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方大同Khalil Fong - 三人遊 (Official MV)
方大同專輯《橙月》現於iTunes有售Get the album "Orange Moon" on iTunes: 三人遊作曲Composed by:方大同作詞Lyrics by:崔惟楷Luke...

方大同 - 三人遊 (2008)
方大同- 三人遊有些話妳選擇不對他說妳說某種脆弱我才感同身受我永遠都願意當個聽眾安慰妳的痛保護著妳從始至終就算妳的愛屬於他了...

三人游 - 方大同 - San Ren You by Khalil Fong (Jason Cover)
One of my new favorite artists. Leave comments to suggest future songs you'd like me to cover! :)

方大同 (Fang Da Tong / Khalil Fong) - 红豆 (Red Bean) (Simplified Chinese / Pinyin Lyrics HD)
方大同(Fang Da Tong / Khalil Fong) - 红豆(Hong Dou / Red Bean) HD Simplified 简体Chinese 中文/ Pinyin 拼音HD Lyrics 歌词on screen and in description. Track 06 from "Timeless...

三人游 方大同 - San Ren You by Khalil Fong (Jason Cover)
One of my new favorite artists. Dark backgrounds are dramatic, right? :) Let me know which songs you'd like me to cover next!

方大同 (Fang Da Tong / Khalil Fong) - BB88 (Simplified 简体 Chinese 中文 / Pinyin 拼音 Lyrics 歌词 HD)
方大同(Fang Da Tong / Khalil Fong) - BB88 (Simplified 简体Chinese 中文/ Pinyin 拼音HD Lyrics 歌词. Track 11 from "回到未來(Back To Wonderland)" (2012). Subscribe! 我走一步...

Awesome Show- 方大同- 三人游 and 爱我吧
Khalil Fong singing San Ren You (Three People Triangle) and Ai Wo Ba (Love Me Please) at the Awesome Show in San Francisco.

[自彈自唱 @酒店] 方大同 - 三人遊 (Piano 鋼琴) [Nicotinic]

Wanting 曲婉婷 - 我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song) [Trad. Chinese] [Official Music Video]
Download the music video at iTunes: "我的歌聲裡You Exist In My Song" (Traditional Chinese Subtitles) [Official Music Video] - Lyrics, music, performed by Wanting....

(Khalil Fong 方大同) 三人游 - Anthea Tan
Khalil Fong 方大同三人游Arranged and played by Anthea Tan For TABS, pop me an email at [email protected] :) Follow me on Instagram:

方大同 + 薛凱琪 - 四人遊 live (with lyrics) (HD)
方大同15 Khalil Fong live in Hong Kong 2011 嘉賓- 薛凱琪Fiona Sit in 香港會議展覽中心Hall 3BC at 2011.8.27 想睇更多關於香港歌手既動向同live??就快啲訂閱我既...

方大同 Khalil Fong -07. 三人游 (橙月Orange Moon) + link
方大同Khalil Fong -07. 三人游(橙月Orange Moon) New song 19/12/08 DL=

Khalil Fong - 三人遊, 愛我吧 - Sydney 2010 Concert
Khalil Fong - 三人遊, 愛我吧- Sydney 2010 Concert.

四人遊 -- Khalil Fong (方大同) & Fiona Sit (薛凱琪)
四人遊-- Khalil Fong (方大同) & Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) Khalil Fong (方大同) & Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) Concert in San Francisco Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium April 18, 2010.

Sara & Fang Da Tong's Ai Ai Ai
Sara & Fang Da Tong's Ai Ai Ai at Acid Bar, Singapore - 23 Jan 2010.

06/08 Khalil Fong x Fiona Sit Live in Sydney - Singalongsong

方大同 三人遊 Cover

(Eng, canton, chinese & pinyin lyric) 好心分手/Hao xin fen shou - Candy Lo ft. Wang Leehom song lyric
Full translation in english, cantonese, chinese and pinyin Enjoy peeps!:) Any song requests? Comment below.


Awesome Show- 方大同 and Fiona Sit- 四人游
Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit perform Si Ren You at the Awesome Show in San Francisco.

三人游 - Khalil Fong (方大同) - (Cover by Zachary Phua)
Watch in 720p! This is my first cover on youtube. 三人游by one of my favourite singer, Khalil Fong (方大同) It's a song describing a three way love affair and someone is willing to...

Khalil Fong - Ai Wo Ba (Love Me) Cover
An okay cover of Khalil's song made while I was at work haha.

san ren
fam fam,angela & gao jin.

Khalil Fong 方大同 - Intro & 每個人都會 & 1234567 (AWESOME 演唱會 @ Masonic Auditorium)
Khalil Fong 方大同sings 每個人都會& 1234567 from the album 橙月(Orange Moon) released in 2008 When: April 18, 2010 @ 7pm Where: Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium (San Francisco)...

復刻回憶 Fang Da Tong & Xue Kai Qi
Nice Duet.

Sun Nan (孙楠) & Han Hong (韩红) - Endless Love (美麗的神話)
孫楠& 韓紅- 美麗的神話(Sun Nan) meng zhong ren shu xi de lian kong, ni shi wo shou hou de wen rou jiu suan lei shui yan mo tian di,wo bu hui fang shou mei yi ke gu du de cheng...

壞人 Huai Ren - 方炯鑌 (阿鑌) Abin n Linda
壞人Lyric 那一扇车门关出我们的裂痕一声就震断了回头的路程爱无法均分以后就留给你们也许用伤害结束爱才更动人* 容忍的人...

三人遊-方大同 cover
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JJ Lin- Sha Shou (With Pin Yin Lyrics)
LYRICS: jue dui de wan mei yi shuang shou bu liu han ye bu fa dou jiao cha zai wei xiao de bei hou an cang wei xian de lun kuo zai ni zui fang song de shi hou jue bu dai zhe ren he gan qing...

方大同 - 小方 Rap (Jason Cover)
Hope you enjoy my Chinese rap! 方大同真是个人才。 Link to the lyrics: