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Murui Mbara By Maggie N (Official video)
Murui Mbara By Maggie N.

Ruth Wamuyu - Murui Mbara (Official Video)
Song: Murui Mbara Artist: Ruth Wamuyu Album: Tiga Niwe Production: Zero To Hero RUTH WAMUYU CONTACTS Email - [email protected] Facebook - Twitter...

Kiugo By Maggie N (Official video)
Kiugo By Maggie N.

Ukira By Maggie N (Official video)
Ukira By Maggie N.

Undu Mweru By Maggie N (Official video)
Undu Mweru By Maggie N.

Camai By Maggie N (Official video)
Camai By Maggie N.

We Niwe by Maggie Shii
Dir Sir Edward of Remnant Media Nrb. Kenya [email protected]

Wendo By Maggie N (Official video)
Wendo By Maggie N.

wamuciri *MURUI MBARA

High School Crush - Maggie!N
This is my first original lyric video I know the audio quality is not that great but be nice. LOL Sorry for any misspelled word, english is not my first language. I don't take credit for the...

Maggie Muturi - Murui wa mbaara
This is one of the best gospel hits from Kenya. Gospel Music is a very popular genre of music among Kenyan audiences within the country and those living in the Kenyan Diaspora. These include...

Mbara Ino is a gospel song meaning "this war" . It is a song by Pastor David Mwenja.Please like and comment below. Thanks and God bless you.

Mercy Weru - Mbaara
Mercy Weru - Mbaara.

Nakuhitaji by Maggie Jomo

Jesu Ningwendete - Zachary "Wamsoo" Mengo
Talking about God's love which knows no boundaries. The song is in Swahili and very blessing.

Pst. Jecy Johns - Ritwa riaku Jesu.avi
Another lovely one from Pst Jecy on her album 'Wi Kihoti'. speaks about the power in the name of Jesus. wonderful song and quite some lovely renditions!

Kiugo Original by Rachael Ngigi
Lord's word are original, the rest are by the way. SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! THIS CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS.

Wamucii Wa Kinyari - Oya Ithenya Riakwa (Official Video)
Oya Ithenya Riakwa Audio: Dr Eddie Video: Dr Eddie 2012. Facebook: Twitter:

jesu ningwendete(i love you Jesus) BY JEMIMAH NYAKIO
MY big sister JEMIMAH who was born blind and is talented in singing.God bless bless you as you watch. DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY.

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