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Bing CrosbyArtist info Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby (born May 2, 1903 in Tacoma, Washington; died October 14, 1977 in Madrid, Spain) was an American Grammy Award winning singer and Academy Award winning actor who was one of the first true multimedia stars, from 1934 to 1954 Crosby held a nearly unrivaled command of record sales, radio ratings and motion picture grosses. Widely recognized as one of the most popular musical acts in history, Crosby is also credited as being the major inspiration for most of the male singers of the era that followed him, including Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin. In 1962, Crosby was the first person to be recognized with the Grammy Global Achievement Award and is one of the few people to have three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Father Chuck O'Malley in the 1944 motion picture Going My Way... Read more

Bing Crosby - Moonlight and Shadows (1937)
Recorded on March 5, 1937 in Los Angeles, California Victor Young & His Orchestra with vocalist Bing Crosby.

Bing Crosby - Moonlight And Shadows (1937)
Bing Crosby - Moonlight And Shadows (1937)

Moonlight And Shadows - Ampico Lexington 88n
from "Jungle Princess"

Moonlight and Shadows
Shadowstar Boxer produced by M Theory (Jordan Bell) *SBA/CMC banner by SELFakaCHEWIT.

1937 Anson Weeks - Moonlight And Shadows (Frankie Saputo, vocal)
Song hit from “The Jungle Princess,” which was Dorothy Lamour's first starring film role. See also the flipside “How Could You?” Disc courtesy of The Rick Colom Collection, digitally...

1937 HITS ARCHIVE: Moonlight And Shadows - Shep Fields (Bob Goday, vocal)
Popular version of the song hit from “The Jungle Princess,” which was Dorothy Lamour's first starring film role. Original 78rpm courtesy of The Rick Colom Collection: Bluebird B-6803...

Moonlight and Shadows.wmv
Los Indios Tabajaras - Moonlight and Shadows.

Bing Crosby - Moonlight Becomes You 1943
Bing Crosby - Moonlight Becomes You 1943.

Bing Crosby-"Black Moonlight"
w/ Jimmie Grier.

Eddie Carroll and his Casani Club Orchestra "Moonlight and Shadows" 1937
This beautiful song, one of my favorites, comes from Dorothy Lamours´s first movie "The Jungle PrIncess" and was written by Friedrich Hollaender and Leo Robin. A very nice recording on Odeon OF 5410.

Bing Crosby - The Moon and the Willow Tree (1939)
This song was from the movie "Road to Singapore", where it was sang by Dorothy Lamour. Music by Victor Schertzinger, lyrics by Johnny Burke.

The Waikikis - Moonlight And Shadows
from the album "PEARLY SHELLS From HAWAII"

Bing Crosby - Thanks (1933)
Charted at #2 in 1933. Bing sang this song in the movie, "Too Much Harmony". For another lovely ballad from the movie, check out my posting of "The Day You Came Along". Recorded August 27th,...

Bing Crosby, Moonlight Becomes You
Sung by Bing Crosby. Note. The audio is within the Public Domain.

Shep Fields Rippling Rhythm Bob Goday - Moonlight And Shadows 1937
From the movie "Jungle Princess" starring Dorothy Lamour (1936) - Shep Fields (September 12, 1910 -- February 23, 1981) was the band leader for the "Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm" orchestra...

Moonlight And Shadows by Red Jessup and his Melody Makers with Chick Bullock, 1937
Nice vocal by Chick Bullock, lurking somewhere out in the jungle.... Take 1. Recorded January, 1937.

Dorothy Lamour で ''Moonlight and Shadows''
演奏蓄音機は日本蓄音器商会(日本コロムビア)のグラフォノーラ No.202です。

Bing Crosby - Shadow Waltz (1933)
Music: Harry Warren Lyrics: Al Dubin Jimmy Grier and his Orchestra with vocalist Bing Crosby Recorded June 13, 1933, Los Angeles, California Brunswick B794-A.

1934 HITS ARCHIVE: The Moon Was Yellow - Bing Crosby
Having recently departed Brunswick, Bing recorded this at his second session with the brand new Decca label…a working relationship that would endure until the late 1950s. CD audio, originally...

Bing Crosby - Moonstruck
Performer: « Bing Crosby » « Moonstruck » Audio : Very Hq - CD Quality Sound -- MP3 320 Kbps Album : « 99 Hits : Bing Crosby » by « Bing Crosby » Genre et sous style: Vocal Jazz.

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas - Bing Crosby
I can't find this lyrics.

Bing Crosby -- Sweet Is the World for You (Waikiki Wedding - 1937) (B.S.O - O.S.T)
Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby (Tacoma, Estado de Washington, 3 de mayo de 1903 - Alcobendas, España, 14 de octubre de 1977) fue un cantante (crooner) y actor estadounidense con una carrera artística...

Bing Crosby - When Day Is Done
Performer(s): « Bing Crosby » & « Victor Young » « When Day Is Done » Audio : Very Hq - CD Quality Sound -- MP3 320 Kbps Album : « 99 Hits : Bing Crosby » by « Bing Crosby » Genre...

Moonlight and Shadows - The Aquatudes
The Aquatudes performing live at the Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Lobsterbake, Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven CT, Friday, 18 Sept 2015. Covering Moonlight and Shadows by Eddie Duchin.

Bing Crosby - Moonlight on a white picket fence
Performer: « Bing Crosby »

Shaping The Silence - Moonlight and Shadows (FREE DOWNLOAD)
FREE DOWNLOAD! (also contains a good selection of our other tracks) Shaping The Silence:▽

Martin Denny - 10 Moonlight and Shadows

Bing Crosby - South Of The Border (1939)
Bing Crosby's wonderful 1939 version of "South of the Border" from 1939. The song was written by Jimmy Kennedy & Michael Carr. This recording is a radio recording from the Kraft Music Hall.

Jack Jones - Moonlight Becomes You
Moonlight Becomes You by Jack Jones - from 1961 - the song was from the 1942 film "Road To Morocco" where Bing Crosby sang it to the lovely Dorothy Lamour - included in the video are some pictures...

1937 HITS ARCHIVE: Never In A Million Years - Bing Crosby (Jimmy Dorsey Orch.)
A #2 “Hit Parade” song, this was one of several popular tunes that Mack Gordon and Harry Revel wrote for the delightful film musical “Wake Up And Live.” Buddy Clark was heard singing...

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