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Philemon Arthur and the DungArtist info Philemon Arthur and the Dung is a Swedish folk group. The band consists of two unidentified males, possibly more, known only by the pseudonyms "Philemon Arthur" and "The Dung." They have chosen to keep their identities a secret to prevent their undisclosed hometown in Scania, Sweden from becoming the subject of media attention. Their true identities are known to only a select few bound to secrecy, among them personnel at Silence, their record label... Read more

Si Felimon (With Vocals)
Illustration, animation and musical arrangement by Dan of Vocals by Nicole Elizar Link to website:

Si Pilemon, Si Pilemon
Si Pilemon.


Yoyoy Villame Si Felimon Karaoke
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Si Pilemon/Seven Bridges Road (Cover)

si felimon si felimon - iya version
2 yrs old girl sing visayan song.

Si Filemon (OFM Angklung for Sir Eric) =D

Happy Mother's Day!!! This video is dedicated to all the mothers. The song Ili-ili Tulog Anay is a Philippine folksong which originated in the Visayas region of the country- an Ilongo folksong....

Fred Aucagos - Pangua zô pile moin
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Kalou Pilé - Roule ton maloya - 974Muzik
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TO our teacher(ma'am cha calatong),fellow students,and other viewers :)) the MAPEH health group of ssc 2-1 proudly presents the MOST PROMISING MTV of pasayawa ko dai (visayan folksong).. ...

Triple Fret - Si Pilemon

Ili Ili Tulog Anay - Acappella cover by MVibe
Ili-ili Tulog Anay is a folk song (lullaby) from the Ilonggos. It is usually sung by a sister or another female relative to keep a child sleeping while the mother is away. This is my performance...


Balik bayan with lyrics (ILONGGO SONG) HD

Si Felimon Si Felimon By - Pirot
Si Felimon Si Felimon By - Pirot.

Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company - Si Felimon
A fishing scene provides the setting for two Visayan songs, Si Felimon and Si Nanay, Si Tatay. Audio only Si Felimon, si Felimon namasol sa kadagatan Nakakuha, nakakuha ug isda'ng tambasakan...

Dj Pi-Lemon-21-03

Dj Pi-Lemon 20-03


je m'y perds/wilfred lebouthillier
nouveau hit de wilfred lebouthillier.

Pokémon Theme Song Trap Remix
Pokémon Theme Song Remix (Gotta Catch'em All Remix) Remixed by Dj Suede Free download: ✖ Follow TrapMusicHD ✖ Facebook: https://ww...

MSU-IIT Octava Choral Society - Si Pilimon (CCP)
arranged by: Hope Serate edited by: Prof. Frank A. Englis (A visayan folk song) The Musical Director: Francisco "Frank" Abellana Englis is a professor teaching at MSU-IIT since 1974. He...

si filemon, si filimon
This is a visayan/Cebuano folk song that was made popular by Yoyoy villame in the 1970s. It is a very light upbeat song that talks about a fisherman who went out to sea but come back with...

si pilimon
si pilimon namasol sa kadagatan.

Dandansoy Cebuano Folk Song Karaoke no melody guide

Si Filemon
Philippine Folk Arts Society, Inc. (PFASI) Rondalla of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania practice playing a traditional song...

Si Felimon - Yoyoy Villame (Tribute)
Another Tribute to the Late Yoyoy Villame as I made a video with his song "Se Felimon"

Si Pelimon!!!
While we're on our way to salagdoong beach for our overnight the international longboard skaters jammed with us singing the national visayan song "si pelimon"(the fisherman)