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PotluckArtist info For the last decade, Potluck has built a well-deserved reputation as the premiere rap group in Humboldt County. They are one of the more promising young talents to emerge from Northern California's legendary, organic, independent, hip-hop scene.Combining an average joe sensibility along with syrupy west coast beats, clever samples, and witty rhymes Potluck's weed inspired song topics include everything from life and loves tribulations to neck-snapping battle raps.Back in 1995, 1 Ton, who originally hails from San Diego, and UnderRated, who was born and raised in Humboldt, met at a dj trial... Read more

Potluck - 2 Minute Drill featuring UnderRated (Fastest Raps)
Potluck - 2 Minute Drill featuring UnderRated (Fastest Raps). From their upcoming release PIPE DREAMS (In Stores February 10th, 2009), Underrated Nails 40 ...

Potluck 2 minute drill
Music Video Production Value: $420.00 fun times in the studio.

Potluck - 2 Minute Drill
Potluck - 2 Minute Drill Pipe Dreams.

UnderRated of Potluck - 4 minute Fire Drill (Official Music Video)
UnderRated kills 5 beats for over 4 minutes straight 1 track, 1 take, no punch-ins, no 2nd tracks, no bullshit. iTunes: ...

Potluck - 3 Minute Miracle featuring UnderRated (Official Music Video)
UnderRated of Potluck "3 Minute Miracle". Music Video for "3 Minute Miracle" performed by Potluck features three mintutes of the fastest rapping and proving that ...

UnderRated of Potluck - West Coast Chopper
UnderRated of Potluck raps 32 bars on Tech N9ne's World Wide Choppers Beat! Lyrics: You never gonna be stopping the way that I be flowing I'm going and ...

Potluck - 4 minute Fire Drill
Potluck - "4 minute Fire Drill" from the album #StonerProblems iTunes: Google Play: ...

Potluck - Doing 40 Bars Straight In The Studio For "UnderRated : 2 Min Drill" (247HH Exclusive)
Official 247HH exclusive interview with California based Hip Hop artist Potluck, where you'll hear about the time he did 40 bars in the studio. Check out what ...

Potluck - #StonerProblems FULL ALBUM
Potluck - #StonerProblems FULL ALBUM links to purchase below! Blow Ya Head Off 0:00 Better Me feat. James Boy 3:40 Smokin Good feat. Irv Da Phenom 7:30 ...

Potluck 2 Minute Drill
UnderRated from Potluck performs 2 Minute Drill at Centerstage Bar & Grill in Kokomo Indiana.

Potluck - 3 Minute Miracle
Potluck 3 Minute Miracle Track 15 Rhymes And Resin.

2 Minute Drill - PotLuck ( Performed LIVE by UnderRated )
UnderRated from PotLuck performing the Track 2 Min. Drill (2011)

Underrated(Potluck)~ 2 Minute Drill- Chipmonk remix
Underrated 2 minute drill chipmonk style.

UnderRated screws up the 2-Minute Drill

PotLucK- 2 Minute Drill
some subnoize flava.


UnderRated 2 minute drill -live!-
UnderRated preforming his 2minute drill LIVE at music Millennium in Portland, Oregon. :) it was AMAZING! :D.

Potluck 2 Minute Drill live at Purple Hash Bash 2011
Potluck "2 Minute Drill" (off the album Pipe Dreams) Purple Hash Bash, Sept. 21st, 2011 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI UnderRated kills it! Thanks to Potluck and their ...

underrated of potluck live 2 minute drill 03/10/11 strange noize tour
underrate of potluck live 2 minute drill 03/10/11 strange noize tour diesel pittsburgh pa.

DJ Wicked and Potluck - 420 Marathon Marijuana Mix #1
In celebration of 420, DJ Wicked mixed together a 15 minute medley of your favorite weed related HipHop instrumentals, and emcee's 1-Ton and Underrated of ...

2 Minute Drill UnderRated Hawthorne Theater
UnderRated April 14 2011 Hawthorne Theater STRANGENOIZE TOUR 2011.

POTLUCK's underRATED performing the (Two Minute Drill) on the "Strange Noize Tour 2011"
Potluck's underRATED performing the (Two Minute Drill) live at Pop's Nightclub & Concert Venue in Sauget,IL on the "Strange Noize Tour 2011" watch in HD ...

UnderRated - 2 Minute Drill Live (Portland, OR - 6/23/11)
UnderRated performing 2 Minute Drill live at the Potluck in-store at Millenium Music in Portland, OR. 6/23/11.

POTLUCK- 2 minute drill
Potluck's underrated doing his "2 min drill " on the potluck's hotbox holidaze tour.

Potluck - Fire
From the album "Straight Outta Humboldt"

Potluck - 2 Minute Drill (Live At Pops).MOV
This was Mar 23rd 2011 at the Strange Noize Tour at Pops in Sauget, IL.

UnderRated of Potluck - Tom Brady
UnderRated has a dream he is Tom Brady! From Potluck's upcoming album "Stoner Problems"

Potluck - Marathon Marijuana Mix #3
HAPPY 420!!! Potluck - Marathon Marijuana Mix #3 "Smoking to the Classics"

Potluck - Smoke Session
Potluck Smoke Session Track 14 Rhymes And Resin.

UnderRated (Potluck) - 4 Minute Firedrill, LIVE
UnderRated of Potluck preforms the 4 Minute Firedrill at the Riverside Grange Hall in Albany, OR on the second stop of the Pre-Hangover Tour.

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