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Max BArtist info FREE MAX B!Charly Wingate (born May 21, 1978), better known as Max B, is an American rapper and songwriter from Harlem, New York and is known for his original rap style of mumbled delivery, catchy sing-song choruses & hooks, and his energetic personality in interviews and videos.Max B is a former member of The Diplomats and the Byrd Gang- After being released from prison, Max B was introduced to Jim Jones through long time friend, now manager Mike Bruno. Max B signed a 2 album records deal with Asylum Records, which Jim Jones was an A&R for at the time. He made his first appearance in hip-hop, being featured on the Jim Jones 2005 mixtape "City Of God"... Read more

Max B - Im So High (Official Video)
SONG TITLE - (Im So High) ALBUMs/MIXTAPE - (Domain Diego) Featured Artist - Max B Join The WAVEment

Joke - Max B (Clip Officiel)
EP "Tokyo" en digital à 4.99€ → Golden Eye Music Group x Les Monsieur x DePalma Films Facebook: Twitter:

French Montana - A Lie ft. The Weeknd, Max B
Jungle Rules is available at: iTunes Apple Music Spotify Get Your T-Shirt & Autographed...

Max B - Money Make Me Feel Better [Official Video] VIGILANTE SEASON (Amalgam Digital) - VISIT AMALGAM DIGITAL Max B Money Makes Me Feel Better Vigilante Season Directed by Nicolas Heller Premier music video from Max B's debut album "Vigilante...

Max B - Come Up DVD (Full Interview)
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Max B - Public Domain 3 [FULL MIXTAPE + DOWNLOAD LINK] [2008]
DOWNLOAD LINK: TRACKLIST: 1. 0:00 Milli Vinnilly Skit 2. 0:51 Paperwork 3. 4:41 Picture Me Rollin 4. 7:45 Lip Sang 5. 10:29...

Max - B - Gotta have it
max b gotta have it.

Max B - All My Life (Official Video)
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Max B Ft French Montana - Do For Drugs (Official Video)
SONG TITLE - (Do For Drugs) ALBUMs/MIXTAPE - (The Laundry Man) Featured Artist - French Montana Join The WAVEment

Max B - Dom Perignon (Official Video)
SONG TITLE - (Dom Perignon) ALBUMs/MIXTAPE - (Million Dollar Baby Radio) Featured Artist - Max B Join The WAVEment

Max B - Try Me (NEW) The Site is Up! Mixtapes/Albums/Instrumentals Check it Out! Subscribe to the Blog and Channel while you're at it!

Max B - Trappin From (Unreleased)
SONG TITLE - (Trappin From) ALBUMs/MIXTAPE - (Unreleased) Featured Artist - Max B WAVEment

MAX B Biggaveli TV [Episode 3] - VISIT AMALGAM DIGITAL MAX B Biggaveli TV [Episode 3] // check out //


Max B - Lord Is Tryna Tell Me Something (Official Video)
SONG TITLE - (Lord Is Tryna Tell Me Something) ALBUMs/MIXTAPE - (Vigilante Season / Coke Wave 2) Featured Artist - French Montana Join The WAVEment

Max B - Harlem To London (Offical Video HD)
Harlem & London Dons Link Up.

Max B - Dead Solver (Official Video)
SONG TITLE - (Dead Solver) ALBUMs/MIXTAPE - (Public Domain 6 Walking The Plank) Featured Artist - Max B & Mac Mustard Join The WAVEment

Max B - Why U Do That
BREAKING NEWS!!!! (08/30/12) Max B's Appeal Denied, Will Remain In Prison For the Rest Of His Life

Max B - Every Morning - Wave Season
[Hook: Max B] I wake up every morning, and roll me a blunt Come to think about it i fuck any bitch I want But if you wanna know, most of all my bitches the bomb She hungry, for a taste, but...

Max B - Blow Me A Dub (Longer Version)
This Includes An Extra Verse Join The WAVEment

Max B Talking About 50 Cent "I Was Scared Of Him, He Is NY Suge Knight"
Subscribe Channel 2017 WHY TV Exclusive ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ ▻ Website: ▻ INSTAGRAM: ▻ TWITTER:...

Harry Fraud on Max B's Influence on the Current Rap Generation (HNHH Interview 2018)
Harry Fraud talks about the incarcerated rapper Max B, and how he's influenced the melodic wave in rap, in an exclusive HNHH interview. Basically, a lot of these youths wouldn't be creating...

Method Man, Dave East, Max B, Joe Young & Hanz On "Eviction" (WSHH Exclusive)
Watch the official music video of "Eviction" by Method Man, Dave East, Max B, Joe Young & Hanz On. Methlab 2 the Lithium available soon Pre Order your Methlab 2 Merch Package today and get...

Max B - Tattoos On Her Ass
Max B - "Tattoos On Her Ass" Produced by Dame Grease Amalgam Digital (2008) Dame Grease - Vacant Lot - ...

Max B - Sexy Love
Hot track by Max B off the "Million Dollar Baby Pt. 2" mixtape. The beat is real nice on this...

Max B "I Gotta Have You"
The wavey king creating that wave that got him in the game. Check out who's sleep in the back. This was 2 years again and he's still "BLACKBALLIN". JUST LET THE BOY GO, FREE MAX B.

Max B. - First Of The Month
From Goon Music 2.Owww.

Max B - Ready To Ride (Longer Version)
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French Montana & Max B - Coke Wave (FULL MIXTAPE + DOWNLOAD LINK) (2009)
DOWNLOAD LINK: TRACKLIST: 1. 00:00 DJ Whoo Kid - Coke Wave Intro 2. 00:32 French Montana (Featuring Max B) - Stake...

Max B Ft French Montana - Hey Let Me Love You (Official Video)
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