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Ai KawashimaArtist info Ai Kawashima (川嶋あい, Kawashima Ai), born February 21, 1986 in Fukuoka, is a Japanese singer-songwriter.Former singer of the duo I WiSH (with pianist Nao), Ai Kawashima is now pursuing a solo career. Her music was used as an opening theme to the Japanese release of the video game, Shining Force Neo, titled "Zetsubou to Kibou"「絶望と希望」, from her sixth maxi single. Also, "Compass" was used as the theme in the 8th One Piece movie, an anime film... Read more

My Love / 川嶋あい
川嶋あい My Love.

Kawashima Ai - My Love (Lyrics)
So, I wanted to do the lyrics to my favourite song!X3X3 Enjoy.

川嶋あい - My Love

Japan Day 2009: Kawashima Ai(川嶋 あい)-my love
Kawashima Ai (川嶋 あい) playing with the Yaz band in central park....

川嶋あい My Love
ウTBんバージョン。 Ai kawashima sings. The title"My Love"

Ai [email protected] Love / music box

LIVE I WiSH 明日への扉 再結成ライブ2008 2 21 Ai Kawashima Anniversary Live~誕生日だからお祝いしNight!~

PV 川嶋あい My Love

川嶋あい - シンクロ
川嶋あいオフィシャルHP □シングル情報 【タイトル】 シンクロ 【発売日】 2017年6月14日 【収録楽曲】 初回盤 シンクロ/Beautiful!...

川嶋あい - My Love
フジテレビ系「あいのり」主題歌 2007.3.21 ALWAYS' MUSIC LIVE.

Ai Kawashima - どんなときも
Ai Kawashima - どんなときも I've decided to upload a few of my favorite tracks from various artists. Enjoy!

Ai Kawashima - 唾羨ちの晩に...
Better sound quality.

川嶋あい - My Love
"My Love"

Ai Kawashima - Yuki ni saku hana (川嶋 あい - 雪に咲く花)
Romaji and kanji lyrics. This is 10th song from Ai Kawashima's "12ko no Uta" album which was released on 18.05.2005. All credits goes to Ai Kawashima.

川嶋あい / 旅立ちの日に・・・(Lyrics)

明日への扉 - I WiSH(川嶋あい)
君をのせて 天空の城ラピュタ 井上あずみ Love Story - 安室奈美恵 何も言えなくて・・・夏 - J-WALK ...

Ai Kawashima - Oh my snow

川嶋あい - 明日への扉 [LIVE]

2017/6/14発売「シンクロ」初回盤収録「Ai Kawashima Concert 2016〜Travel Diary〜」PR
2017年6月14発売「シンクロ」初回盤には「2016年8月20日に行われた、“Ai Kawashima Concert 2016〜Travel Diary〜のライブDVDが収録されます! □2017年6月14 ...

Kawashima Ai - 12 ko no kisetsu
My First Video. YAY!! pm me for download. ^_^

I WISH(featuring Ai Kawashima) - Asu e no Tobira
japanese pop song 2003 released Asu≒tomorrow,future e no≒for,to Tobira≒door.

Ai Kawashima - Daisuki da yo vostfr Pour ceux qui veulent voir TOUTES les vidéo que j'ai sous-titrée même celle qui ont été supprimer sur youtube (sauf touch my ...

Ai Kawashima - 12 Seasons Part I
Singer: Ai Kawashima Song: 12 Seasons Japan Day NYC ( May 31, 2009 初めて会った頃より ...

[LIVE] 川嶋あい - Crying (Ai Kawashima - Crying) 한국어 자막

川嶋あい(Kawashima Ai) - [LIVE]12個の季節~4度目の春~-1 한국어자막
Love story in her school days.

川嶋あい「My Love」カバー

My Love ( 2015-01-18 ) 川嶋 あい Cover
2015年1月18日(日) 松阪M'axa Golden Flowers Live.

【Yousei】(HBD Mayu) Ai Kawashima - Kimi no koe Cover
My video spoil the end of the film / ! \ Hi this is my new cover for my friend: Mayu Akumane ! This is her birthday, today ! So Happy Birthday Gumi-chan !

川嶋あい(kawashima ai) - [LIVE]旅立ちの日に... 한국어 자막

Tabidachi no Hi ni.../Ai Kawashima [Music Box]
All Songs Collection [Part 1] [Part 2] #R3 Music Box's Playlists #Search for R3 Music Box's ...

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