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Petter CarlsenArtist info Petter Carlsen is a singer and music maker from Alta, Finnmark, Norway. He debuted with the EP A Taste of What's to Come in 2006. His debut album You Go Bird was released in August 2009, which entered the charts at #14. The music is atmospheric and melodic... Read more

Petter Carlsen - Majestet (live med Ensemble Noor)
Rehearsal recording late 2017. Live in the Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta. Three songs from this session (all songs from "Glimt") became the 3 track EP "Glimt ...

Petter Carlsen - Even Dead Things Feel Your Love (live)
Ordering "Clocks Don't Count - European edition" album vinyl/cd : CD: LP: ...

Petter Carlsen - Built to last (live)
Ordering "Clocks Don't Count - European edition" album vinyl/cd : CD: LP: ...

Petter Carlsen - Pull The Brakes
Filmed by Petter in Lofoten.

Petter Carlsen + Anneke Van Giersbergen + Danny Cavanagh : The Sound of You and Me | HibOO d'Live | | Petter Carlsen plays with Anneke van Giersbergen and Danny ...

Petter Carlsen - Time To Let Go (feat. Unni Wilhelmsen)
Shot on location in Paeska, Alta, Finnmark, Norway August 25th 2012 at 04.53 in the morning. The song is on the 'You Begin Where Everything Ends EP' (out ...

Petter Carlsen - Even Dead Things Feel Your Love
Recorded live at beautiful Hotell Union Øye. Taken from the album Clocks Don't Count. Film and sound by: Øystein Eugene Hermstad Music ...

Petter Carlsen - You Begin Where Everything Ends (live)
Recorded in Osloklang studios spring 2014 with Rein Film. The song is on Petter Carlsen's new album 'Sirens' (out 19th September 2014) Order album: ...

Petter Carlsen - Bensin (live with Ensemble Noor)
From the EP "Glimt av Glimt (with Ensemble Noor). Recorded live in the Northern Lights Cathedral, together with Ensemble Noor, in my hometown, Alta.

petter carlsen - never leave me
From 'Sirens' (Sept 2014) stuck in a magic moment, from a magical time we just dived into, into each other's minds its a strange existence , easy to go blind It's ...

Petter Carlsen - The Sound Of You And Me
Music Video made by Renate Rognan og Dag-Stian Mykjåland. New Album out Aug 2009!

Petter Carlsen & Anathema, live at Rockefeller (Pull the Brakes)
Petter Carlsen feat. Anneke van Giersbergen, Vincent Cavanagh and Danny Cavanagh. Playing Pull the Brakes from the album You go Bird.

Petter Carlsen - Spirits in Need - music video
Spirits in need is from Petter Carlsens album "Clocks don't count" Music Video is directed, produced and cut by Aleksander Olai Korsnes from Rein Film. Shot by ...

Petter Carlsen - Majestet
Majestet by Petter Carlsen from the album Glimt av Glimt (Live med Ensemble Noor) Released 2018-02-16 on Friskt Pust Records Listen/download this album ...

Petter Carlsen - Majestet
From my new album 'Glimt' (due 31.03.2017) order the vinyl, cd or dl from A friend of a friend of mine had a conversation with his father ...

Petter Carlsen - Ekko (live with Ensemble Noor)
From the EP "Glimt av Glimt" (live with Ensemble Noor) Find all songs here: . Live recordings from last year's album "Glimt", ...

Petter Carlsen - You Could Be The One (live)
Order 'SIRENS' here: World: CD/LP/DL : Norway: 'You Could Be The One' is from Petter Carlsen's album ...

Petter Carlsen - Even Dead Things Feel Your Love (NRK Sommeråpent 2013)
Written by Petter Carlsen. Aleksander Kostopoulos on percussion. From the NRK program "Sommeråpent" on board the ship MS Sjøkurs in Vardø, Finnmark, ...

Petter Carlsen - Gnist
From my new album "Glimt" , due 31. March 2017. Order the album here:

Petter Carlsen - Majestet
Performed on April 16 2017 at Cacaofabriek, Helmond, The Netherlands.

Petter Carlsen - You go Bird
Petter Carlsen - You go Bird - Live at the Cacaofabriek, Helmond, The Netherlands, April 16, 2017.

Petter Carlsen - Spøkelse
This song is an attempt to deny death its influence on life, and on myself. Inspired by a peaceful place by Alta river. The place where I'm almost certain that my ...

Petter Carlsen - Half
Den talentfulle artisten Petter Carlsen synger låta si "Half"

Petter Carlsen - Home
From the album "Clocks Don't Count". To order album: CD: LP: ...

Petter Carlsen - Even Dead Things Feel Your Love (tradução)
Sendo este o ultimo tema musical que comigo partilhaste e me deste a conhecer, não poderia deixar de fazer dele. a minha sentida despedida. "Nas coisas ...

Petter Carlsen "Spirits in Need" acoustic and live in a cabin in Alta.
In early Feb, we shot the music video for "Spirits in Need" which is expected to be released around the time when Feb is becoming March. We had some extra ...

Petter Carlsen - You Go Bird
From the album You Go Bird. Lyrics: This season seems to be the perfect frame All you ever longed for was peace with the ones who share your name do you ...

Petter Carlsen - Tynnslitt
My album "Glimt" is finally out! order LP/CD : iTunes: spotify: Tidal: ...

Petter Carlsen - Wings
From 'Sirens' (19.09.2014)

Petter Carlsen - Sirens
Order 'Sirens' here: World (DL/CD/LP): Norway: LP/CD : DL: iTunes: I ...

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