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RockFourArtist info Israeli psych rock quartet RockFour are tough to pigeon-hole. Formed in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, they began playing together during military service, and developed a repertoire of original songs in Hebrew and English. Tipping their berets to the Moody Blues, Teardrop Explodes and The Zombies, RockFour convincingly married The Byrds & Bowie, updating it with 21st century panache. In 2000, four albums in, RockFour made the controversial switch to English lyrics – which immediately catapulted them onto the international scene and branded them Israel’s finest (following Minimal Compact's temporary European success) rock export... Read more

Rockfour - Two Miles - Official Video
Two Miles is available from Tuesday April 2nd - Order The New Album and get combo of LP, CD And For Fans Only Special Edition.

Rockfour - Wild Animals רוקפור - חיות פרא
מהאלבום סופרמרקט From supermarket.

Rockfour - Seatbelts
from the album "One Fantastic Day".

Rockfour - רוקפור - חלקיקי אבק
חלקיקי אבק - שיר חדש לרוקפור ואלי לולאי. רוקפור בהופעה - 30.4.15 - זאפה אמפי שוני כרטיסים:

Rockfour - Haolam Hamufla - רוקפור - העולם המופלא
רוקפור - העולם המופלא מתוך האלבום - העולם המופלא 2010 Visit Anova Music Online Store ...

Rockfour - Automatic Man
from the album "One Fantastic Day".

Rockfour Aquarius
June 26th 2017 @ Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv.

Rockfour - She's full of Fears רוקפור - היא מלאה בפחדים
מהאלבום סופרמרקט From Supermarket.

ROCKFOUR - Two Miles - [email protected]!
רוקפור בהופעה באולפן "וואלה!" מתוך "back2back" במאי: דובי קליין מפיקה: איילת שבח וידאו ארט: אביחי ברוך לתוכנית...

Wild Animals - RockFour
"Wild Animals" by RockFour from the album 'Supermarket' Lyrics: I feel the change A million ways to turn the page "No way!" she said I thought you knew it ...

Rockfour - Powers
Extrait de l'album "Supermarket" (2000)

Rockfour - seatbelts
This is Rockfour's Seatbelts - one of their most beautiful and moving songs. From their live reunion performance at the barby TLV 15-1-2015.

Rock Four Promo Video - Come Together (the Beatles Cover)

Rockfour - "Kol Kivun" - Video Art by Gur Ziv
Video Art for Rockfour's "Memories of the never happened" tour.

Rockfour - Have a good one
definitely good one H.H :)

Rockfour - To The End
Rockfour - To The End from the album "Nationwide". I own no rights. There are a gazillion of great songs up on You Tube-this channel is dedicated to uploading ...

Here's a blast from the past. From the mid eightees until the end of the ninetees, my one true love was Rockfour: Alexander - vocals & keys Vincent Somers ...

Ninet & Rockfour - White Rabbit Live
Ninet & Rockfour performing White Rabbit In Barby TLV Fab 2011.

seatbelts rockfour by david perez and tehila rich
fashion ,music.

Rockfour - Superman

Rockfour - President of Me רוקפור
מהאלבום יום אחד פנטסטי From One Fantastic Day.

Rockfour - Flowers רוקפור - פרחים
מהאלבום יום אחד פנטסטי From One Fantastic Day.

Rockfour - Government רוקפור - ממשלה
מסופרמרקט From supermarket.

lifamim - rockfour

Rockfour - Too Many Organs - Official Video
Too Many Organs is available from Wednesday 20th February - Pre Order The New Album and get combo of LP, CD And For Fans Only ...

"Rock Four" - gespielt vom
Das Ensemble besteht aus acht jungen Schlagzeugschülern der Schlagzeugschule aus Wallenhorst. "Rock Four" ist ein Titel aus dem ...

Rockfour - She's Full Of Fears
Have you a moment to listen to this? One opportunity you'll never miss Oh, it disappeared And it won't be coming soon Blesses and prayers kept locked in a ...

Rockfour - "Arnold Lane" - Video Art by Gur Ziv
Video Art for Rockfour's "Memories of the never happened" tour.

Rockfour - Lady Jette
ckfour - Lady Jette Buy Memories of the Never Happened 2007 - Anova Music.

Rockfour live at Tower Records Rehovot 2002
Rockfour playing in-store Tower Records Rehovot February 2nd, 2002.

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