Free Download Queen Azaka - Ukwata Abbi (Part 1 of 2) mp3

Queen Azaka - Ukwata Abbi (Part 1 of 2)
Ukwuani Female Music Sensation, singing about the UKWATA, an annual festival held in Ukwuani Land.

Queen Azaka - Ukwata Abbi (Part 2 of 2)
Queen Azaka singing about Ukwata Abbi.

Queen Azaka - Ndidi
Queen Azaka singing "Ndidi"

Queen azaka- onyenife omunilo

Queen azaka - amaligom

Queen azaka- nne nne nne

Daddy Kris - Chinyelugo Special (Part 1 of 2)
Daddy Kris.

Queen azaka- madu ba agha enu 1987
Ukwuani highlife.

Daddy Kris - Chinyelugo Special (Part 2 of 2)
Daddy Kris.

King Ubulu & his Inter. Band of Nigeria - Onu onye ba adono
artist: King Ubulu & his Inter. Band of Nigeria song: Onu onye ba adono Special thanks to Moos at Global Groove for posting this great music. 110910...

Sir Danny K Opotopo.DAT
Sir Danny K is one of the leading musicians in Ndokwa Nations. He's from Ndokwa, Delta State, Nigeria.

Yei Tare Ere II - King Robert Ebizimo
The Very, Very, Very Best of King Robert Ebizimo of the Izon/Ijaw Kingdom of Niger Delta, Nigeria Yei Tare Ere - King Robert Ebizimo.

Philo - De Iron Lady
Amerim Nikeuwari.

Rogana Ottah and the Black Heroes - Ukwani special

Eric Enuma - Nmanwun Amaka
Music by a popular Ndokwa Musician, Eric Enuma.

Harmony King - Egwu Ogwu (Part 1 of 2)
Harmony King.

003 Chineyem Okolo - Ukwata festival song
Nigerian Music Afro roots reggae.

Charles Iwegbue - egwu ukwata
International Charles Iwegbue & his Hino sound Nigeria, 60's highlife jazz LP: Memories of late Charles Iwegbue (1977 compilation)

azaka - OmegaQadrant
Enjoy it.

Harmony King - Minimum Wage (Part 1 of 2)
Harmony King Singing "Minimum Wage"

Prince Smart Williams - Uwa Di Egwu
Prince Smart Williams.

Harmony King - Egwu Ogwu (Part 2 of 2)
Harmony King.

Charles Iwegbue & His Archbogs ~ Egwu Ukwata #1 (Ukwuani Ukwata)
artist: Charles Iwegbue & His Archbogs song: Egwu Ukwata #1 (Ukwuani Ukwata) album: Azagas & Archibogs: The Sixties Sound of Lagos Highlife recordings from the early 1960's special thanks...

kiro by chief Akwete uwayah

sirvictor nwambi
sirvictor nwambi.

sirvictor nwambi
sirvictor nwambi.

Harmony King - Minimum Wage (Part 2 of 2)
Harmony King.

Prince Smart Williams - Ndidi Amaka (Pt.1 of 2)
Prince Smart Williams.

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