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Mercan DedeArtist info Mercan Dede believes that when you put digital, electronic sounds together with hand-made, human ones, you can create universal language, capable of uniting old and young, ancient and modern, East and West. It's a bold claim, but the Turkish-born and Montreal-based musician/producer/DJ has the career and the music to back it up. When he takes the stage with his group Secret Tribe, he hovers at the side behind his turntables and electronics, occasionally picking up a traditional wooden flute, or ney to float in sweet, breathy melodies, while masters of the kanun (zither), clarinet, darbuka (hand drum) and whatever other instruments he's decided to include that night, ornament his grooves and spin magical, trance melodies to match the whirling of the group's spectacular dervish dancer, Mira Burke. Not to mention the many great international artists appear as guest musicians both in his albums and his concerts... Read more

Mercan Dede - Sufi Dreams Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi: Dream of Shams 0:00 - 9:16 The Awakening: Dream of Lover 9:17 - 18:15 Dream of Adam: The ...

Mercan Dede - Istanbul
Mercan Dede - Istanbul.

Mercan Dede - Garip (Türkçe & English Lyrics)
Garip garip severiz biz. Garip, garip... Fakirفقير - Music from all around the world. TR: Yeni gönderilerden haberdar olmak için bildirimlerinizi açınız: ...

Mercan Dede feat. Ceza - 800
Mercan Dede feat. Ceza - 800.

Mercan Dede - Dünya (Full Album)
Sunrise Disc 1 1-Dream 2-Hidden 3-Magical 4-Miracle 5-Mysterious 6-Sacred 7-Secret 8-Wondrous Sunset Disc 2 1-Aziz 2-Binbir 3-Fani 4-Garip 5-Hayal ...

Terrace Meetings #2 | Mercan Dede ft. Mert Elmas Percussion Ensemble
Sosyal Medyada bizi takip etmeyi unutmayın! Terrace Meetings, ONEARTH ...

Mercan Dede - Tutsak
Mercan Dede son albümünden (800) Tutsak ,yıldız tilbe ve ceza eşliğinde harika bir şarkı..

Mercan Dede - Nerdesin 1. 800 2. Yol Geçen Hanı 3. Mercanistan 4. Kanatlar Kitabı 5. Güneş Doğudan Doğar 6. Bilinmezin Elçileri 7. Tutsak 8.

azer bülbül - mercan dede
azer babaa.

Mercan Dede - Dream of Shams

mercan Dede - Ab-Ru
from mercan dede's album su.

Ginhawa - Mercan Dede
Ginhawa - Mercan Dede

Mercan Dede(DJ Allen Arkin) - Nar-i Ask
Mercan Dede - Nar-i Ask Dj Allen Arkin.

Mercan Dede - Journeys of a Dervish (ISTANBUL)
During one of my trips in Istanbul in 2005 I shot this footage with an old VHS camera. I edited now putting as a soundtrack a song by Turkish artist Mercan Dede.

Mercan Dede - Halitus
From Mercan Dede's Album Nefes.

Engewal / Mercan Dede
Istanbul Twilight albümünden Müzik : Mercan Dede Yönetmen : Veysel Gençten.

Mercan Dede - Ab-i-Hayat
Ab-i-Hayat from Su album.

Mercan Dede - Napas . . .
Napas . . .

Mercan Dede Meçhul 2013
Mercan Dede - Meçhul 2013 Mercan Dede - Dünya Albümünden 2013.

Mercan Dede & Ceza - Sekizyüz
Mercan Dedenin 800 adli albümünde Cezanın eşlik ettiği güzel bir parça...

Mercan Dede & Azam Ali - Haydar Haydar (Masal) **** **** **** **** **** Artist: Mercan Dede Album: Dünya Vocal: Azam Ali Lyrics: Nesimi **** **** **** **** **** Ben ...

Mercan Dede Ney Trance
Mercan Dede Ney Trance.

Emel Mathlouthi & Mercan Dede 'ben seni sevdiğimi' @ 51. international Bursa Festival 18.06.2012

Mernuş - Mercan Dede
Mernuş - Mercan Dede

Mercan Dede & Azam Ali - Dem **** **** **** Sözler/Lyrics:(Poem by Rumi) "Ez shebnem-e-esgh khak-e-adam gel shod Sed fetne ve shour der ...

Mercan Dede ft. Sabahat Akkiraz - Fani (Tevhid) - YENİ Söz: Pir Sultan Abdal Beste: Sabahat Akkiraz Aranje: Mercan Dede Plak Şirketi: ...

Mercan Dede - Mechul (Findike Unofficial Remix)
Remix Unofficial By Findike Copyright By Mercan Dede Info: By Mercan Dede DJ ...

Mercan Dede (Ab-ı Beste)
Vav kainattır;Can gibi...

Mercan Dede Napas
Mercan Dede Napas from Nefes (breath) Album.

Mercan Dede Garip 2013
Mercan Dede - Garip 2013 Mercan Dede - Dünya Albümünden 2013.

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