback - We Will Rock You | | | stacey king - we're coming home | enna sona | | enna sona | Zombiewoman | | | | | | | | stacey king - we're coming home | |;u=3798 | | | stacey king we're coming home | Meith – Full Moon