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Petula ClarkArtist info Petula Clark, CBE (born November 15, 1932), is an English singer, actress and composer, best known for her upbeat popular international hits of the 1960s. With nearly 70 million recordings sold worldwide, she is the most successful English solo female recording artist to date. Perhaps best known for her massive hit 'Downtown' and whilst being English, Petula's work was heavily French-influenced.In the 1950s, she later was to branch out to become a major success in much of Europe... Read more

Petula Clark - Never Let Go
Lyrics: John Owen Williams, Paul Visser, Petula Clark, Stephen Large Music: John Owen Williams, Paul Visser, Petula Clark, Stephen Large Year: 2016 Original: Petula Clark Released: From Now...

Petula Clark - Never On Sunday
rare Song! Petula Clark Never On Sunday.

Petula Clark - A Sign Of The Times
"In some ways, I've always approached singing as acting, and the voice is just like a way of carrying the song." [Petula Clark] Album "My Love" Released - March 1966 ... lyrics: It's a sign...

Petula Clark ~ ' Just Say Goodbye' from 1966 ... in Stereo
Rarely heard song from 1966 written by Petula Clark, Pierre Delanoé & Tony Hatch. For Stereo sound .... go to

Petula Clark ~ Don't Give Up (Stereo)
Don't Give Up by Petula Clark - from 1968.

Petula Clark - The Twelfth Of Never
In 1976 Petula Clark recorded in Nashville an album with Elvis Presley producer Chips Moman. This simple recording of vocals and piano is Petula`s version of the much covered song The Twelfth...

petula clark - as if we never said goodbye
petula gives a powerful and emotional performance of As If We Never Said Goodbye from sunset boulevard. She is easily the best Norma (Hence the eye make-up)

True Love (Never Runs Smooth) Petula Clark (Vogue)
Pat Mortimer lip synch's this Petula Clark song of 1965 on The Rick Shaw Show on location in Miami Beach 1965.

The Song Of My Life - Petula Clark
The Song Of My Life everyone has a song that belongs to their life that will go on and on through the years of their life there's a wonderful song one that you wrote to me and I...

Petula Clark - Don't sleep in the subway (HQ)

Petula Clark - I Know A Place
1965 From the uk. One of the most successful singer, from the sixties.

Petula Clark - The last waltz (1967)

Petula Clark : Kiss Me Goodbye
Petula Clark : Kiss Me Goodbye : The Ultimate Collection (2002) We choose it, win or lose it Love is never quite the same I love you, now I've lost you Don't feel bad, you're not to blame...

Petula Clark Downtown. original version
Petula Clark Downtown. 1964.

PETULA CLARK - "Round Every Corner" (1965)
Just the song we need to snap us out of our depression.

We choose it, win or lose it Love is never quite the same I love you, now I've lost you Don't feel bad, you're not to blame So kiss me goodbye and I'll try not to cry All the tears in...

Petula Clark - If Ever You're Lonely ( Original version + Lyrics ) [HQ]
Look at me. I can see there's no love in your eyes. Though you try to pretend Look at me. Aw, there's no need to explain how you're feeling I guess it's the end And when you go I will try not...

Petula Clark - Cut Copy Me (Official Video)
iTunes Amazon: Music video by Petula Clark performing Cut Copy Me. (c) 2013 All Pet Productions Limited and Troubador...

Two Rivers - Lyrics - Petula Clark
Two Rivers was composed and performed by Petula Clark in 1965 and appeared in her album I Couldn't Live Without Your Love. I have assumed that it is her own love story that is presented in...

Kiss Me Goodbye - Lyrics - Petula Clark
Kiss Me Goodbye is an easy listening song recorded by Petula Clark and it rose to number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1968. It is included in her 1968 album Petula. It was written by Barry...

Petula Clark
Petula singing her 1967 hit "Don't Sleep In The Subway".

Petula Clark - Downtown (With Lyrics)
When you're alone And life is making you lonely, You can always go downtown When you've got worries, All the noise and the hurry Seems to help, I know, downtown Just listen to the music...

Petula Clark - There Is Love
Pop, Rock, Music, England, 50's, 60's, 70's, Swing, Greats hits, Oldies, Petula Clark, There Is Love, Inglaterra.

Petula Clark ~ Downtown (1964)
This great song was released in 1964 and made number 1 in the U.S and number 2 here in the UK.

Petula Clark "Don't Give Up" My Extended Version!!
No copyright infringement intended. For informational and historic purposes only. Another real favorite of mine from the great year for music...1968 by the amazing team of Clark, Trent and...

Petula Clark - I couldn't live without your love (HQ)
This song by "Petula Clark" was released in 1966.It was written by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent and this song was inspired by the affair the songwriters were having at the time.I do like a bit...

The Wedding Song (There Is Love) - Petula Clark
One of the most beautiful songs that Petula has recorded. There certainly is love.!!

Petula Clark - What Now My Love (1965)
Petula Clark from 1965.

Petula Clark Where did we go wrong.
One of Pets less known but I think best records. Not released as a single in the UK which is a shame as I'm sure it would have done at least as well as her others. It's sad that all the 'real'...

Petula Clark - A Miracle To Me
Lyrics: Petula Clark Music: Petula Clark Year: 2016 Original: Petula Clark Released: From Now On (2016) Written by ear: avatarm All song, photo copyrights belong to authors and their label.... | | niggas get shot everyday | | | | | | rindu ismi azis | Look alive drake | Look alive drake | | | | Fake love big swervo | | | | | Lil skies | Fake love | RY X - Bad Love (Rampa Remix) | 밤을 노래함 징검다리세또레 | | | | | | |