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Pop EvilArtist info In January 2010, the band announced that they are heading back into the studio to record a new album, which is titled War of Angels, scheduled to be released in February 8th, 2011.In June 2010, the band posted a new press release in regards to who is producing War of Angels.POP EVIL CHOOSES MIDWEST NATIVE JOHNNY K TO PRODUCE SOPHOMORE ALBUM ~ Band plans to hit the studio this month to record War of Angels, due out in Feb 2011 ~GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 4, 2010– After six months of writing new material, Michigan’s Pop Evil is set to record their sophomore album, War of Angels (Universal Republic Records) with Midwest native/producer Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, and Finger Eleven) beginning in June... Read more

Pop evil welcome to reality
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Halfway Jam - Royalton, MN 7/25/13.

Pop Evil "Welcome to Reality" Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ, 5/3/14 live concert

Pop Evil Greatest Hits Playlist
My playlist of the best Pop Evil songs. Footsteps – 00:00 Boss's Daughter – 04:21 Goodbye My Friend – 07:46 Deal With the Devil – 11:37 Epitaph – 14:58 Hero – 18:30 In Disarray...

Pop Evil "The Onyx Trilogy"
"The Onyx Trilogy" #BehindClosedDoors, #DealWithTheDevil, #Trenches Directed by: Johan Carlén Get "The Onyx Trilogy" on iTunes Here:

Pop Evil "Unstoppable" lyric video / Now on iTunes
Pop Evil "Unstoppable" lyric video Click here to buy on iTunes

Pop Evil - Flawed
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Pop Evil - Silence & Scars [Lyrics, HD, HQ]
Artist: Pop Evil, Title: Silence & Scars Album: Onyx, Track: 7, Year: 2013 Lyrics: enable CC, Transcript, see description below Genres: Hard Rock / Alternative Metal / Post-Grunge, Origin:...

Pop Evil "Goodbye My Friend"
From the new Pop Evil record Onyx Check out all the Onyx preorder bundles at Preorder Onyx on iTunes: Like Pop Evil on Facebook:

Pop Evil - Behind Closed Doors /lyrics video/
'Cause it hadn't got a lyrics video...until now:) and because of a favor...All in all great song, I just love it:D Enjoy...!:D.

Another Romeo & Juliet-Pop Evil
Well ashes to Ashes. Love to dust. Sure as the sun will shine, And I was lost in lust. Now I am looking in your eyes, So black and so cold. Your words don't mean nothing, This game is...

Pop Evil - Core
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Welcome To Reality

Pop Evil - Hero
Pop Evil - Hero Join SPFC Today!

Pop Evil - Footsteps
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Pop Evil - Sick Sense
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Ready or Not-Pop Evil
When the fire starts killing men, They'll be a price upon our head. Conspiracy on the Motherland, While our Brothers end up dead. Well, are you ready or not? Cuz here I come. I'm without...

Adolescents - Welcome To Reality EP
Adolescents - Welcome To Reality EP 01. Welcome To Reality 0:00 02. Losing Battle 2:09 03. Things Start Moving 3:42.

Shinedown-Pop Evil
A little more than life's been a wasting, Since you ran away, Nothings changed. So stick together, it won't last forever. Why is there so much pain? I can't explain. This war I fought without...

Pop Evil - Vendetta
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Sick Sense - Pop Evil (Lyric Video)
Sick Sense By Pop Evil Onyx Stock Photo Video By Juin Ruin.

PoP Evil - Core
From the awesome new album "UP" all rights belong to pop evil..!!

Welcome to Reality LYRIC VIDEO - Place Your Bets
"Welcome to Reality" from Place Your Bets' debut EP "Caught in the Webs" Download the 'Caught in the Webs' EP and all PYB songs for Free here: http://www.mediafire.c...

Pop Evil - Last Man Standing live @ Welcome To Rockville 2013
Next up: Pop Evil! I had been looking forward to this band for awhile and they did not disappoint! On the playlist description I should post a general apology for the shakiness of the video!...

Pop Evil - Goodbye My Friend
Genre: Alt.Rock/Hard Rock Album: Onyx Year: 2013 Their Facebook Page: Rock Central Facebook Page:

Adolescents Welcome to reality w/ lyrics
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Behind Closed Doors - Pop Evil (Lyric Video)
Behind Closed Doors By Pop Evil Onyx Stock Photo Video By Juin Ruin.

Pop Evil - Lux
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Sick Sense - Pop Evil Lyrics on Screen
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Pop Evil - Dead In The Water
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