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SamiyamArtist info Ann Arbor's latest prodigal son and lover of sprinkles on doughnuts, takes the legacy of all Detroit's talented musical sons and daughters and makes Hip Hop beats filled with snippets of Soul, Funk, 70's Italian horror flick soundtracks, Nintendo bonus level music, and 90's Hip Hop. Somehow, with this much content, the beats still manage to sound gloriously minimal and disjointed. Fans like Benji B, Andrew Meza and XLR8R have been eagerly snapping up his tracks, as Sam freeze frames Electro energy and spits it back out as twisted future Jazz. Daedelus describes him as "a thrilling sound to break the sameness," and Flying Lotus is his brother in arms (they collaborate on the project FLYamSAM)... Read more

Samiyam - Smoke Break Let me know if you want a track down.

Samiyam - Smoke Break
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Part 1
Animal Have Feelings.

Samiyam - One Day
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Blowed
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Calisthenics
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Dartgun
Animals Have Feelings.

Gordo - Smoke Break [Official Video]
Music video for "Smoke Break" by Gordo Follow Gordo: @itsthatchubbydude Filmed x Edited by LCP Films Network Contact us for your next project!

Samiyam - Dartgun
Animals Have Feelings

Samiyam - Lotion
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam- souffle??

Flatbush Zombies "Smoke Break/Fly Away"
New Video for the Flatbush Zombies 'Smoke Break/Fly Away'. We shot this a few months back and it's finally out. We were excited to shoot this video as we ...

Samiyam - Gumdrops Let me know if you want a track down.

Samiyam - Ronald
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam- Turkish Vacation
from Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Taco Chase
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Turkish Vacation
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Gumdrops
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Surprise
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Paddle Boat
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Meditate
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam- turkey bacon

Samiyam - Not A Fluke
Animals Have Feelings.

Samiyam - Part 1
Out now on "Animals Have Feelings", Stones Throw.

solarr - cig.break

Samiyam-SDeath Chop
From The New Samiyam Unfinished Samples Album.!

dae zhen. - smoke break
Subscribe to NastyTracks for more music daily! ........... • Artist Social Networks - ...

Samiyam - Dartgun
Samiyam Animals Have Feelings (March 4, 2016, Stones Throw) Visuals taken from Nuits Rouges (1974).

samiyam - return

Samiyam - Teebs Gets Angry
Animals Have Feelings.

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