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ScrunterArtist info Sangre Grande native from the island of Trinidad and Tobago.Known by the Round A Bout at Chow's Sangre Grande Police Station and Little John Hardware ... Read more

Scrunter - Leroy

Scrunter - She Want Me To Sing In She Party ( Classic )
12'' Single Arranged By Frankie McIntosh. 1986.

Scrunter - That Eh Working Here Tonight

Dj Musical Mix Christmas Parang Soca Parang
01Eat Someting Before You Go-----Scrunter 02.She Gone Parang-----Scrunter 03.Wo Yo-----Scrunter 04.Drink A Rum----Scrunter 05.Madam Jeffry-----Scrunter 06.Merry Christmas----Crazy 07.It's Christmas...

Scrunter - Homemade Wine

Scrunter - Anita

Scrunter - De Parang Now Start

Scrunter - Woman On The Bass ( Classic )
12'' Single Arranged By Art De Coteau. 1979.

Scrunter - Bachelor
2004 soca Bachelor by Scrunter.

Scrunter - Eat Something

Scrunter - Drinking Anything

Scrunter - Party Lover
Scrunter : Party Lover Arranged By Frankie McIntosh Released : 1988.

H2O Phlo ft Scrunter Christmas With You
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Scrunter - Chutkaipan

Scrunter - Soca Bacchanal ( Classic )
12'' Single Arranged By Frankie McIntosh. 1986.

Scrunter - Piece Ah Pork

Scrunter - Madame Jeffery

Chutkaipan by Scrunter
Scrunter - Chutkaipan.

Scrunter - The Will
Classic performance from Calypso Fiesta...vintage.

Oil in the Coil - Scrunter
Oil in the Coil Scrunter Arranged by Leston Paul Doh Jam Dis Solar Sounds T&T 1985.

Scrunter - Merry Christmas

Scrunter - The Bachelor

Scrunter - Classic Medley
A Treasure To Behold.

Scrunter - Backyard Jam

Scrunter - Madame Jeffrey
A Decade Of Scrunter.

Short Old Soca Mix - Scrunter, Baron, Arrow
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Scrunter - Drink Ah Rum

Scrunter ~ Woman On The Bass
kings Of Calypso 1985.

Baron - Spanish Woman
Parang Soca Christmas.

Scrunter eat something before you go
'eat something before you go'