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OxtArtist info OxT is a Japanese duo. Their single "Clattatonia" was used for Overlord opening theme. ... Read more

Hand Shakers Opening Full『OxT - One Hand Message』
Hand Shakers OP Full Song 『OxT - One Hand Message』 TV Anime "Hand Shakers" Opening Theme Performed by OxT / [email protected] M-01 - TV Anime "Hand Shakers" Opening Theme ------------------------------...

OxT『Laughter Slaughter』●初出しニコ生ライブ★劇場版オーバーロード主題歌
2017年1月25日発売 『One Hand Message』 収録曲 01. One Hand Message (テレビアニメ「ハンドシェイカー」OP) 02. Laughter Slaughter (劇場版アニメ「劇場版総集...

oxt - kimero [FULL] ost
oxt - kimero [FULL] ost Diamond Ace.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun opening "Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai" live - OxT
OxT(オーイシマサヨシ[email protected]) OxT新年会~2016年もオクトってこーぜ!

OxT - Grateful Story (Live)
20150910 OxTの日SPライブ@渋谷Glad より OxT - Grateful Story (Live / Kor Sub) 「ダイヤのA The LIVE Ⅰ」 主題歌 다이아몬드 에이스 THE LIVE 1편 주제곡.

clattanoia /OxT
ニコ生コメントも一緒に観れる方が臨場感あるよね、 と思いそのままにしてあります。 完全に自分が楽しむ用です。

Prince of Stride Alternative opening "STRIDER'S HIGH" live - OxT
OxT(オーイシマサヨシ[email protected]) OxT新年会~2016年もオクトってこーぜ!

OxT - Clattanoia ( Português - Brasil )
Facebook: SoundCloud: Instagram: Twitter: Download:...

OxTによるTVアニメ「ダイヤのA」関連楽曲を全て収録した コンプリートアルバムがついに発売! O×T COMPLETE SONGS “ACE OF DIAMOND” アーティスト:...

Clattanoia - OxT Romaji Lyrics
Clattanoia (Overlord Opening) By OxT COPYRIGHT FAIR USE NOTICE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of entertainment & commentar...

A-Kon Presents OxT
OXT is coming to A-kon28, with 2 live shows. Don't miss this amazing group straight from Japan. Make sure you get your membership at

OxT -「Clattanoia」
Welcome in the Eievui's House ♥ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- • Song : Clattanoia • Artist : OxT • Anime : Overlord (OP1) • Wallpaper : https://im...

【A.M.V】OxT - Clattanoia
One Two Three! Let's Party!!! *Thanks for Watching* *Chúc mọi người xem phim vui vẻ*

【ニコ生番外編】[email protected]くんの家へ【OxT】セッション部分
【番組説明】 今回は番外編! 一緒にアニメソングを作っているパートナー、[email protected]くんのお家に遊びに行きます! 次世代音楽クリエータとして数...

OxT - Clattanoia (Overlord Theme song) [FULL]
Edit of Overlord's awesome theme song. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS, THIS IS JUST A HOBBY! Song: OxT - Clattanoia Background:

【English Lyrics】Laughter Slaughter - OxT - OVERLORD劇場版総集編「漆黒の英雄」【+日本語歌詞+中文字幕】
Full lyrics: Buy this song at Amazon:

OxT - Clattanoia「Overlord - Opening 1」
Siga nas redes social: Facebook: Google+: MyAnimeList: Anime: Overlord Opening: 1 Music: OxT - Clattanoia ☆ DISCLAIMER...


Overlord OP【オーバーロード】 - Clattanoia by OxT - Drum Cover in 60FPS!
Instrumental Cover: ( CollaboDaisakusen Cover: ( I finally upgraded my camera! Behold the 60FPS smoothness...

Nightcore | OxT- Clattanoia [HD] (Overlord Op FULL)
Song: Clattanoia Vocal: OxT Pic:

Clattanoia - Overlord OP (オーバーロード) by OxT
Clattanoia - Overlord OP (オーバーロード)

【カラオケ練習用】Clattanoia / OxT【歌詞付き・フル・offvocal・J-pop・アニソン】
最近アップしたカラオケ練習用動画⇒ ☆最新カラオケランキングまとめ⇒

#Overlord (OP) [Clattanoia] OxT RUS song #cover
Radiant Records — [DiWilliam] Клаттанойя ; Original: OxT — Clattanoia ; Sourse: Overlord (OP) ; Vocal: DiWilliam ; Sound Production: Radiant, Felya, Lilaria ; Lyrics: Ulwira,...

オーバーロード OP - Overlord Opening (Clattanoia - OxT) I FULL COVER RU 우타이테utaite
RU's youtube: RU's facebook: RU's instagram: 레슨문의 ruru92(카톡)

Overlord opening: Clattanoia - OxT [HD]
Hola! aquí la grandiosa canción de apertura del anime Overlord, espero que la disfruten. Facebook: Artista: OxT Fecha de lanzamiento: 2015 Todos...

[Bass Cover]OxT - 君じゃなきゃダメみたい
Bass : Ibanez SSR635 Sound : Line6 POD Farm 2 Oishi Masayoshi x [email protected] Live Bass cover.

Prince of Stride: Alternative OP - Stride (ストライド) by OxT - Drum Cover
Whoaa, 15k subs?! Jeez, how did that happen? We're working on a cool collaboration video just for you guys, since you are all so awesome. It's gonna be amazing, just wait! Song: Stride (ストラ...

[Official Audio] Clattanoia - OxT [Overlord]
Anime : OVERLORD Song : Clattanoia Artist : OxT Download :: FB ::

Prince of Stride: Alternative OP ~STRIDER'S HIGH by OxT Full
If you like it subscribe :) Full opening of Prince of Stride: Alternative. STRIDER'S HIGH - OxT.

Nightcore - フルサイズ(OxT「Clattanoia)
Official video song 【MV】OxT「Clattanoia」Music Clip フルサイズ Picure link - I don't own the original...